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What Are Technical SEO Services?

On-site technical SEO for websites of all sizes. Comprehensive technical SEO optimizations to improve crawling, indexing, and keyword rankings for your web pages.

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Why your brand needs a Technical SEO Agency

Although Google continues to get better at understanding the content of web pages, their crawlers are still robots. This means the technical elements of your website are essential in improving your site’s performance in search engine results.

Technical optimizations give your website a competitive advantage by helping major search engine bots crawl and index your website more efficiently.

Also, technical SEO helps Google understand the topical relevance of your content to users’ search queries, boosting your web pages in more relevant keyword searches. From mobile-friendliness to schema.org markup, our technical SEO experts will ensure that your website leverages every technical edge so you can outrank your competitors in organic search.

HTML Tags & Technicals

From title tags, meta descriptions, to hreflang tags, we optimize the backend of your website for users and search engine bots.

Sitemaps & Crawl Budget

Sitemaps help ensure the most important pages of your website are crawled, indexed, and ranked by Google crawlers. Less crawl errors and indexation issues means better results .

Schema Markup & Rich Results

Make a bigger impression in the SERPs with structured data markup . Build on your organic search performance with rich results that make an even bigger impact.

Page & User Experience

Page load times, page speed, and responsive design all impact your organic rankings. A strong technical foundation means a better user experience for your website visitors.

Technical SEO Solutions

Technical SEO Audits
On-Page SEO
Crawlability & Sitemaps
Mobile-First Indexing
Site Structure
Internal Links
Site Speed and Performance
Structured Data Markup
Technical SEO Audits

Our technical SEO services begin with a sitewide audit to identify any technical issues, crawl errors, broken pages, or other site errors. Even site owners who implement the best practices of on-page SEO can still be held back by invisible technical SEO issues and common mistakes on the backend of their websites. Our audits can unveil duplicate content, orphan pages, broken urls and more complex technical aspects that can go easily unidentified, but significantly impact your ability to show up in search results.

No matter how large your website, our SEO team will do a deep dive on all technical aspects of your landing pages and return with actionable insights on how to resolve those site issues. After your site audit is complete, we develop a technical SEO strategy that prioritizes improving the crawlability, indexing, rich snippets, and technical performance of your website. From site structure, internal links, html best practices, and breadcrumbs, we will implement all of the technical fundamentals that are most likely to elevate the pages of your site for your keyword targets.

No SEO optimization exists in a vacuum, and technical SEO is just one part of running a successful SEO campaign. However, our site audits help our digital marketers better understand where to best focus their efforts and your budget. It’s a good first step in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Whether you want to work with your own programmer to fix your site errors or team up with our SEO industry web developers, an audit is the most efficient first step and starting point before implementing technical optimizations that have a positive impact on your own website.

Technical SEO Audits Consultation
On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO not only includes the visible content of your web pages, but all of the invisible HTML code and HTML tags that Google robots crawl. On-page elements like page titles, meta descriptions, rel canonical tags, url structure, and even specific programming languages like javascript can all impact how Google understands the content, relevance, and quality of your site’s content.

These on-page elements fall under the umbrella of technical SEO, and our digital marketers will make sure yours are optimized to rank for the keywords that will bring you the most valuable clicks. Whether you need technical optimizations to your existing or new content, our on-page seo services are an effective way to see your keyword rankings for your urls improve without requiring a long time or wait period.

On-Page SEO tags also need to be geared toward users and can help improve click-through-rates (CTR). The page title and meta description are visible to users in search engine pages, and if they are not thoughtfully crafted, it is unlikely they will bring organic traffic. Our digital marketers are experts in crafting tags that generate more clicks from search rankings. They will optimize your HTML tags to both improve search appearances and organic clicks.

On-Page SEO Consultation
Crawlability & Sitemaps

Our technical SEO services focus on using sitemaps to elevate the most important pages of your website in search engines. We also help you use your crawl budget more efficiently. A sitemap is like a roadmap for your website. It communicates to search engines your site architecture and identifies which webpages are the most important.

