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Revolutionizing SEO: Exploring Successful Content & Link Building Techniques of 2015

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 19, 2023 - 12 minute read

Revolutionizing SEO: Link Building Stories From 2015 From observing drastic shifts in search traffic, the year of 2015 brought vital innovations to the realm of SEO, especially […]

Revolutionizing SEO: Link Building Stories From 2015

From observing drastic shifts in search traffic, the year of 2015 brought vital innovations to the realm of SEO, especially link building services.

This era marked an awakening in the SEO landscape, largely attributed to newly crafted strategies like the skyscraper technique and an increased focus on content marketing.

In recounting such milestone link building stories of 2015 and their subsequent success, the foundation is laid to appreciate and learn from these strategy shifts.

Exploring these pillars of link building evolution might offering compelling insights to accelerate your ranking success.

Keep reading as we discuss these ground-breaking stories and how they have influenced current SEO practices.

Key Takeaways

  • The Skyscraper Technique, Broken Link Building, Tier 2 Link Building, and Link Swapping Were Innovative Link Building Strategies That Emerged in 2015.
  • Content Marketing Became a Crucial Aspect of Link Building, Emphasizing the Creation of Unique and Engaging Content.
  • Strategic Outreach and Building Relationships With Authoritative Websites Were Essential for Acquiring High-Quality Backlinks.
  • The Quality of Content Directly Correlates With the Number of Backlinks, Emphasizing the Importance of Creating Superior Content.
  • Trusted Tools Like SearchAtlas by LinkGraph Played a Significant Role in Successful Link Building, Providing Google-Compliant Services and a Sophisticated Backlink Generator.

Emerging Link Building Tactics From 2015

a website owner constructing superior content to boost domain authority, surrounded by skyscrapers and journalists connecting with subject matter experts.

Back in the not-so-distant past of 2015, new waves of innovation rippled through the field of link building. Pioneering strides ushered in fresh methodologies contextually linking authoritative content high up in search traffic. These transformative events unraveled powerful shifts in enhancing website visibility, a forte of SearchAtlas by LinkGraph that is renowned for providing top-tier backlink generator services.

One such innovative technique that dominated the SEO scene was the ‘Skyscraper Technique.’ Named after the architectural marvel that aims to outdo existing structures, this strategy manifested itself as a potent approach to boost the domain authority of a website. Particularly ingenious, this procedure involved constructing superior content, thus enabling a website to stand out among its peers, very much akin to a smartwatch amid timepieces.

The era also saw the advent of HARO (Help a Reporter Out), a platform that facilitates journalists to connect with subject matter experts. The platform touted immense potential for earning high-quality backlinks by offering meaningful input to journalists’ stories. Such tactics allowed for fortuitous growth in a website’s backlink profile, which, in turn, augmented SEO performance, a pivotal focus area for any website aiming for success.

Another noteworthy evolution of 2015 was the amplification of guest posting strategies. Organizations began to realize the potency of publishing content on external high domain authority websites, with an eye to capture a larger share of the audience. Apart from generating precious backlinks, guest posts also fostered relationships with other domain owners—an exercise akin to leadership training, where one learns to build connections and influence others.

As we delve further into 2015’s SEO practices, it’s apparent that the tactics we once leveraged are morphing into more holistic strategies. In this exciting transition, one element stands bold in its inevitably crucial role – content marketing.

The Role of Content Marketing in 2015’s Link Building Landscape

a person typing on a laptop, surrounded by charts and diagrams on a whiteboard, illustrating the impact of content marketing on link building strategies in 2015.

Content marketing, in the backdrop of 2015, surfaced as an indispensable facet of link building’s broader narrative. Recognizing that content held supreme in the digital domain, SEO professionals rallied to architect high-grade content. Crafting creative and informative content turned into the strategy of choice for generating backlinks and driving search traffic, forming the underlying mantra of any successful link building service.

The course of content marketing that year went through a marked disruption. It laid emphasis on distributing authentically engaging and original content that resonates with human nature. Owing to this, a new trend of content-centric link building emerged, fostering a user-oriented approach to link building, and making it an irreplaceable component of white label link building strategies:

  1. Emphasis on developing unique, compelling content.
  2. Business storytelling that resonates with the audience.
  3. Establishing trust and credibility by publishing authoritative and factual content.
  4. Promotion of unique insights through external guest posts.

Indeed, the role of content marketing took a substantial lead in link building strategies. An accurate and captivating content enticed audience engagement, consequently making a website more appealing for backlinking. In this environment, SearchAtlas by LinkGraph emerged as a potent player, offering high-quality backlink generating and analyzing services, enabling businesses to identify and capitalize on link building opportunities.

This paradigm shift compelled organizations to rethink their content marketing approaches. Actionable and factual content started to hold sway, introducing a new chapter in the SEO and link building narratives.

Pioneering beyond the conventional wisdom of content marketing in 2015, let’s turn the spotlight on to another fascinating chapter of the year. Brace yourself for an energetic exploration of real-life, unconventional link building success stories from 2015!

Unconventional Link Building Stories That Worked in 2015

a person fixing a broken link by replacing it with their own relevant content.

Innovations don’t thrive on well-beaten pathways, a premise greatly exemplified by the unconventional link building strategies that emerged in 2015. These strategies heralded a phase of experimentation and exploration in pursuit of high-quality backlinks. Let’s delve into instances where the audacious acts of link builders turned potential link building disasters into Fortune 500 worthy success stories.

Broken link building,” a notion that found its roots in 2015, encouraged a unique approach in rigging the link building terrain. Under this strategy, SEO experts sought out ‘broken’ or ‘dead’ external links, offered to fix these via replacement with a link to their own relevant content. Despite its complexity, this technique proved effective in not only enhancing a website’s SEO via backlinks but also in fostering mutually beneficial relationships with other websites.

