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See how LinkGraph helped an ecommerce retailer generate loads of organic traffic with technical SEO and link building.


Website redesigns can present serious problems for websites that want to maintain their keyword rankings and SEO presence after relocating, combining, or removing web pages. When not implemented correctly, website redesigns can lead to significant losses in keyword rankings and organic traffic, which can result in some businesses having to rebuild their organic presence from scratch.

After redesigning their website through Shopify in-house, our client noticed a steep decline in keyword rankings and organic traffic to their website. They came to LinkGraph wanting to prevent any additional loss in search visibility and to regain lost keywords. They also wanted to surpass their previous organic search performance and rank for new and relevant keywords in their speciality ecommerce niche.


LinkGraph began with an SEO Foundations package to confirm that our clients’ website included all of the proper redirects to communicate to search engine crawlers where new pages were located. After ensuring crawlers could find and index all of the redesigned pages, our client immediately started regaining previous keyword rankings that were lost due to the redesign. With the SEO Foundations package, our team also focused on optimizing page titles and meta descriptions to increase keyword relevancy and overall organic performance for specific product pages.

With the Small Business Boon package, our team focused on building backlinks to key landing pages on our clients website, particularly their homepage. Through original content creation and manual outreach to relevant publications, our team secured multiple backlinks with keyword-rich anchor text and annotation text. Combined, these off-page signals helped increase the website’s authority and relevance in the eyes of Google, meaning more keyword rankings and higher ranking positions across all of their web pages.


The SEO Foundations package was key to helping our client regain the keyword rankings lost during the website redesign. When comparing Google Search Console data for three months prior to the campaign start date and three months after, our client saw an 88% increase in organic clicks and an 108% increase in organic impressions because of the improved indexing and on-page optimizations completed by the LinkGraph team.

Individual product pages that received meta tag optimization also saw increased organic visibility for product-related keywords. Those impressions eventually led to increased traffic as our outreach team secured high-quality backlinks pointing to those specified pages as well as the client’s homepage. By combining off-page and on-page strategies, our team elevated the ranking potential across the entire domain, particularly for those pages targeted for link building.

In just 3 months of a managed campaign, our client not only regained their organic visibility, but saw steady, consistent monthly growth in both organic traffic and total keyword rankings. They surpassed their previous organic performance and continue to grow their organic presence each month as LinkGraph provides tailored and targeted optimizations to help them drive more clicks and revenue.



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