XML sitemaps are particularly important for ecommerce sites or enterprise-level websites with hundreds to thousands of product pages. Helping Google crawlers understand which of those many pages to rank for specific keywords is essential in search engine optimization. If you’re a webmaster who only has a few primary landing pages on your website, submitting a sitemap in Google Search Console will not be as important to ranking, but it’s still important to regularly monitor your crawl report and make sure bots index pages successfully.

Google also provides a limited crawl budget for every website, meaning some of your web pages will get crawled and indexed more frequently than others. Sitemaps also communicate to Google which main pages should be crawled more frequently than others. Technical SEO elements like sitemaps are more advanced concepts, so it is better to work with SEO specialists prior to generating an XML sitemap for your website.

Crawlability & Sitemaps Consultation
Mobile-First Indexing

Google uses mobile-first indexing. This means Google will index the mobile url of your web pages for their rankings. This is because the majority of search engine users, from Google to Bing, are searching on their mobile devices. There is no way to opt out of mobile-first indexing , as Google only has one index. This means that site owners should ensure their mobile pages are being crawled successfully and have the same content and metadata as the desktop version of their website.

It’s a good idea for webmasters to test the mobile-friendliness of their websites in Google Search Console. It’s important to remember that mobile-friendliness and mobile usability are different, and mobile-first indexing is focused more on ensuring that metadata is consistent on the backend of your site for desktop and mobile versions. Structured data, meta robots tags, alt text, images and videos, should be consistent across both versions. Page speed is also a factor that is incorporated into mobile-first indexing. If your page load times and site speed are slow, that will not create a great experience for searchers.

Our SEO specialists will ensure that your website is consistent across desktop and mobile versions. We also can improve your page load speeds and Pagespeed Insights Scores, reduce bounce rates, and leverage an edge with mobile-first indexing. If you have Accelerated Mobile Pages instead of mobile pages on your site, Google bots will perceive the AMP page as the mobile-version of your webpage. If you have three versions of your webpages — desktop, mobile, and AMP – Google will index the mobile page over the AMP page.

Mobile-First Indexing Consultation
Site Structure

Site structure helps Google (and users) understand your different pages and how they are related or connected to each other. Your homepage is obviously the start of your site structure, but it’s important to leverage url paths, links, navigation bar, and other elements of your site architecture for better search engine rankings. Google likes structured data elements like breadcrumbs that help searchers and bots understand your website hierarchy.

Your site structure should ultimately be shaped like a pyramid, with your homepage at the top, your category pages beneath the homepage, and your other pages (or product pages for e-commerce sites) beneath those. For large sites, site structure can get even more complicated and important, and our SEO experts will ensure that the backend of your website communicates to the googlebot how every specific page correlates.

When websites have a large number of pages, it’s essential that Google’s web crawlers can find all of the pages quickly and easily. Let our experts ensure that your website’s structure follows technical best practices, improving your site’s crawlability, link equity, and overall visibility in the SERPs.

Site Structure Consultation
Internal Links

Internal links are clickable hyperlinks that point to some other page on your website. Search engines use your internal links to navigate through your website. Internal links not only communicate to bots your site architecture, they keep users navigating and exploring your site rather than pressing the back button to return to their web browser or the search results pages.

Internal links also distribute PageRank across your site, or what is also known as link equity. Getting your internal links right is the easiest way to elevate the most important website pages of your domain in the search engine results pages.

Our technical experts will identify the ways that your website can leverage internal links more effectively. We will also repair broken links, implement redirects where necessary, curate the links in your navigation menu and the footer of your website, improve internal linking anchor text, and ensure your links point to the right content that is most relevant for users. When you add a new page or content marketing resource to your site, we ensure the internal linking profile helps elevate those pages quickly and for the right keywords.

