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See how LinkGraph helped an enterprise brand leverage keywords, content, and link building to generate revenue and expand their market share.


Enterprise-level websites with strong brand recognition often receive a high number of their organic clicks from branded searches. But reaching new audiences in search engines requires ranking for non-branded searches as well, or those keywords that have direct relevance to  specific products and services.

Our client in the luxury home interior space was earning their organic traffic almost exclusively from queries that included their brand name. The client wanted to rank for non-branded keywords in order to get their content in front of new audiences not yet familiar with their brand. By ranking for more product-related keywords, they would be able to earn new customers and expand their market share to those audiences not yet aware of their product offering.


LinkGraph launched a high-scale link building campaign targeting top product pages on the client’s website. Our team focused on building contextually relevant backlinks with keyword-rich anchor text on reputable, industry-specific websites. By improving the client’s anchor text distribution for keywords like “bedding,” “duvet covers,” and other product-specific keywords, we expected to see increased ranking potential for our client’s product pages as well as more organic clicks from product-specific keywords.


After the completion of the Olympus link building package, our client saw significant increases in organic clicks from all of the product-related keywords targeted in their link building campaign. Impressions also drastically increased as Google began to rank our client’s web pages for non-branded keywords, or those with topical relevance to their products.

Over the course of the 8-month campaign, LinkGraph built 211 backlinks through manual outreach and original content, the safest, most Google-compliant link building strategy available to site owners. The majority of websites where LinkGraph earned backlinks ranged from Domain Authority 60-90+, helping to improve the client’s overall Domain Rating and site authority in the eyes of search engine crawlers.

The focus on increasing keyword rankings for product-related keywords also resulted in a significant jump in total keywords overall. This increase occurred within 30 days of the start of the client’s campaign in July 2022. The increase in organic clicks soon followed, within 2-3 months, as Google began promoting our clients product pages with more frequency and in higher positions.

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