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Ecommerce companies have unique goals. See why more brands are choosing LinkGraph as their ecommerce SEO agency partner.

Why your Online Store Needs Ecommerce SEO

The first place internet users go to look for new products are search engines like Google. If your ecommerce store doesn’t appear on the first page of search results for keywords in your industry, your business may be missing out on opportunities to expand your market and increase revenue in your ecommerce industry.

No matter your target audience, ranking on the first page of search results can drive leads and potential customers to your website for years to come. From on-page SEO, technical SEO, link building, to keyword research, LinkGraph provides comprehensive SEO and digital marketing services to help business owners increase their customers, sales, and market reach.

Ecommerce SEO Keywords
We determine the right keywords that will bring the most qualified traffic to your ecommerce site.
On-Page SEO
Ecommerce sites tend toward thin content. We improve content through the best practices of site optimization.
Technical SEO for Ecommerce
Meta descriptions and title tags matter to search engines. We design our ecommerce SEO strategy for the front and back-end of your site.
Off-site Ecommerce SEO
We'll execute your off-site strategy so your ecommerce store can grow in reputation, authority, and keyword rankings.

Ecommerce SEO Agency Services

Keyword Research that Expands your Market
Product Pages that Perform
Ecommerce Paid Media Campaigns
Brand Building through Backlinks
Ecommerce SEO Web Design
Strategic Site Architecture
Content Strategy for Ecommerce SEO

Our SEO campaigns begin with competitor analysis and keyword research to find the high-converting target keywords in your industry. Top priority keywords will be those that your ideal customers are already using and those that your online business stands a strong chance of ranking for. Our proprietary keyword difficulty score helps our ecommerce SEO agency understand the most profitable opportunities for your ecommerce business.

We also use buyer personas to understand the behavior of your target market and the search terms they already use. By targeting specific keywords with strong search intent, we get your ecommerce site in front of more qualified users, or those who are actively seeking to make a purchase, book a consultation, or fill out a contact form.

Keyword selection forms the foundation of any solid SEO strategy. This is why LinkGraph performs thorough research in your industry vertical. We also study your competitors keyword rankings, backlink profiles, and on-site content in order to design a tailored, holistic ecommerce SEO strategy that helps you outrank your competitors and produce dramatic results for your ecommerce brand.

Our SEO company begins your SEO campaign with a thorough website audit of your landing pages. We identify any duplicate content, broken pages, or other issues that could result in Google penalties. Once we identify which of your product pages are not converting, we implement the necessary on-page SEO, technical improvements, and conversion-optimization practices that will lead to better organic rankings.

Important metrics like page sessions, view times, PageSpeed Insights scores, mobile responsiveness, and conversion rates provide insights into the performance of your product and category pages. Understanding which of your pages produce the best results can inform other key choices we make about your SEO process, like site architecture, internal links, title tags, and which pages to include in the navigation menu. We use site mapping and schema.org markup to improve your organic visibility in search and to ensure more efficient crawling and indexing by search engine bots.

Our team members will make sure your category pages and homepage are also high-converting and incorporate the best practices of UI/UX design and on-page optimization. With the help of our proprietary Copy Optimizer software, we improve product descriptions and landing page copy across your web pages. By improving the topical authority and depth of your existing pages, we drive organic traffic to your site from search rankings for the long-term.

If you want to immediately rank above your competitors in the search results, our digital agency will design high-performing, scalable paid media campaigns that improve your lead generation and lower your cost-per-acquisition. We specialize in Google Adwords and retargeting campaigns that reach your target market and drive them to your ecommerce store to convert.

We know how to make the most of a Google Ads budget and how to optimize your search ads to give you every leverage against competitors in the ad auction. Our PPC managers are well-versed in keyword bidding, quality scores, and single keyword ad groups. They will help you lower CPCs to improve the ROI and profitability of your paid media campaigns. As CPCs continue to rise and paid search becomes more competitive, the guidance of an SEO agency can help you make the most of your paid media budget.

For those ecommerce brands interested in Facebook advertising, our SEO agency implements advanced interest, demographic, and behavioral targeting the right way so you can get ad impressions with the granular audiences that are most likely to convert. We also ensure you utilize the Facebook pixel effectively on your site, so you can track your existing site traffic in a way that delivers results as well as protects the hard work you’ve done to secure web traffic from a niche, specialized audience.