Most site owners do the bare minimum when it comes to internal linking, but with our strategic SEO services, you can get more from the links on your site’s url. For older websites who have earned Page Rank, the next step is to use that link equity to improve your site’s ranking for the web pages that are the most valuable or the highest performing.

Internal Links Consultation
Site Speed and Performance

The technical performance of your website is also key to improving rankings and meeting the quality signals of search engine algorithms. No one likes a slow website, so if search engine crawlers see that your website load or page load speed is subpar, or you lack a responsive website, it’s unlikely Google will show your website to searchers, even if it is the best content available.

Also, your site’s speed is not just a ranking factor, it impacts your conversions. Most likely, searchers will not sit around waiting for your site to load. They will press the back button on their web browser and find another site’s page that loads faster.

If you’re not quite sure if your website currently measures up, you can utilize Google’s Pagespeed insights tool. If your score is under 80, your website is not fast enough. Google webmaster tools will suggest ways to improve your website speed, but a LinkGraph expert can work through the entire technical checklist and implement both the basics and more advanced strategies to improve your website’s performance.

The good news is, our seo specialists are experts and will ensure your web pages load quickly and that you have a responsive site. We can create AMP pages if you desire, making your mobile site more high-performing and fast-loading for mobile users. We will help you avoid any Google penalty related to site speed or technical performance, even as you add new content or new urls to your site. If you are migrating your website to a new version or new web hosting, we provide site migration guidance to ensure search engine spiders crawl your new url paths and that you don’t lose the higher rankings you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Site Speed and Performance Consultation
Structured Data Markup

In recent years, Google has implemented different types of rich results and enhancements for certain types of keyword queries. Rich snippets are those search results that make an extra impact in the SERPs, whether by including gold stars that represent your client reviews, a knowledge graph that includes your brand logo and social media accounts, or product, recipe, and event listings. Rich results help your brand stand out, but they are only possible if you have structured data markup implemented on your site’s pages.

Structured data markup, or schema.org, is a standardized HTML code that makes it easier for Google engine crawlers to crawl, organize, and display your website content. There are different types of structured data markup that you can implement on your web pages depending on the types of rich results you seek, but some of the most common are breadcrumbs, logos, local business, sitelinks, and others. Structured data will help Google’s web crawler find the specific content to include in the enhancement or rich result. More rich results help your brand look even more appealing to your target audience.

Google’s structured data testing tool can help site owners develop, test, and modify structured data markup. LinkGraph’s technical experts are skilled at implementing those markup types that will help your search results have an even greater impact with users. Structured data markup is best completed by skilled web developers who are familiar with SEO best practices, and our technical SEO services include schema.org markup implementation.

Structured Data Markup Consultation

Technical SEO Packages

Our technical SEO team offers a range of technical SEO services. From site audits to metadata optimization, to page experience improvements, we will make your web pages more search engine-friendly and higher-performing. 

Choose from our service offerings below, or connect with an account manager to determine the technical deliverables that best meet your website’s needs.

Technical Site Audit
$500/ Site
  • Sitewide Crawl
  • Technical Analysis
  • Audit Report
SEO Tags Optimization: No Implementation
$400/ 50 Pages
  • Page Title
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Header Tags
  • Alt Image Tags
  • No Implementation**


Additional Services
$250/ Hour
  • HTTPS Status Code Updates
  • XML Sitemap Updates
  • Page Speed Improvements
  • Mobile-Friendliness Optimizations

Not seeing the services you’re looking for? Build a managed SEO campaign tailored to your website’s needs.

Talk to a SEO Specialist
Our technical specialists will analyze your site and come up with a custom plan for your growth.

