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Learn how LinkGraph helped a local, service-based business catapult their organic search presence with a managed SEO campaign.


For most local businesses, the majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices because people use their phones to discover local services in their geographic area. Our client came to us with low organic visibility for local search terms and a slow-loading website on mobile. This presented problems for ranking in the Google Map Pack and appearing in results for relevant keyword searches that included their primary service, such as “laser hair removal near me,” or “laser hair removal + [city name]”. As a result, our client was only ranking for 5 keywords and driving very little organic traffic from search engines. 

The slow-loading website also provided an array of challenges to driving organic clicks. Google only wants to rank fast-loading, high-performing websites for searchers, particularly on mobile devices. With over 80% of their website traffic being mobile users, we needed to streamline our client’s website’s loading efficiency and image compression. The website was not passing Google’s Core Web Vitals standards and was seeing low PSI scores across all of their web pages. If they wanted to see more organic visibility for any of their target keywords, they would need to speed up their website, and fast.


Our web development team focused on optimizing the client’s web pages for speed and responsiveness. With image optimization in particular, our client saw immediate improvements in load times. Our revamp of the website produced passing Core Web Vitals and scores of 90/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights for both their desktop and mobile pages. By improving page speeds, our client immediately started seeing improvement in their overall search visibility across all of their web pages.

We also designed the campaign to include link-building to their top priority pages. We built 27 backlinks on industry-specific websites with contextual anchor text that included anchor text with their service, brand name, and city name. For local search, Google considers relevance, distance, and prominence when ranking, and more backlinks to the website would show Google that this is a prominent website that is well trusted by others in the industry and other businesses in their local geographic area.


With more Domain Authority and backlinks pointing to their website, our client immediately saw increases in total keyword rankings, with new keywords like “hair removal [city name]” and “laser hair removal [city name]”, both keywords that receive over 500 searches per month. Our client also started ranking for long tail variations of these keywords, meaning more opportunities to get in front of new customers searching for hair removal services in their geographic area.


With more keyword rankings, our client started seeing significantly more clicks. Over the course of the seven months they have been working with LinkGraph, our client has seen a 560% increase in organic traffic, and the majority of those clicks come from the local search terms that they targeted at the outset of their campaign. 

The client’s website also had an impressive 3979% increase in total impressions. By improving ranking positions for those keywords where they are earning impressions, they will continue to see exponential growth in organic traffic. The client continues to work with LinkGraph with a monthly Managed Business Basics passage and is looking forward to seeing continued growth with LinkGraph’s expert strategy and execution.

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