With high-scale, white-hat link acquisition, we help e-commerce sites grow their site authority and reputation through contextual, industry-specific backlinks. The higher the DA a backlink comes from, the more valuable it is to your site authority, so we focus on placing content in the highest-quality publications in your industry. Our digital marketing strategy uses original, quality content to earn your ecommerce site links and mentions in reputable websites in your industry, improving your overall visibility in search.

For every backlink we earn, our editorial team creates an original piece of content, like blog posts or guest posts, that our digital PR team pitches to reputable websites in your industry. For new ecommerce sites that lack established backlink profiles, we identify the high-value content assets on your site to use for link building opportunities. Using our proprietary backlink analysis software, we perform competitor analysis to identify specialty link building opportunities in your industry. We also perform backlink benchmarking to understand how aggressive your off-site SEO efforts need to be in order for your ecommerce URL to rank in organic search.

By link building the right way through high quality, original content, and manual outreach to publications that have strong SEO metrics themselves, we earn you the kinds of quality links that will move the needle on your site authority. Backlinks are seen by Google bots, and with a healthier, stronger backlink profile, your ecommerce store can start ranking higher and more often.

We do data-driven, conversion focused web design and web development for e-commerce stores across all industries. Our web design and development experts specialize in optimizing, designing, and developing websites on the most popular e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Wix, Bigcommerce and more.

We study user behavior on every part of your website — from the readability of product descriptions, the placement of CTA buttons, the selection of images and rich media, to the ease of the payment page and shopping cart. Then, we incorporate the design choices that will improve overall page experience, site speed, and the conversion potential of every web page in your ecommerce online store.

Our UI/UX designers can transform your ecommerce homepage and landing pages into revenue machines with strategic design and SEO optimized content. We provide landing page templates for your multiple product pages and always follow high-quality coding standards on the back-end. The right ecommerce SEO agency will implement the best practices of design to keep your users arriving from search and converting for your brand.

For ecommerce sites with hundreds to thousands of landing pages, many of their web pages often only contain product descriptions. This is known as thin content, and in many cases, ecommerce websites end up sending PageRank to thin pages with inventory that’s low-value, out-of-stock, or unlikely to rank on Google. As a result, link juice gets spread too thin across the entirety of these ecommerce sites, and many online stores see reduced keyword rankings for their domain.

To prevent this, LinkGraph focuses on implementing strategic site structure through internal linking across e-commerce sites. If a page has thin content, we make sure link juice is being sent to other pages that have more ranking opportunities — like the homepage, category pages, or useful urls like blog content, ebooks, tools, or visualizations.

For e-commerce stores and online retailers, technical optimizations, strategic internal links within blog content, and other on-site changes, can help direct PageRank traffic to the most important landing pages on ecommerce sites, improving their overall keyword rankings and traffic. By using internal links to spread PageRank more strategically, ecommerce websites can see immediate improvements in rankings for any particular keyword with your highest-value pages.

Online retailers can improve their rankings, organic traffic, and revenue through high-quality content strategy. Blog content and long-form landing pages are a great way for e-commerce brands to improve their topical authority, depth, and overall reputation. Content strategy is also important for targeting long tail keywords and increasing market share.. Search engine crawlers respond well to quality-content signals that project expertise and authority like long-form content and original research,

Sites with long-form, in-depth content that incorporates rich media and interactive elements are more likely to rank, accumulate backlinks, and have strong social media signals. It’s a good idea to ensure that your ecommerce site avoids the thin content typical of multiple product pages and offers valuable, interactive landing pages and blog content. This kind of content marketing strategy keeps your users engaged and well-informed on your products and services until they are ready to make a purchase.

A strong content strategy also helps improve the overall SEO of your website because more users will engage with your content, link to it on their own publications, or share that great content with others across their social media channels. If your website pursues and offsite link building strategy, that long-form content will also be great for earning new links from reputable websites. Look to our link building ebook to learn more about some of the best ways to use content marketing to earn backlinks for your ecommerce brand.

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The Leading Ecommerce SEO Agency

New Customers
Quality Traffic
Brand Awareness
Page Experience

The first place internet users go when they want to find new products or services are search engines like Google. Even if you have a well-established customer base, ecommerce SEO can provide you the opportunity to always be expanding your market through new keyword rankings. There is no better or more cost-effective way to gain new customers than by making sure your ecommerce site is consistently showing up on page 1.