Technical SEO Audits

On-Site Content Audit
Our content audit will evaluate all of your on-site content to identify technical inefficiencies. Google will penalize sites with duplicate content, thin content, and duplicate pages. Each page of your website should contain unique content, and any duplicate content needs to have canonical links and tags to communicate to the googlebot the master version of the page. We will audit everything on site from HTML tags, css style sheets, metadata, and webcopy. A content audit can be very helpful for identifying duplicate content issues, particularly for large websites with hundreds of landing pages.
Internal Link Audit
The internal linking profile of your website is essential to your site's performance in search engine results. Google does not like too many redirects and will penalize sites with broken images or broken pages or other status codes. We look for broken pages, broken images, response codes and offer concrete, actionable insights for how to resolve the problems. We will also suggest new internal linking profiles to better distribute PageRank across your website so the most important pages of your website rank more often.
Site Speed Audit
In our site speed audit, we measure your site speed, page load times, and image loading using Google Pagespeed Insights and other tools. If you want to improve your website's technical performance, our site speed audit is a good first place to create an action plan and understand the scope of your site's technical challenges. We will also audit your site for security to look for essentials like an ssl certificate (secure sockets layer) so Google sees your website as a safe and secure place to send users.
Mobile-Friendliness Audit
Google's mobile-friendly test will let you know if your website is mobile-friendly, but our audit will look more closely at the mobile version and performance of your website. We can determine how well a googlebot is crawling and indexing your mobile pages and ensure that the metadata of your desktop and mobiles sites are consistent. We will then offer actionable insights for how to improve your website's mobile-friendliness with suggestions like reducing redirects, unblocking javascript, HTML and CSS code, and more.

Benefits of Technical SEO

1. Organic Traffic
The first thing that technical SEO can do is help improve your organic traffic. By getting metadata formats right on your website, you will rank for more relevant keywords that bring more visitors to your website. Improving the technical performance of your website will help those visitors stay for longer and prevent them from returning back to their web browsers. You can measure the impact of our technical optimizations within your Google Analytics account, where Google provides extensive data about your traffic sources, allowing you to compare how many website visitors come from your organic SEO, paid media, or email marketing campaigns.
2. User Experience
Not only does technical SEO improve your status with crawlers, it also benefits users. Higher-performing, faster, responsive websites create a much better user experience for the searchers who arrive through Google or Bing. Error pages, duplicate pages, and security warnings deter users from wanting to spend time on your website, which impacts your revenue and ROI in the long run. Although technical SEO may seem like it’s solely focused on improving how a googlebot crawls your website, it also impacts how users interact with your content.
3. Better Quality Clicks
Technical SEO helps Google understand what your page content is about, meaning ranking you for more relevant keyword searches that result in higher-quality leads. There is no benefit to increasing site traffic if your keywords are not bringing users who are actually interested in your products or services. This is particularly important for B2B or B2C clients with very niche products and services. Pairing technical SEO disciplines then with strategic keyword research can result in significantly better quality leads for your business.

Technical SEO Case Studies

We have helped hundreds of brands improve the backend of their websites to perform better in search engine rankings. From enterprise-level clients to small and local businesses, we work with brands of all sizes to leverage the technical advantages that produce real results. Check out our technical SEO studies for closer examinations of how we have helped clients improve their online visibility with our technical SEO services.

Other Technical HTML Tags

Image searches
Alt Attributes
The alt attribute helps Google understand the images on your website and what those images look like. Google crawlers can only read HTML code, and therefore cannot see your images unless you communicate to them what they include and how they are relevant to the other content on the page. Many CMS systems make it easy to add alt text, and plugins like Yoast SEO remind you to use them. Alt text can also have an impact on keyword rankings, particularly if you want to rank in Google image searches.
Block pages
A robots.txt file communicates to Google which pages of your website the web crawler can or cannot request. If you have broken pages or duplicate pages on your website, the robots.txt will prevent Google from sending a crawl request. There are a variety of reasons for why you might want to block Google from being able to crawl and index specific pages, particularly with large websites or e-commerce sites, so using this tag to your advantage is a great technical seo strategy.
Prevent penalties
Rel Canonical URLs
Rel canonical tags communicate to crawlers that a specific url represents the master copy of a page. This tag can help site owners prevent Google penalties from duplicate content issues. Some websites like e-commerce sites may have products or similar content on multiple pages. Those kinds of sites are particularly at risk for being perceived as having duplicate content, so adding canonical urls to all of their webpages will help prevent duplication.
Need help with a specific SEO issue? We’re here to help you!
What technical elements of websites do you optimize?

