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“My site’s organic search traffic doubled”
-Clutch Review 2022

Increasing your Site Authority Through Link Building

Written by Manick Bhan, CTO of LinkGraph

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What you'll learn about link building

If you want to improve your website's organic traffic, you can't reach that goal without link building. Backlinks are Google's #1 ranking factor, and earning links the right ways is the fastest way to improve your SEO performance.

What is link building?

Learn what link building is and why it's so important to improving your keyword rankings in organic search results. We'll cover all the basics to get you started!

White Hat vs. Black Hat Link Building

Learn the differences between different types of link building and what qualifies as a Google compliant strategy. We'll teach you how to build backlinks the right way!

Best Link Building Strategies

Get detailed, how-to instructions on a variety of link building strategies. We'll teach you how to earn links from high-quality websites!
“Astonishing growth”
- Ted Hunting, Senior VP of Marketing
“Their creative, strategic approach and the intelligence of their team members is beyond what other companies in the space can provide. Trust and rely on their expertise because they know what they’re doing.”
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