There is no benefit to getting site traffic and clicks to your website if the users that arrive aren’t actually interested in products like yours. SEO experts can help you improve the quality of traffic your site receives from search engines and PPC clicks. You want high-quality, real leads (not bots), who are ready to make a purchase. The positive effects of higher-quality traffic extend to other key performance indicators across your website like lower bounce rates, longer page views, and more goal completions.

There are millions of ecommerce websites on the internet and ecommerce SEO will make it so more users discover yours. If you want to improve your overall brand recognition and help more internet users learn about you, showing up in search results can familiarize users with your brand name, the products you offer, and get them more interested in visiting your website to learn more.

Whether potential customers find your ecommerce store on desktops or mobile devices, our ecommerce SEO experts will audit your entire site to make sure it is responsive and high-performing. Using our proprietary domain crawlers, we make sure your web pages are being efficiently crawled and indexed by search engines. We improve your meta-data so your HTML code clearly shows Google what your products and services are all about.

Ecommerce SEO Agency Essentials

What’s included in LinkGraph’s Ecommerce SEO Services

Competitor Research
In order to get your online store ranking on page 1 for high-value keywords, you need to have a thorough understanding of the ecommerce competitors currently ranking in the top spots for your target keywords. Our ecommerce SEO experts will perform thorough analysis to benchmark your competitors’ content, backlink profiles, and keyword rankings so we know what it takes for your online store to rank above them.
On-Page Improvements
Whether you have hundreds or thousands of landing pages, our ecommerce SEO experts will determine which on-page optimizations or site structure improvements will result in improved rankings and better user experience. Using our proprietary software, we include the necessary focus terms into all of your web page content -- from product descriptions, to the home page, to every piece of blog content.
Off-site Strategy
Our 50+ editorial team will create original pieces of content to pitch to industry-relevant publications, earning you backlinks that improve your site authority. Our link builders focus on diverse anchor text, higher DA websites, and improving your backlink profile with multiple referring domains. This helps Google crawlers see your ecommerce site as trusted by users and other reputable internet publishers across your industry.
Links Created
Pieces of Content Written
Happy Clients

Ecommerce Case Studies

We have helped ecommerce sites across industries improve their traffic, rankings, and revenue. We customize our SEO and content strategy to our clients’ unique verticals, so you can outrank your competitors and get your products in front of potential customers for the long-term. See how we’ve transformed ecommerce sites into revenue and sales machines in our customer case studies.


Ecommerce SEO Agency Fundamentals

Site Authority Building
On-Page Optimizations
Technical Performance

Backlinks, direct traffic, social signals, and many other factors contribute to your overall site authority. Google trusts websites with strong site authority and is more likely to show them in search engine results pages. Building your ecommerce stores site authority is accomplished primarily through backlinks, or links to your website from other pages. An ecommerce SEO company can develop a comprehensive strategy to build your site authority through a variety of channels, leveraging every part of your web page and content in order to perform better in search engines.

Search engines look to all of the visible and invisible HTML content to understand what your website content is all about. Ecommerce SEO experts can help make sure that your online store is clearly communicating to Google the relevance and quality of your content to users’ search queries. If your pages are not optimized for search engines, it’s unlikely your online ecommerce store will show up in the rankings, costing you potential customers and revenue.

Many ecommerce stores are similar to enterprise-level websites because they have thousands of landing pages that feature their variety of products. This makes technical performance even more essential, as there are many opportunities for users to bounce away from the ecommerce site due to slow page load times, broken pages, or other technical issues. Our ecommerce SEO experts will make the necessary improvements so your core web vitals reflect strong site performance for users and for Google’s crawlers.

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What is an Ecommerce Site?

Ecommerce is simply the sale and purchase of services and products on the internet. Ecommerce sites can be far-ranging in their size depending on the quantity of their products or scale of their services. There are over 25 million ecommerce sites on the internet. Because 63% of shopping now occurs online, ecommerce is continually the most competitive vertical on the internet.

How is SEO different for ecommerce websites?

The fundamentals of SEO strategy always remain the same, but the larger size and increased number of landing pages for most e-commerce sites requires a technical, customized strategy. Technical SEO, page experience, on-page optimization, and strategic site architecture are crucial to improving rankings and organic traffic for ecommerce sites. Smart e-commerce SEO strategy ensures efficient crawling and indexing of those multiple landing pages as well as conversion-focused web designs on the highest-performing pages.

What are some of the common SEO setbacks for e-commerce sites?

