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Backlinks— What They Are, How to Get Them

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 19, 2023 - 11 minute read

Backlinks— What They Are, How to Get Them Welcome to the ultimate guide on the intriguing world of backlinks—what they are and how to get them! If […]

Backlinks— What They Are, How to Get Them

Welcome to the ultimate guide on the intriguing world of backlinks—what they are and how to get them! If you want your web page to improve its search traffic, you need to master how to leverage backlinks. So, why not read this ultimate guide and use it with your available SEO tools?

Backlinks, a key component in any savvy SEO strategy, can be a treasure trove for site owners and content marketers alike.

It all begins with understanding how these digital nods work and mastering the art of acquiring them legitimately. High-quality services like LinkGraph can play a pivotal role in this journey, leveraging their Google compliant link building strategies.

Keep reading to learn how to utilize backlink generators and analyzers to bolster your SEO performance!

Key Takeaways

  • Backlinks are essential for search engine optimization, as they act as endorsements from one webpage to another.
  • Quality backlinks from high domain authority sites are crucial for better visibility in search results.
  • It is important to focus on acquiring genuine and relevant backlinks, as shady or paid links can negatively impact SEO performance.
  • Backlink checkers like Google Search Console, LinkGraph, Ahrefs, and SemRush can help analyze and manage backlink profiles effectively.
  • Guest posting and creating compelling content are effective methods to earn quality backlinks.
  • Building quality backlinks is a gradual and continuous process that requires building relationships and contributing valuable content to the community.

What are Backlinks?

a web page linking to another page with anchor text to guide readers to additional information.

Backlinks serve as the backbone of search engine optimization; they’re essentially endorsements, a “thumbs up” from one web page to another. Like a well-connected friend at a bustling shindig, if a site has a high volume of quality backlinks, it’s going to get noticed, sparking interest from search engines like Google.

LinkGraph, a reputable company offering link building services, bets big on this concept.

When a web page links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. They can be found within the content, often marked as anchor text, and direct readers to another resource page for additional information. That’s how pages start relationships; they link together like an unbroken chain, guiding the users fluidly from one point to another.

Earning these backlinks is no small endeavor; it’s a dedicated pursuit needing a measured strategy. Acquiring them can happen in multiple ways—guest blogging, wherein you write a blog post for another website, or directly pitching a site owner who runs relevant content.

Don’t underestimate the power of building these connections; they directly affect your SEO performance! Tools like Ahrefs and LinkGraph’s backlink analyzer come in handy for peeping into the anatomy of your backlinks. A quality backlink profile is one with connections from high domain authority sites, ensuring greater visibility in search results.

Now, you’ve got backlinks what they are down; let’s delve into how to get them.

Why are Backlinks Important for SEO?

Backlinks. Big deal, right? Oh yes, they are! They’re the high-fives between websites, building your online street cred. Solid backlinks essentially tell search engines: “Hey, these guys are cool; you might want to check ’em out.”

The importance of backlinks stretches beyond digital schmoozing. Each backlink is a signal to search algorithms about the relevancy and quality of a page.

When search engines see this interactive parade, they rank the website higher in search results, leading to increased visibility and search traffic for your page.

HubSpot, an inbound marketing platform, defines a quality backlink as one that comes from a high domain authority website and is relevant to your content. Fake it till you make it doesn’t fly here! No, Sir. Be genuine. Be relevant.

Garner those backlinks that truly resonate with your content. Anything else, and search engines quickly turn into savvy bouncers, shooing you out of the club called visibility.

LinkGraph’s premium link building strategy ensures that backlinks are sourced from quality, content-rich sites, enhancing the website’s SEO performance.

This white-hat backlink strategy is strictly Google compliant, enabling the site to rank higher in search results while maintaining the trust of search engines.

Up your SEO game; backlink like a pro!

What are the Qualities of Good Backlinks?

an image of a computer screen showing a website with a backlink from a respected and relevant source, with descriptive anchor text, leading to a page with high-quality content.

Not all backlinks wear a superhero cape. Oh no, sir! Only quality backlinks earn that title with a cluster of commendable traits. So what makes a backlink leap over the ordinary, turning it into Superman of the SEO world?

  • It originates from a highly respected, relevant website or page.
  • The anchor text is natural, relevant, and descriptive.
  • It links to a page brimming with top-notch, relevant content.

LinkGraph goes to great lengths focusing on these qualities, ensuring they match Google’s link building strategy. It isn’t about collecting links, it’s about earning the right ones.

On the flip side, there are villainous backlinks! They’re the digital equivalent of a suspicious-looking candy from a stranger. Shady, paid, or irrelevant links might seem like quick wins, but they land you on Google’s naughty list! Weaving quality backlinks into your SEO strategy guards against this dire fate.

Remember, backlinks can be your best buddy or your arch-enemy; choose them wisely. Accept links from authoritative sites unless you want to tangle with the wrath of search engines!

How to Check How Many Backlinks Do You Have

a computer screen displaying a backlink analyzer tool with graphs and data.

