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Customer Dashboard Basics

By Brittany Bronson on Jan 07, 2022 - 6 minute read

Now that you’re ready to dive into your dashboard and start exploring, it’s a great time to get a primer on how everything works. The customer dashboard […]

Now that you’re ready to dive into your dashboard and start exploring, it’s a great time to get a primer on how everything works. The customer dashboard is a great tool to get a glance at your current orders, their degree of completion, and what’s due for each of them.

Order history

The order history tab allows clients to review their orders and their completion levels. On the left side of the dashboard, you’ll see a vertical column with your order numbers. If you click into any of these orders, you’ll see a detailed breakdown of which articles made up the order as well as general information about the landing pages used in the pieces and the domain authority, or DA, of those landing pages. It also shows the DA range we’re targeting for each of your articles, which provides a good snapshot of its anticipated performance. We use a fixed DA range for any given target link placement (for example, DA 30-40), but if we’re are able to secure the post on a publisher with a higher DA (say 45), a trophy symbol will appear next to the placement to let you know that there was an upgrade to the targeted placement, free of charge.

Plus, if you click on any of the pieces, you’re then redirected to the actual live article, which is a great way to see our work in action. As an added bonus, the dashboard makes it incredibly simple to export any order information into a handy CSV file— a feature you won’t want to forget about. Simply click the button in the top right of the pieces section and export.

New orders

The dashboard simplifies the order process and streamlines it. From the moment you hit “submit,” your order is sent to a team of talented writers who are eager to craft exciting content. Hit “create new order” at the top of your dashboard, fill out the form, and relax knowing that our team is penning top-notch content.

You’re able to customize your target DA range for the articles and specify the landing pages they’ll incorporate. Recently posted a new webpage that you want to start ranking? All you have to do is enter it in and let our link-building experts work their magic. If you have specific anchor text and keywords you’re interested in targeting, there’s a field for that, too, which gives you even more control over how your order is executed.

Beyond that, you’re able to select how many articles are in the order as well as specify a completion date. If you have time-sensitive requests, we can make sure to accommodate your deadlines. Any extra notes or information about your order will go in the field at the bottom of the form. Once you’ve double-checked and are satisfied with your order, hit submit! It truly is that easy. If you ever want help designing a campaign, or want our team to check over a campaign that you’ve created yourself, you’re always able to use the chat function in the dashboard to request real-time help.

Our SEO tools

Another great feature of the customer dashboard is that some of our most popular SEO tools live right at the top of it. It’s never been easier to track bulk amounts of DA scores or run a backlink analysis, and each of these tools comes in handy when it’s time to create another order.

Bulk Domain Authority Checker

To use the Bulk Domain Authority Checker, simply paste the URL of the site you want to investigate into the field and run the report. You can check up to 400 URLs at once whereas most other tools cap it at 10 to 50 URLs It’s a great way to keep an eye on your competition, and it’s also helpful for determining which site’s links are worth targeting in some of your upcoming orders. It shows you the DA, PA, External Root Domain Count, and the Subdomain Spam Score.

Backlink Analysis Tool

The Backlink Analysis Tool is a useful document that collects the entire spread of backlink data your articles are receiving and shows the domain authority scores across your backlink profile. It analyzes your root domain across a wide variety of third-party tools, including Moz, Ahrefs, SEM Rush, and Majestic. It’s also helpful for creating a disavow file which allows you to quickly and effectively remove spammy and harmful links. Want to know how many quality sites are linking back to you? This is your one-stop shop for that information.

Top Keywords Tool

Our Top Keywords Tool fetches all of your organically ranked keywords and shows you multiple data points, including your current rank, the overall difficulty of the keywords, the percentage of organic traffic you’re currently capturing, a keyword’s Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and its Domain Opportunity (DO). it’s invaluable for telling you which keywords are doing the most good for your website.

Additional information

Apart from the tools and features of the customer dashboard, you should keep a few other helpful buttons in mind. At the top right of the dashboard is the “invite new users” button, which lets you add team members. To the right of that is the “account settings” button, which allows you to review your account and billing information as well as the members that are on your team.

Now that you have a grasp on the basics of the LinkGraph customer dashboard, all that’s left is for you to dive in and start creating orders. We’re excited to have you onboard, and we look forward to helping you with all of your link-building needs!

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