E-commerce is one of the most competitive categories in digital marketing, so implementing a profitable strategy across SEO, paid media, and on-site content is crucial for new brands without existing market share or brand awareness.

E-commerce sites are more likely to suffer from issues like thin content or duplicate content as a result of a higher number of product and category pages. Also, poor site architecture is common for ecommerce sites, causing Google to inefficiently crawl category pages or product pages that receive far less traffic. Poor keyword research can result in ecommerce brands targeting keywords that are far too competitive and already dominated by the biggest players, resulting in less chances for driving new organic traffic. Having a low-quality page experience can be disastrous for ecommerce sites, as potential customers will go to competitors’ sites where they can find the products they’re looking for via a web design that prioritizes their user experience.

Our e-commerce SEO experts are fully aware of these unique challenges. We are able to quickly repair and mitigate these pitfalls by implementing technical optimizations that help search engine bots more efficiently crawl and index e-commerce sites.

How do PPC campaigns differ for ecommerce sites?

Running scalable, profitable PPC campaigns for ecommerce sites requires strategic choices in keyword bidding, Google Keyword planner use, audience targeting, geo-targeting, and other features in order to maximize budgets and ROI. Creating optimized landing pages specifically for paid search clicks can help increase conversions and revenue in any paid media campaign.

What do your ecommerce SEO services include?

Content strategy, keyword research, paid media, technical SEO, on-page optimization and more. We are a full-service digital marketing, SEO, and web design agency and can tailor all of our services to meet the unique needs of ecommerce websites to help drive leads, sales, and revenue.

What does your competitor analysis include?

Competitor analysis is crucial for ecommerce sites as they try to surpass their competition to get their products in the eyes of more potential customers. We do keyword research to identify the best traffic and keyword opportunities in your industry vertical. For paid media campaigns, we reverse-engineer your competitors’ approach to earn the highest-value clicks of those looking for your products or services. The LinkGraph team becomes experts in your industry and ideal buyer persona to make sure your ads appear in front of those most likely to convert.

How do you determine keyword selection for my ecommerce site?

With the help of LinkGraph’s proprietary organic difficulty score, we identify the least competitive, highest volume keywords in your vertical so your site can start ranking and driving organic traffic quickly. By using content strategy to target new keywords and new keyword clusters, we expand your market share through increased rankings and traffic. For PPC campaigns, we choose affordable keywords with lower CPCs to make the most of your budget and increase the profitability of your campaigns.

Do you do local SEO?

For those online retailers with brick and mortar stores, local citations and listings can be a cost-effective, simple way to drive organic traffic and get your ecommerce website appearing on the first page of Google in features like map packs for location-based searches. We have helped hundreds of brands with our e-commerce SEO expertise surpass national and top brands in local searches.

Can you speed up my ecommerce site?

More than half of all online shopping occurs on a mobile device. Ensuring that your ecommerce site is high-performing and provides an optimal user experience is essential in ranking well in the SERPs. If your ecommerce site is experiencing low PSI scores and high bounce rates, a UI/UX or technical SEO audit can help you troubleshoot how to improve your site speed.

Do you offer web design & development?

If your ecommerce site is in need of a new conversion-focused web design, our UI/UX designers can transform your online store into a revenue machine. We study user behavior and user journeys to improve page experience and conversions. We add internal links to give your product and category pages a more strategic site architecture.

I'm new to SEO. Where should I start?

At LinkGraph, we have a learning center where you can read a variety of blog content and ebooks about search engine optimization topics ranging from link building, to content marketing, to on-page SEO and more. We publish new content monthly to help our clients and followers stay sharp in all things digital marketing and SEO.

Can I talk to someone about my website?

Absolutely! Our digital marketing professionals are e-commerce SEO experts. Schedule a free consultation today.

Why Choose LinkGraph for an Ecommerce SEO Partner?

We offer full transparency through our customer dashboard so you can see the changes we make to your site and the results they bring across all key-performance indicators. As a full-service SEO and digital marketing agency, we have the range of expertise to help fuel growth for your online store through all digital channels. We also tailor our campaigns to our clients needs and do not require long-term contracts. Connect with one of our client success managers to learn more about why more ecommerce brands trust LinkGraph to take their online stores to the next level.


Why should you work with LinkGraph for your Enterprise SEO

All of our enterprise clients have full access to our proprietary SEO software suite. Empower your in-house teams to implement SEO best practices at every level of your organization.