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How Is The COVID Shutdown Impacting SEO and Digital Marketing

By Sophia Deluz on Aug 25, 2023 - 3 minute read

People at home are super negative and very bearish about what this means for their lives as they’re still locked down. But I think as business owners […]

People at home are super negative and very bearish about what this means for their lives as they’re still locked down. But I think as business owners and as marketers, we should all be happy about the fact that the markets have recovered and are recovering nicely. We need that capital; we need businesses to be strong so they can buy products from us and employ the workforce. This is a very positive thing.

Overview of the COVID-19 Impact

Let’s move into the marketing side of this talk. Coronavirus has absolutely impacted all digital advertising platforms, even non-digital advertising platforms, due to changes in consumer demand. When looking at search volume by industry, we’ve seen very dramatic changes. If you are looking at your Google Analytics at home or your Google search console for your websites, I’m sure you’re seeing changes in traffic and visibility. Some sectors have done really well, like news and media. Home and garden are seeing a lot of people focusing on gardening, improving their homes, buying furniture to live better, consuming more content, gaming, and even looking for recipes. However, sectors like TV haven’t done well.

Adjusting Your Strategy

Brands must be adaptable and understand that continuing with the same messaging might appear tone-deaf. A great example is a company that shifted its messaging to focus on online tutoring, given the circumstances. Such messaging shifts can help maximize conversions right now.

Identifying Key Opportunities

Think about what the recession means regarding how companies change and exchange market share. Companies that ranked among the eventual winners moved deliberately to capture opportunities before the recession. They also looked beyond cost. Think of a recession as a sharp curve on an auto racetrack. The best place to pass competitors isn’t on the straightaways but during the curve. Apply brakes just ahead of the curve, take out excess cost, turn hard towards the apex, identify the shortlist of projects that will form the next business model, and accelerate hard out of the curve. This approach requires clarity and focus. But if you’re thoughtful about how the current times are transforming your business, you will come out stronger and beat your competitors.

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges, especially in the digital marketing landscape. As businesses, it’s crucial to stay agile, understand the changing dynamics, and adjust our strategies accordingly. While some sectors have thrived, others have faced significant setbacks. However, the key lies in understanding consumer behavior, leveraging emerging opportunities, and staying ahead of the curve. Remember, in the face of adversity, resilience and adaptability are your best allies. Stay informed, stay safe, and let’s navigate these challenging times together with confidence and foresight.

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