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LinkGraph is proud to present our Free Google Ranking Checker Tool. With a single click, our platform enables you to quickly assess your website's ranking and gain valuable insights into your SEO strategies. Enter a domain to check website ranking.

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Why Use Our Free SEO Checker?

Our tool is powered by Search Atlas, our award-winning, all-in-one SEO software platform with cutting-edge technology. The Search Atlas platform consolidates the features of SEMRush, Ahrefs, and various other SEO tools into a single, comprehensive solution.

In less than 5 seconds, our tool enables you to check your Google page rank, gets you access to all top traffic-driven keywords, and presents relevant metrics to help you skyrocket your site rank.

How to Check My Website Ranking?

Simply enter a URL in the box and hit the button to immediately receive essential information including an extensive list of keywords, their Google ranking, search volume, traffic, number of results, and search trends.

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How to Analyze with our Free Website Rating Checker?

A prompt will appear with a list of keywords, indicating that the domain you have chosen incorporates all of these keywords. This information will help identify which keywords are delivering better performance in the website's Google ranking.
Below is a concise overview of the information provided in our complimentary SEO analyzer.


People are searching for this word in Google search engine.


Google's results position, known as SERP, determines where a website appears in search rankings. The ranking "1" means the website is placed in the top organic position when users search for the keyword.

Search Volume:

The number of searches conducted for that keyword on a monthly basis.


The percentage of traffic that is attributed to a specific keyword. For example, if the keyword is responsible for 50% of your traffic, then half of your users are directed to your site through that keyword.

Number of Results:

The number of pages attempting to rank for the keyword.

Search Trend:

Indicates whether searches for the keyword are increasing or decreasing.

In just seconds, our SEO rank checker tool will generate a list of hundreds of keywords ranked from most relevant to least relevant. You can easily export this list for further analysis or share it with your marketing team.
By utilizing this resource, you will have access to a vast array of keywords that can be leveraged to enhance your website's potential for higher rankings.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords can range from a single word to short phrases and are included in the search queries users use on search engines, whether they are typing or using voice search to find products, services, or information in Google search.

You can work with two types of keywords:

  • Short-tail keywords: Broad, popular, general terms like “automobiles”, “pizza”, and “apparel” are in fierce competition for search rankings because of their popularity and large search volume.
  • Long-tail keywords: Specific and targeted niche terms, such as “vegan restaurants near me” or “free keyword ranking tool,” have lower competition and search volume.

Use this ranking tracker to uncover the leading and trending keywords for any domain.

Alternatively, you can explore Google keyword rankings by utilizing Search Atlas’ Keyword Research Tool.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Free Website SEO Checker?

There are numerous practical strategies available to improve your website’s ranking. You can:

– Check a website’s SEO score.

– Use it as a local rank tracker.

– Discover keyword opportunities to improve your ranking.

– Perform a competitor analysis.

– Find website rankings by keyword.

– Examine similar websites to spark creativity for your strategy.

The information provided by our SEO Ranking Checker Tool allows you to not only perform all of the mentioned tasks but also much more.

One common inquiry from individuals striving to achieve top organic search results on Google is: What determines a site's high ranking? Along with numerous other factors, one key aspect is the use of appropriate keywords.

Finding Popular keywords

One particularly useful way to use the analysis tool is to identify opportunities for improvement. By leveraging trending keywords, we are able to capitalize on the increased interest and search volume for those terms.

Keywords and Referral Traffic

This tactic revolves around finding keywords that have a good search volume and result in lists of products or services similar to what you offer. By getting your business featured on these lists, which are already ranking well for keywords that appeal to your target audience, you can attract more ideal customers.

Discovering Ranking Keywords

Consider this scenario: you come across a keyword that has had low search volume in the past but has shown a recent spike in interest over the last few months. By incorporating this keyword into your content and pages now, you can boost your visibility and attract more traffic in the coming months.

This is an excellent strategy for distinguishing yourself in a competitive landscape.

Combining Keywords with Link Building

Discovering topics that are guaranteed to generate passive backlinks is possible. These are keywords that can help you rank higher and attract natural links and citations without the need for outreach efforts.

In order to achieve quicker results, LinkGraph offers backlinks from reputable sites that can accelerate your rankings by increasing your authority. We also provide many other services and solutions that boost your overall SEO, such as link building, technical SEO, audits, and more.

With our keyword ranking tool, you can conduct a comprehensive analysis of various metrics in order to identify the most optimal keywords for your content. Begin by inputting the website you wish to analyze for keywords. The following are detailed steps to guide you through the process of selecting keywords.

Search Volume

The search volume represents how many times a term was searched for in the previous month. It may be tempting to only focus on keywords with exceptionally high search volumes, but simply selecting and using popular terms is not an effective strategy.

Before proceeding, it is important to ensure that you find an opportunity for a long-term strategy.

Remember when we discussed the importance of using keywords to improve search results? Don’t hesitate to use our advice.

Additionally, it is essential to determine whether the keyword is truly applicable to your goals. Typically, short-tail keywords are not tailored to a specific niche.


Curious about the challenges of creating high-ranking content for specific keywords? It’s important to assess the level of difficulty involved. Competition can be tough if there are numerous well-established websites producing quality content around the same keyword. Additionally, some may be using Google Ads to boost their visibility in search results as “Sponsored” content.

This Google rank checker tool allows you to discover less competitive keywords and improve your organic search ranking. Keep in mind that short-tail keywords are generally more challenging, even within a specific niche. Conversely, long-tail keywords may prove to be more manageable.

