How LinkGraph catalyzed SERP rankings in a competitive law industry

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is an award-winning personal injury law firm with 14 offices located throughout Southern California. Law Offices of Daniel Kim exclusively represents victims of motor vehicle accidents and is experienced at getting maximum compensation and settlements for clients.

The Problem

Personal injury law is a very competitive space for both organic rankings and paid search ads. With personal injury firms willing to pay anywhere from $50-$500 per-click, and with over 46% of clicks going to the top three paid ads, driving traffic from organic rankings can be extremely difficult in saturated local markets like Orange County.

Due to the high price of competitive ad auctions in the personal injury space, paid media was not an economical option. Before the Law Offices of Daniel Kim teamed up with LinkGraph, their lack of online visibility also hindered them from earning any qualified traffic through local search. The Law Offices of Daniel Kim needed to boost their local SEO efforts if they wanted to see any improvements to their website traffic.

LinkGraph knew that focusing on local citations and geo-targeted link building would improve their visibility and help them rank higher than competitors in Southern California-based searches. LinkGraph also recognized limitations with the Law Offices of Daniel Kim’s website design, and knew that a more conversion-focused UI/UX could mean drastic improvements in sitewide conversions.

The LinkGraph Solution

High-Authority & Geo-targeted Link Building

LinkGraph launched a full-scale link building and digital PR campaign with geographic specific goals. Our outreach team acquired 147 backlinks in the personal injury and legal space. In addition to focusing on acquiring high-quality backlinks with DA 50+, LinkGraph secured links with geographic anchor texts from California-based publications like University of Southern California and CSU Fresno. These high-quality links improved Law Offices of Daniel Kim’s overall keyword rankings and performance in local, Southern California-based searches. These backlinks alone helped improve Law Offices of Daniel Kim’s site authority and secured page 1 rankings for over 150+ high-value keywords in their local search market.

Content Strategy & On-Page Optimization

LinkGraph’s editorial team created supplemental blog content to help improve the site’s topical authority and depth in the eyes of users and search engines. We also used our proprietary software to optimize landing page copy for high-value keyword searches. LinkGraph ensured that all on-page content optimizations also added geographic language, physical addresses, and large city names so Google crawlers would better recognize the relevance of the site’s content to all Orange County car accident lawyer searches. By the end of the campaign, the site earned the top organic rankings for “orange county car accident lawyer.”

Local Citations

LinkGraph performed a local citation audit to identify incorrect information, duplications, or inconsistencies across business listings. LinkGraph cleaned up all structured local citations so search engine crawlers would better trust the information and show the Law Offices of Daniel Kim’s site in more local searches. By repairing existing listings and securing even more citations across a wide network of navigational, national, and local directories, LinkGraph improved Law Offices of Daniel Kim’s visibility in the Google Map Pack and their CTR for location-based searches on mobile devices.

UI/UX Optimizations

LinkGraph’s UI/UX team performed a page experience audit to understand what pain points users experienced navigating the Law Offices of Daniel Kim’s website. Then, LinkGraph made conversion-focused sitewide improvements ranging from changes in information architecture, CTA placements, fonts, colors, and by adding a chat bot. LinkGraph’s UI/UX improvements helped boost page views by nearly 200%. The site also experienced PSI score improvements, ensuring better load times and overall page experience for site visitors from organic search.

Technical SEO for Sitewide Translation

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim serves English, Spanish, and Korean-speaking communities in the Southern California region. LinkGraph used hreflang tags to ensure traffic from search was sent to versions of the website that matched users’ language preferences. Law Offices of Daniel Kim needed to make sure Korean and Spanish-speaking visitors arriving from search did not bounce away from the site if website content was shown to them in English. This powerful technical optimization helped improve new sessions by 18% and helped decrease overall bounce rate.

The Results

LinkGraph’s aggressive link acquisition earned high quality, geographic backlinks from industry-specific publications in the legal and personal injury space. This elevated the site’s domain authority in just a few short months, accelerating the relatively new site’s overall visibility in search results. LinkGraph’s extensive local optimizations also helped boost the site’s rankings for hundreds of high-value location-based keywords, allowing the Law Offices of Daniel Kim to surpass major local competitors in location-based queries.

Since implementing the sitewide UI/UX improvements and technical SEO optimizations, the Law Offices of Daniel Kim has experienced a 105% increase in conversions sitewide. LinkGraph’s improvements continue to drive new leads and consultations for the law firm months after their link building campaign. LinkGraph continues to provide ongoing consultancy and advisory for the Law Offices of Daniel Kim as they expand their brick-and-mortar offices as well as their overall online presence.

Page 1 rankings for 150+ high-value keywords in the Orange County personal injury law firm space
Surpassed 3000+ overall organic keyword rankings
Secured 147 backlinks as high as DA 92 from industry-specific publications
Earned coveted #1 spot for “Orange County car accident Lawyer”
Increased organic traffic from search by 415%

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