Alongside, “tier 2 link building” surfaced as an innovative method. It involved building backlinks not only for the main website (tier 1) but also for the backlinks themselves (tier 2). This technique relied on leveraging the domain authority of backlinks to propel the website’s SEO even further—the equivalent of using a two-storey skyscraper approach to link building.

Lastly, an unconventional strategy dubbed as “Link Swapping” made its presence known. In this technique, domain owners exchanged backlinks, thus mutually benefiting each other’s SEO. A counterpart to contemporary barter trade, this strategy repackaged the age-old principle of reciprocal benefits in the framework of modern digital marketing techniques.

Having ventured through 2015’s successful unconventional link building tales, we’re now set to soar to new heights. Join me as we explore the seismic shift to the Skyscraper Technique in link building.

The Rise of Skyscraper Technique in Link Building

a skyscraper towering over a city skyline, representing the rise of the skyscraper technique in link building.

The advent of the Skyscraper Technique in 2015 significantly transformed link building strategies. SEO practitioners found themselves crafting superior content that stood towering above existing content in the same realm of the topic. Just as a skyscraper stands out in a city skyline, this technique focuses on creating remarkable content that is able to win quality backlinks naturally.

The Skyscraper Technique revolves around three principal steps. Here’s the gist of the process, a technical blend of creativity, research, and effective outreach:

  1. Find popular content within your industry, particularly those that have won numerous backlinks.
  2. Create an improved version of that content, potentially with more depth, updated data, a more engaging format, etc.
  3. Reach out to people who have linked to the original content and recommend your superior version for them to link to.

With the implementation of this method, websites began to elevate their position in search engine rankings. As more SEO professionals started employing the Skyscraper Technique, content quality and user experience enhanced significantly across the web.

SearchAtlas by LinkGraph, renowned for its high-quality backlink generator services, played an influential role during this shift. Servicing a technique-oriented approach toward SEO, the company bolsters link building opportunities through Google-compliant strategies, adding a layer of credibility to marketers’ online presence. Sculpting superior content became the ‘new normal’, paving a whole new way for link builders to acquire quality backlinks.

Harnessing the power of the Skyscraper Technique has revolutionized our link-building approaches. Now, let’s shift our focus to explore how strategic outreach has taken these successes even further and amped up the efficacy of link building strategies.

Impact of Strategic Outreach in Successful Link Building

a person crafting personalized and persuasive emails to enhance their success rate for link building.

Strategic outreach emerged as a game-changer in link building’s grand scheme in 2015. This approach sculpted a pathway for SEO professionals to enhance their website’s backlink profile and accrue benefits from higher search traffic. By focusing on building relationships with authoritative websites and offering valuable content, strategic outreach turned into an effective method for acquiring high-quality backlinks.

One of the pivotal aspects of successful strategic outreach involved recognizing the potential websites to approach for backlink opportunities. SEO professionals started prioritizing interactions with websites that held higher domain authority. The following table presents an illustration of how outreach prospects were prioritized:

Domain Authority Priority Level
81–100 High
61–80 Medium
41–60 Low

Transformative changes also included refining email outreach tactics. SEO professionals started to craft personalized and persuasive emails to enhance their success rate for link building. The use of smart tools, like SearchAtlas by LinkGraph, accelerated to identify high-quality link building opportunities.

Ultimately, strategic outreach culminated in a reputation-driven era of link building. It extended beyond gaining backlinks, intensifying customer experiences, and nurtured an inclination towards forming symbiotic relationships. Simultaneously, it fostered the growth of a network aimed toward achieving mutual SEO benefits.

Having unearthed the profound impact of strategic outreach in successful link building, let’s shift our lens to an equally riveting chapter. Prepare to be enlightened as we dive into the invaluable lessons learned from the thrilling link building experiments conducted in 2015!

Lessons Learned From 2015’s Link Building Experiments

a person working on a laptop with a notepad and pen, surrounded by books and articles related to link building and seo.

The inkling notes of past allow present strategies to flourish. In retrospect, 2015 was a critical year for learning invaluable lessons from numerous link building experiments. It offered meaningful insights that continue to shape the contemporary understanding of SEO and influence future advancements.

One vital understanding derived from 2015’s expedition is the direct correlation between the quality of content and the number of backlinks. Be it engaging in the skyscraper technique or consistent guest posting, pursuit of enhanced content quality resulted in a substantial increase in high-quality backlinks. It affirmed that content is indeed king, setting a firm cornerstone for achieving success in SEO.

Another salient lesson concerned the role that strategic relationships play in link building. Whether it involved broken link building, tier 2 link building, or link swapping, valuing relationships with other websites marked significant upscale in website visibility. It became clear that building relationships with others within the industry could yield remarkable SEO benefits.

The year also taught SEO professionals the importance of trusted tools in successful link building, with SearchAtlas by LinkGraph emerging as a high-quality option for link building. Their Google-compliant services and sophisticated backlink generator became essential for individuals seeking an elevated rank on search engine results. As an outcome, the optimization of tools and resources was seen as a pathway for efficient, hassle-free link building operations.


Reflecting on the revolutionizing SEO link building stories from 2015 offers revealing lessons for digital marketers navigating an era of innovation.

The techniques that emerged that year, such as the Skyscraper Technique, broken link building, and tier 2 link building, set the foundation for contemporary practices in use today.

Furthermore, the year emphasized the vital role of content quality, strategic relationship building, and the optimal use of trusted tools like SearchAtlas by LinkGraph in successful link building.

Therefore, the events of 2015 undeniably shaped the credence of SEO and left enduring footprints that continue to direct the landscape of digital marketing and link building.

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