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How to do an OnPage SEO Audit | SearchAtlas Tutorial

By Brittany Bronson on Aug 25, 2023 - 4 minute read

If you’ve ever wondered why a particular piece of content isn’t ranking as well as you’d hoped, the OnPage Audit tool in SearchAtlas might be the solution […]

If you’ve ever wondered why a particular piece of content isn’t ranking as well as you’d hoped, the OnPage Audit tool in SearchAtlas might be the solution you’re looking for. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to use this tool to optimize your content for better search engine rankings.

1. Starting with the OnPage Audit Tool

Imagine you have content targeting the keyword “free video editing software,” but it’s only ranking on the fourth page of search results. The OnPage Audit tool can help you understand why.

  • Initiating the Audit: Simply enter the URL of your content and your target keyword, then click “Run Audit.”
  • Understanding the Results: The audit provides a high-level overview of both content and technical scores. To delve deeper into the specifics, click “View Audit.”

2. Breaking Down the Audit Categories

The audit is divided into several categories:

  • Content: This assesses the quality and depth of your content.
  • Technicals: Evaluates the technical aspects of your page.
  • Page Structure: Looks at how your content is structured.
  • Focus Terms: Identifies key terms that should be present in your content.
  • Links: Recommends both internal and external links to enhance your content.

Each category is expandable, allowing you to see detailed insights and comparisons with top-ranking content.

3. Addressing Content Weaknesses

One of the most common issues many face is content quality and depth. Here’s how to address it:

  • Content Score: Aim to get your content score into the green range, ideally higher than the average (e.g., 67).
  • Word Count: Ensure your content is comprehensive. If top-ranking content is in-depth, yours should be too.
  • Readability: Ensure your content is easily readable. If it’s within the right range, no major changes are needed.

To compare your content with competitors, open “Performance Against Competitors.” This provides a side-by-side comparison of content score, word count, readability, and domain traffic.

4. Using the SEO Content Assistant for Optimization

Optimizing content is made easier with the SEO Content Assistant:

  • Importing Content: Import the URL of the page you audited to get existing content into the text editor.
  • Focus on Terms: The sidebar will show important metrics and focus terms. These are terms competitors are using that you should incorporate.
  • AI Content Generator: To quickly enhance your content, use the AI content generator. Highlight a passage, right-click, and choose “Write Paragraph for me.” Always review and adjust AI-generated content to ensure quality.

5. Implementing Other Recommendations

Once content issues are resolved, return to the audit to address other areas:

  • Backend Changes: Some recommendations might require changes in your content management system.
  • OnPage SEO Best Practices: All recommendations are based on proven onpage SEO strategies.

6. For Marketing Agencies and SEO Service Providers

The OnPage Audit tool isn’t just for individual content creators:

  • Client Reports: Generate onpage audits before offering optimization services. You can export your audit to a .PNG for a professional report.
  • Multiple Keyword Audits: Run audits for multiple keywords by separating them with commas. This generates separate audits for each keyword, allowing for tailored optimization strategies.


Improving your content’s ranking potential is a systematic process. With tools like the OnPage Audit in SearchAtlas, you can get actionable insights and recommendations to elevate your content’s performance in search results. Whether you’re an individual content creator or an SEO agency, leveraging these tools can significantly enhance your SEO strategy.

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