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SEO content strategy services so you can increase leads and revenue from organic search. We help brands grow through SEO content writing.

What is SEO Content Strategy?

The first place internet users go to search out new content is search engines like Google. If your business or brand publishes new content on a regular basis, that means new opportunities to rank for relevant keywords and connect with potential customers. SEO content strategy is the process of increasing lead generation and revenue through SEO content.

SEO Content Strategy

Why is SEO Content Strategy Important?

Keyword Rankings

More Keyword Rankings

Every piece of content you publish on your website has the opportunity to rank in Google searches. Good content can increase your market share and overall site visibility.
Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

Well-written, high-quality content builds your brand's identity as an expert in your industry. With SEO content, your target audience will see you as an industry leader.

Conversion Opportunities

Turn more website visitors into conversions. Drive subscribers, sales, or lead generation with SEO content creation that brings value to your ideal customers.
Backlink Building

Backlink Building

Having lots of useful content, blogs, articles, or other resources on your website can help you earn more backlinks organically and through link building campaigns.

Content Strategy Packages

Our 50+ editorial team of bloggers, journalists, creatives, and content marketing professionals will create optimized content for your website. All of our on-site content is optimized for your target keywords using our proprietary content AI software.

New Blog Post
$250/ Post
  • 750 – 1500 words
Optimize Existing Landing Page or Blog Post
$250/ Post
  • Up to 3000 words

Don’t want to come up with blog titles or keyword targets on your own?
Add our content strategy services onto any order and we will strategize for you.

Blog with Content Strategy
  • 750 – 1500 words
  • Content Strategy*
Optimize Existing Page or Blog Post with Content Strategy
  • Up to 3000 words
  • Content Strategy*

SEO Strategy Paired With Cutting-Edge Tools

Our editorial team uses our proprietary SearchAtlas software to create comprehensive, in-depth, and semantically-rich content. With the help of natural language processing and machine learning, we determine what it takes to outrank your competitors for your keyword targets. For those brands who have their own team of writers in-house, a SearchAtlas subscription can get you access to the same powerful content tools.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Reach A Bigger Audience with SEO Content Strategy

Content is the heart of SEO

Content is the heart of SEO. To do search engine optimization the right way, you need to provide high-value, useful content to your target audience. Google wants to provide its users with the most wonderful content on the internet, so a highly-targeted SEO content strategy can lead to more qualified traffic, more conversions, and more customers for your business.

Google likes content

Google likes content that is long-form, topically rich, and meets the needs of users.
It also prefers content that shows credibility, original research, and authoritative sources. In addition to the words on the page, Google wants to see relevant external and internal links, images and rich media, and an easy-to-navigate structure.

quality content

Creating quality content is one of the most affordable ways to drive online visibility and growth. The best SEO content satisfies search intent by providing the best answer to the user’s initial questions and answers to the many other questions they might have about your industry niche. Talk to a LinkGraph content strategist to learn more about how SEO and content marketing strategy can help grow your brand.

Content Creation Services from Professional SEO Writers

Our 50+ editorial team is made up of journalists, bloggers, academics, and SEO professionals with years of experience writing digital content. Our writers understand writing and SEO best practices so your content ranks higher and converts more often.

If you do not have a team of in-house writers, outsource your content creation to the professionals at LinkGraph. We create 1000+ pieces of content each month and can get you the content you need within 30 days.

Need content at scale? Our SEO agency can provide large fulfillments for enterprise organizations or digital marketing agencies.

Professional SEO Writers

What is Included In A Content Strategy Service?

1. Keyword Research

Every keyword presents a new opportunity for your business to get your website in front of the eyes of potential customers. Our LinkGraph SEO strategists will identify keywords that your target audience is using. We choose keywords based on your brand's products and services, the conversion potential of keywords, as well as the ranking competition. These keywords then form the foundation of our content strategy for your brand.

2. Content Creation

After your keyword goals have been determined, our content strategists will develop a list of topics for your content assets, blog titles, or articles that meet the search intent for the keyword and bring value to your target audience. Our 50+ editorial team will then write high-quality content that speaks to your audience, communicates your brand voice and expertise, and finally, performs well in search engines for your target keyword and related long-tail keywords.