From page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, schema.org markup, rel canonical tags, robot.txt, AMP pages, sitemaps, javascript (JS), and more, we leverage every technical edge so your website ranks higher and more often. We will also optimize the performance of your site to improve site speed and mobile-friendliness.

What’s included in our technical SEO audit?

If you simply want a comprehensive technical SEO audit so you can implement the technical optimizations yourself or with your own developer, we will do a deepcrawl of your website and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Yes, some optimizations site owners can implement on their own in their CMS like WordPress, but more advanced technical optimizations should be performed with the help of a skilled SEO strategist or web developer.

Do you offer white label technical SEO services?

Yes. If you’re looking for technical SEO services for your own agency clients, we can provide all of our services white label and with comprehensive white label reporting. We offer prices that allow you to resell our services to your clients and prevent them from turning to another having agency to get the services they need. Reach out to one of our account managers to learn more about our white label solutions.

What are all of the various services you offer?

We are a full-service SEO and digital marketing agency that operates at scale. In addition to technical SEO, we provide link building, content strategy, digital PR, paid media management, social media advertising management, reputation management services, and more. We also have skilled programmers, web developers, and UI/UX designers on your team who can help your brand create a visually engaging and high-performing website as well rank higher in search.

How do your managed campaigns differ from other campaigns?

If you want to approach SEO from all angles, our managed SEO campaigns are tailored around your businesses’ specific needs and revenue goals. We offer link building and content at fixed prices, but if you need a comprehensive strategy — from content optimization, to technical SEO, to digital PR — our managed campaigns are tailored to your brand and industry niche.

How do you compare to other SEO companies?

Unlike Moz or Semrush, we offer more than just software solutions to our clients. We provide amazing software tools alongside SEO professionals who can develop and implement a successful marketing strategy across multiple digital platforms. Our software compares to popular tools like Ahrefs or semrush, but ours have real-time data that comes straight from Google. Sign up for a free trial of our SEO dashboard.

Do you have SEO tools?

As a LinkGraph client, you have full access to our SEO software dashboard that includes our keyword research explorer, our Google Search Console Tool, and our popular Landing page optimizer. If you are not a client, we provide trials of our free tools so you can see how the right software product can elevate your SEO strategy across every level of your organization. If you like what you see, you can access our entire suite of SEO tools with a monthly subscription or check out our Link Building Services.

Do you provide technical SEO for local businesses?

Yes. Our local SEO campaigns included technical SEO optimizations to your website. If you want to improve your location-based searches, it’s important that technical elements on the backend of your website include location information so Google shows them in geographic searches. We can also get your website hundreds of business and local citations across the widest network of online directories.

I’m new to SEO. Where should I start?

We provide free digital marketing and SEO resources in our learning hub. With our blogs, ebooks, webinars, and tutorial videos, you can master the SEO basics or learn new concepts. From advanced SEO strategies to digital marketing newbies, there is something for everyone in our blog and learning center. You can also visit Google or Bing Webmaster tools to learn more about what it takes to rank in search engine results.

How Technical SEO can Boost your Online Presence

No matter how engaging your web design or informative your web content, Google will not rank your web pages if the technical elements of your website are not properly set up. Investing in technical SEO is essential for any brand that wants to show up for more keywords, but it also creates a better web experience for your organic visitors. Start ranking higher and more often for the keywords that matter most in your industry with our technical SEO campaigns.

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