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LinkGraph vs. Fat Joe

See why more people are choosing LinkGraph and saying goodbye to Fat Joe.
*LinkGraph clients get access to our proprietary SEO software suite.

You deserve better than niche edits.

Fat Joe claims to be the #1 niche editing service. But editing existing content to insert links is not a white-hat link building strategy. Google doesn't reindex old content as frequently as new content. It will notice if a blog owner only adds link placements and could penalize your site as a result. At LinkGraph, we create original pieces of content for each one of your links. The relevancy in fresh content is far better for your backlink profile and will drive organic traffic without risk of Google penalties.

Only LinkGraph gets you links over DA 50+.

Fat Joe won’t get you links over DA 50. Unlike them, we'll earn you high quality backlinks up to DA 90+. Our link building service secures in-content, contextually relevant links in industry-specific publications. The majority of our placements appear fully organic, in-content, with relevant anchor text, and without guest post attribution. Earning quality links takes quality work, and our content creation services team knows what it takes to get that work done right.

LinkGraph does genuine outreach to higher-quality sites.

Although many SEO agencies advertise “genuine,” blogger outreach, there is much more that goes into securing a high quality link. Factors like site traffic, social engagements, PageRank, and even the length of the linking content impact the quality of a backlink. Our link building services prioritize meeting all of these quality standards so that your links end up on sites with contextual relevance, active user engagement, and the qualities that actually boost your site's reputation and authority.

Your link building deserves more than the easy way out.

High-quality link building is hard work. Some digital marketing agencies are able to offer very low prices because their core products do not perform. Similar to other well-branded agencies like The Hoth, Fat Joe offers a quick guest post and blog owner outreach service that won't bring your backlink profile the quality it needs. At LinkGraph, we take pride in the quality of our links, which won't disappear, and that we secure on sites that you'll be proud to be associated with.

Why niche edits aren’t worth the risk...

Many digital marketing agencies like fatjoe.com are currently promoting niche edits as a white-hat link building strategy. Although they claim this kind of blogger outreach will get you contextually relevant links, these are just the same old black-hat ways disguised as sound strategies.

Niche edits are a risk you shouldn’t take. Google crawlers are getting increasingly sophisticated at recognizing backlink manipulation. They will know when an old blog post or piece of content has only been edited to include a new link, which could end up penalizing your site as a result. Even if there are some content updates where the niche edits are placed, Google doesn’t like these manipulation strategies.

Creating original content for each link placement is a white-hat strategy that will both build your backlink profile and your reputation as an authority in your industry. As a full service SEO and digital marketing agency, LinkGraph has earned our award-winning status because of our focus on quality and white-hat techniques. We won’t cut any corners, and will get you the quality placement your backlink profile deserves.

A Digital Marketing Agency Obsessed with Quality

At LinkGraph, we know what it takes to rank: High quality, contextually relevant links that appear in-content on sites with high domain authority and active engagement. There is only one right way to do link building, and although sites like fatjoe.com claim to have outwitted Google with faster, cheaper options, the algorithm updates always catch up. Their links will not stand the test of time. At LinkGraph, we know it's no easy feat to earn the quality links that build your reputation and actually fuel growth for your site, but we love doing the hard work. It’s why more brands are turning to our award-winning link building services to help their site grow.


Do you have a customer dashboard like Fat Joe?
We sure do! Our digital marketing agency is all about transparency. You can track the progress of your campaign in real-time in your customer dashboard. Our reporting shows the keyword rankings before and after each round of link acquisition. This way, you have full visibility into the process and can easily measure the results of our link building services. Plus, it allows us to show off our award-winning, link building skills.
How quickly can you get me backlinks?
Similar to other link building companies like Fat Joe and The Hoth, we guarantee links quickly, within 30 days. However, the links you receive from LinkGraph will be higher-quality, higher DA, and on sites with more active user engagement and industry relevance.
Do you offer infographic design like Fat Joe?
As a full-service SEO and digital marketing agency, LinkGraph has a talented design team that can create engaging infographics for your business or agency. Our content and digital PR team will handle any infographic promotion you need.
How do your digital PR services compare to The Hoth?
Similar to fatjoe.com, The Hoth does note guarantee links with DA over 50+. When it comes to link building, quality is essential, and we are confident at LinkGraph that our product is higher quality, better performing, and will produce tangible results in your organic growth and revenue faster and for the long-term. You can learn more about how our services compare to The Hoth here.
What other services does your digital marketing agency offer?
In addition to our award-winning link building services, we offer content strategy, paid media, and web design services for brands of all sizes. Visit our services page to learn more about how LinkGraph can help your site crush growth and revenue goals.
Do you work with agencies like Fat Joe?
Agencies love us. Schedule an SEO consultation and ask about our agency pricing