3. On-Page Optimization

We use our proprietary software to optimize your content for better search engine performance. Google looks for more than just specific keywords on the page. Their crawlers also look for related keywords and synonyms in subheadings, an exploration of related subtopics, and answers to common questions in your industry. Our writers ensure these focus terms and on-page elements are present in your content to give it more ranking potential.

4. Meta Tag Implementation

In addition to the content on the page, Google also looks at your content's meta tags to understand what the content is about and what keyword queries it should be promoted for. Meta tag optimization is a part of the process for successful content strategy, so our team will pair your content with a SEO-friendly page title (i.e. title tag) as well as an optimized meta description so you can rank for relevant keywords and drive organic traffic to your content.

5. Updated Content

If your existing content currently has outdated information or is not currently ranking in search engine results, our content team can also update old content or optimize the content that already lives permanently on your website. Maybe you optimized for a competitive keyword that is a bit too out of reach, or maybe Google is not perceiving your content as relevant or high-quality. If your brand is needing help with existing content, our team does a thorough analysis of your content, keyword rankings, and organic clicks to outline a path toward success.

6. Content Performance/Analytics

For those clients receiving content SEO content strategy as part of a managed campaign, or those with access to our SEO software, you can track the performance of your content with the GSC Insights tool. See which search queries your content is ranking for or compare your content against your competitors. Our tools provide comprehensive content strategy insights so you can measure and see firsthand how our software and services can produce real results for your search engine rankings.
Frequently asked questions
What's the difference between content marketing and traditional marketing?

The philosophy behind traditional marketing is to interrupt consumers’ experience with information about products or services.

But users aren’t always ready to make a purchase decision!

In contrast, content marketing focuses on building up the authority of your brand over time by meeting the user’s desire for more pieces of content. In the long run, those same users who regularly visit your site for great content will likely return when they are ready to become new customers.

Why should I focus on content more than my product/services?

The average person now spends 3 hours a day on their smartphones. What are they searching for? Content! Although your long term goal is to attract buyers, the best way to draw traffic to your site is by using content. Users are already looking for it, so why not provide them the opportunity, whether through blog content or well-designed landing pages, to engage with yours?

I'm skeptical. Isn't content marketing just a trend?

Content marketing efforts are increasingly becoming the most important advertising strategy for any brand. For most consumers, traditional marketing is still perceived as disruptive and inconvenient, feelings you don’t want associated with your brand name.

Does my campaign include social media posts?

If you feel our content marketers can help improve content for your social media sites, we have full social media advertising services to help you develop great content and a more comprehensive strategy for your paid advertisements.

What if my site doesn’t have a blog?

Although blog posts are a great way to provide valuable free content to your users and establish your brand as an authority, it is not the only example of content marketing! Enhancing the content of your landing pages through copy optimization, increased visual content, or better ui/ux design can be a great first step in any content marketing strategy. We also do landing page design and can help you get your site in top shape!

Can I write my own content?

Absolutely! Your copywriters and content creators have full access to our copy optimizer in your customer dashboard. You can use it to draft copy for landing pages, blog posts, email newsletters, or other content types. Talk to one of our SEO experts if you need guidance on how to incorporate our free SEO tools in your content marketing strategy.

Can I talk to a content marketing expert?

We’d love to talk with you! Reach out to us at (929)-377-1035 or schedule a quick consultation. If you’re a current customer, schedule a content marketing consultation through your customer dashboard.

How long are your campaigns?

All of our content marketing campaigns are month-to-month and designed with your needs in mind. You can end your content marketing strategy at any time or put your campaign on pause. We want to earn your confidence and therefore don’t require long-term commitments or contracts!

I’m new to content marketing. Can you help?

Yes! We have a variety of blog posts that address content marketing strategy and can help you get started with thinking about how content marketing might help your brand.

What other SEO services do you offer?

We are a full service SEO agency and offer a variety of SEO services and SEO tools.

What other SEO services do you offer?

As a full-scale digital marketing and Link Building Agency, we specialize in all areas of paid media, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Whether you need local SEO, competitor analysis, blogs, or access to our white label seo software, we provide full-scale digital marketing services to small businesses, enterprise-level organizations, and private label SEO firms.