So, you’ve been building backlinks, huh? Great! Now, how to keep track of these digital bounties? Is there a tally counter or perhaps a backlink-o-meter? No, but rest assured, it’s not rocket-SEO.

Enter backlink checkers, SEO tools designed to illuminate your backlink profile, like a lighthouse guiding ships in the dark. They present a rundown of who’s linking to you, the nature of the links, and the domain authority of the linking sites. Think of it like checking your popularity status in high-school, just with a digital twist!

LinkGraph is one such platform sporting a nifty backlink analyzer. It’s like 007 for backlinks, uncovering the secrets of your links – the good, bad, and ugly! Not just that, but it also identifies link building opportunities that can boost your SEO performance further. It’s like having a personal spy in the land of backlinks.

One more champ in the arena, Ahrefs, offers an intricate look into your backlinks, even sending updates via an RSS feed. The RSS feed they have is advanced!

Handy, right? Their privacy policy keeps the data safe while you run your check, so you can rest easy knowing your information isn’t getting tossed around. Keep a tab on your backlinks, folks!

1. Google Search Console

a person using google search console on their computer to check their backlink profile.

First up on the backlink checking roster: Google Search Console. The go-to SEO tool for many, it’s like gym membership for your links, helping keep things fit and healthy. Sure, it may not make your backlinks sport six-pack abs, but it’ll surely keep them in top SEO shape!

A fantastic feature of Google Search Console is its straightforward, easy-to-understand interface. No tech wizardry required here. Even for those who might not speak fluent Google-lingo, this tool offers a friendly, easy-to-navigate interface, proving tech can, in fact, be your friend!

From identifying who’s linking the most to your site to the top linked pages, this tool does a whole lot of heavy lifting. It can even help spot those spammy or suspicious backlinks blemishing your backlink profile. It’s like your own personal Sherlock, but it solves mysteries of backlinks rather than crimes!

The cherry on top? It’s completely free! Yep, you read that right. It doesn’t get more affordable than that! SEO optimization doesn’t always have to leave a gaping hole in your pocket. Google Search Console closes that financial loophole, ensuring all your favorite pennies are safe and sound.

2. Third Party Tool

the scene shows a computer screen with multiple tabs open, displaying the websites for linkgraph, ahrefs, and semrush, representing the third-party tools mentioned in the content.

Jump to the other side of the SEO playground, and you’ll find a host of third-party tools. This is where things get a touch fancier. When the in-house Google Search Console isn’t quite enough, and you’re seeking a more in-depth analysis of your backlinks, these tools strut onto the arena.

It’s like transforming from Clark Kent to Superman! Breaking the fourth wall, let’s pull up the curtain to reveal some of these third-party tools.

  • LinkGraph boasts a powerful backlink analyzer; it unravels not just the quantity, but also the quality of your links.
  • Ahrefs tackles everything from identifying new link building opportunities to sending updates through an RSS feed.
  • SemRush serves a buffet of SEO offerings, including advanced backlink tracking and management.

Each of these tools has a unique superpower; yet, they all share the same goal—to enhance your link building strategy and boost your search engine ranking. They’re like the Avengers, but for SEO!

Using these tools is mostly straightforward, but remember also to read through the privacy policy of each before you hop on board. A quick flick through this document ensures your data is in safe hands, so you can focus entirely on amplifying your SEO performance.

Third-party tools, in essence, offer another layer of understanding and management over your backlink profile. It’s like having an insightful Obi-Wan to guide you through the galaxy of link building. May the SEO force be with you!

How to Get Backlinks?

a person typing on a laptop with multiple web browsers open, showing different websites and blog posts.

So now we’ve unraveled what backlinks are, and why they’re the bee’s knees of SEO. The question that remains is: How does one catch these elusive backlinks? Like Pokémon, the mission is to catch ’em all!

One effective method is guest posting. It’s like a mutual exchange of favours; you offer a stellar blog post, and in return, you get a quality backlink. Win-win!

Not just that, having your content featured on various platforms increases your reach, making you popular in the digital world. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

The other reliable way is producing compelling, informative, and authentic content that naturally attracts backlinks. Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s not a cake walk, but ‘content is king’ is a phrase for a reason!

Above all, building quality backlinks is a gradual, continuous process. It’s about growing relationships and cultivating trust with other websites. It’s the digital equivalent of networking—building a strong circle of influence and contributing valuable content to the community.

So, ready to be a go-getter of backlinks?


Backlinks, often overlooked, are the superheroes we didn’t realize we needed in the universe of search engine optimization. They’re part reputation enhancer, part SEO booster, and entirely vital for any website aspiring for visibility.

From understanding the nuances of backlinks to learning how to get them, the journey unfolds an SEO strategy that can have a significant impact on your online presence.

Tools like Google Search Console or third-party platforms like LinkGraph and Ahrefs are reliable sidekicks in this quest.

Remember, with great link building skills comes great SEO power—so get building, one quality backlink at a time!

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