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Are the backlinks I purchase guaranteed?

Yes, all of our work is completely guaranteed and fully transparent.

You’ll be able to track the progress of your campaign through your Customer Dashboard which gives you visibility into article titles for content we’re drafting, let’s you know when the content is in pitching, and provides you the live link and publication authority for each successful placement.

Are all of your backlinks Do-Follow?

Yes. All the links we place are permanent and “Do-Follow” unless a client specifically requests no-follow links and publications. A ‘Do-Follow’ link provides a transference of link equity from the publishing domain to the linked domain.

Why would anyone be interested in no-follow links? Occasionally clients look to make a combination push of offsite content for SEO improvement and for PR outreach. This can be particularly common with startups recently backed by venture capital.

Will my backlinks be permanent once published?

Yes. All articles we place, and all links within them, will remain live permanently. This is the benefit of true organic outreach, these links are earned not owned.WARNING: Any company renting links or requiring you to pay monthly to keep links up is using a Private Blog Network (PBN), because they can control the content. This is a sure sign that the seller is NOT performing organic outreach.

Should I worry about low-quality backlinks?

Yes, if it might appear that you have been engaging in manipulative SEO tactics. The combination of backlinks from low-authority sites and the repeated use of exact-match anchor text can get you dinged by the Penguin Google algorithm.When vetting vendors to provide you with link-building services, pay close attention to where your site is being placed and how keywords are being targeted/positioned. Cheap link solutions are often our clients’ worst nightmares. Not only do low-quality links not help you, when used improperly they can actually create negative link equity (search ranking penalties).

If you are worried that your site may be experiencing penalties, or if you are simply curious about your backlink profile sign up for our FREE dashboard for access to our Backlink Analyzer.

Backlink Analyzer

What does “authority publication” mean?

For you to appear early in search results for a search term, Google wants to see indicators (signals) that you’re providing useful information on that topic.

Think of each backlink in your profile as a recommendation. Recommendations from sites with higher authority matter more than recommendations from sites with lower authority; in other words – you’re going to get a lot more business if a Harvard professor recommends you than if your cousin does.

High-authority publications tend to be referenced often by other sites, have a good ratio of outgoing links to incoming links, and have a lot of organic (i.e., not paid) traffic. The better these stats and ratios, the more “authoritative” search engines will consider the site, and the more valuable it will be to have a reference (backlink) from them.

Who writes the content that you pitch?

Our own 50+ person editorial team. It’s the only way to efficiently tailor content to the needs of our customers AND the stylistic needs of our target publications, especially when we often have to make quick revisions to pieces during the pitch process (ex: an editor asks us to change the slant of an article, or one publication only accepts content written in the second person, etc.).

Our internal editorial team includes a slew of writers, three fabulous editors, as well as outreach specialists to keep everything running smoothly.

What budget do I need to outrank my competitor?

The good news is that what matters for ranking in Google is the QUALITY,  not simply the quantity of your backlinks.

Think of it this way – a reference from Elon Musk, Buzz Aldrin, and whoever invented sliced bread are going to take you a lot further than hundreds of references from random or unknown people. It’s the same with backlinks: a couple backlinks from truly high-authority sources will provide you with a lot more search equity than hundreds of links from questionable sources.

To establish a strategy that will allow you to outrank your competitors, we will perform a link analysis that excludes low quality links, using our Backlink Profile Comparison tool.

At first glance, taxdefensenetwork looks like it needs to build links from a couple hundred domains to catch up to their competitor communitytax.

Low Quality Backlinks

But when we exclude the low-quality domains, which are not transferring much search equity, that gap becomes MUCH smaller.

Exclude Low Quality Backlinks

Is link building all you do?

Link-building is our specialty, but we do everything SEO-related to help our clients rank higher:

  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Conversion Optimization
  • On Site Content Optimization
  • Toxic Backlink Analysis & Disavowal
  • Checking for Negative SEO Attacks
  • Remediation Services
  • Reputation Management
What happens after I place an order?

You’ll receive a login to our client dashboard, where you’ll be able to track the status of each link in your order, as well as a suite of additional SEO tools:

  • Focus Keywords Generator
  • Content Optimizer
  • Backlink Analyzer
  • Backlink Profile Comparison Tool
  • Order Tracker
Do you work with clients from restricted industries?

Yes. This is the best type of digital marketing for clients who are Adwords ineligible – from rehab facilities to budding CBD and recently legalized substance companies.  Check out our case study.

Do you work with PBNs?

No. We have to pitch each and every piece we write.

Google is a company of particularly clever people; if we can figure out it’s a bad site, then they can figure out it’s a bad site, and that’s not going to help anyone long-term.

What do I need to give you for you to start building links for my site?


Our team doesn’t need much input to analyze your site, your sector, and your budget to determine the highest-impact keyword strategy for your first campaign.

However, if you’d like to have input on the process – or if you have a clear direction in mind – we’re happy to involve you in the process.

Still have questions?

 Please contact us directly. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.