Search Intent

Search intent or user intent is the main objective of a user when searching for a keyword. For instance, if they are looking for a “contract lawyer near me”, their goal is to find just that.

Every keyword falls into one of the following search intent categories:

Informational: When the user desires to acquire knowledge or information on the topic they have searched. The phrase typically starts with how, when, what, tips, etc.

Navigational: The user wants to locate a particular webpage.

Commercial: The user is seeking information with the intention of purchasing a product or service.

Transactional: Searches directed towards performing tasks, such as conducting tests or downloading programs, without the intention of making a purchase.

Google recognizes the user’s intention, and if you attempt to incorporate a keyword that does not align with that intention, it will be challenging to achieve a higher ranking.

If you search for “my Google ranking” on Google, it shows an informational search intent as you are seeking information rather than making a purchase. For a more thorough analysis, we suggest using Search Atlas’ Keyword Research Tool.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

The cost per click is the average amount paid for each click on a keyword in sponsored content. This applies to ads and paid promotions that appear above organic search results. This strategy can be expensive, so we suggest using our free rank checker tool to achieve organic search results and only promote a few difficult-to-rank keywords.

Keyword Competitor Analysis

You can use our website ranking checker to conduct a competitor analysis and gain insights into your competitors’ SEO strategies, current website rankings, upcoming content plans, the relevance of their brand in a local search, and more. This approach enables you to identify keywords that are relevant to your business or niche, including unexpected terms that could enhance your strategy.

How To Use Keywords To Boost Website Rank?

Selecting the appropriate keyword is essential for search engines to properly organize and prioritize content according to the needs of your intended audience. Simply conducting keyword research to identify relevant terms within your industry is not sufficient to ensure a strong ranking. It is important to recognize that numerous competitors within your industry are vying for top placement on search engine results pages.

Keyword Density
User Experience
Keywords Relevancy
An Example of Local SEO in Action

Keyword Density

During keyword research, it is important to understand the search intent behind the keywords and strategically place them on relevant pages. For instance, if a user is searching for “How to improve website ranking”, they are likely seeking a simple guide on this topic. This approach helps to avoid overemphasizing keyword density.

Google will analyze your webpage by not just identifying the keywords, but also thoroughly reading all the content to determine if it matches the preferences of your target audience. Instead of repeatedly keyword stuffing a page with the same keywords, focus on creating quality content for better results.

User Experience

Google’s algorithm prioritizes useful and relevant pages to improve the user experience, which is why it has been successful.

Prioritize the user experience by using a Google ranking tool and conducting comprehensive keyword research to understand user intent. By providing easy-to-read guides tailored to user search queries, you can improve your ranking without keyword stuffing. Google will analyze your content to ensure it aligns with the needs of your target audience.

Keywords Relevancy

Ensure that your keywords are relevant to the context. Google’s search engine not only evaluates the keyword density and context of your content but also ensures that it makes sense on the page. Instead of overloading your content with the same keyword, you can use our website ranking checker to find synonyms for that keyword.

An Example of Local SEO in Action

If you provide car rental services in Atlanta and want to enhance your online presence, consider implementing a local SEO campaign. When potential customers search for “car rental in Atlanta” on Google, they will be able to easily find companies offering car rental services in the city.

To enhance the discoverability and content quality of your website, consider incorporating secondary keywords like “car rental in Atlanta” and “car rental services near me”.

Our keyword position checker can help align your site’s content with the needs of your target audience, leading to better search engine rankings. By analyzing metrics and implementing our tips, you can attract more visitors to your site and potentially increase your sales.

Combining Our Ranking Tools and Content

Take advantage of the data and information offered by our platform to optimize your content for maximum impact. Plan ahead by strategically placing main keywords in titles, subheadings, introductions, and throughout the text. Expand your strategy beyond just the main page to include product descriptions, service offerings, and information related to search topics. Use these insights to create more targeted content that resonates with your audience in a variety of formats.

Generating Quality Content

You can achieve this by crafting blogs that feature the correct keywords and high-quality content that highlights your offerings. Search Atlas offers a Blog Idea Generator tool that can simplify this process by generating relevant ideas for you to incorporate your keywords and craft compelling content. It is important to avoid overusing the same keyword repeatedly in your text as this can diminish the quality of your content. Instead, strategically and appropriately distribute various keywords related to the same topic throughout your content.

After creating high-quality content, it is important to regularly conduct SEO audits to ensure your website remains relevant on the web and continues to provide a positive user experience. Keyword search trends can change over time, so audits help identify areas for optimization and updates to improve the authority of your site.

Using tools like LinkGraph’s domain rating checker can help you track your website’s authority and identify areas for improvement, such as updating content with new keywords. By staying proactive and making necessary adjustments, you can ensure that your content remains current and ranks higher in search results.

Looking to boost your rankings with expert link building services? Let's craft a winning strategy together.

What’s Next for Your SEO Ranking?

Effective keyword research is a crucial element in ensuring your success in SEO. However, it is just one piece of the puzzle. A comprehensive SEO ranking strategy also involves acquiring backlinks, optimizing technical SEO, improving local search, and more. These components must work together cohesively to reach the top position in search engine rankings.

Our team not only provides a website ranking checker, but our award-winning SEO experts take a holistic approach to your SEO strategy. Whether you are a tech startup, small business, or large enterprise, our tailored insights and solutions will help you reach your goals efficiently.

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