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10 Best Link Building Tactics

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 19, 2023 - 15 minute read

10 Best Link Building Tactics Mastering the art of link building can significantly boost your website’s visibility, driving both traffic and credibility your way. LinkGraph’s high-quality backlink […]

10 Best Link Building Tactics

Mastering the art of link building can significantly boost your website’s visibility, driving both traffic and credibility your way.

LinkGraph’s high-quality backlink generator services can immensely enhance this process, ensuring valuable link building opportunities do not go unnoticed.

However, with LinkGraph’s backlink analyzer tool and popular SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs, it becomes easier to craft a robust link building strategy.

Stay tuned as we explore 10 link building tactics that can amplify your SEO efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • LinkGraph’s high-quality backlink generator services are an exemplary tool for businesses wanting to expand their online presence.
  • Implementing a comprehensive link building strategy involves leveraging connections with bloggers and authoritative website owners and using appropriate anchor text.
  • Public Relations (PR) can play an instrumental role in strengthening link building techniques by generating valuable content and enhancing outreach campaigns.
  • Creating linkable assets, using SEO tools, and incorporating content marketing are essential components of an effective link building strategy.
  • Understanding and analyzing competitors’ backlink profiles and top-ranking pages can provide valuable insights and help improve search engine rankings.
  • Conducting unique research and sharing data is a powerful tactic for attracting high-quality backlinks and establishing industry thought leadership.
  • Buying old blogs with strong backlink profiles can provide a quick boost to a website’s search engine rankings.
  • Link reclamation and offering testimonials are effective yet subtle methods of building backlinks.
  • Broken link building involves identifying and replacing broken links on other websites, which can result in quality backlinks and improved user experience.

1. Guest Writing

a person using a computer to send an outreach email to a website owner, showcasing linkgraph's backlink strategies for guest posting and improving seo results.

For businesses wanting to expand their online presence, LinkGraph offers high-quality backlink generator services, making it an exemplary tool when implementing a link building strategy.

Initiating connections with bloggers or authoritative website owners is an effective technique to leverage. An offer to contribute a guest post or blog post can prove beneficial to both parties.

For the contributor, writing a guest blog means an opportunity to generate highly sought-after backlinks. To ensure maximum benefits, the content for guest blogs should be written in a way that it organically integrates keywords identified through intensive keyword research.

Such a strategy aligns with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) norms, increasing the chances of the blog coming up higher in search engine results. Using LinkGraph, bloggers can facilitate this by utilizing its efficient backlink analyzer tool.

Equally essential is the use of appropriate anchor text. Specifically, one that is relevant to the target audience and caters to the search traffic needs. Our guest posts at LinkGraph ensure that the anchor text is inserted strategically to enhance visibility on the webpage.

Respecting these parameters can significantly improve the effectiveness of the link building techniques used. Navigating through this process might appear overwhelming, yet with LinkGraph’s backlink strategies it is smooth.

An outreach email to the correct site owner can secure a spot for your guest post, increasing domain authority, and improving your webpage’s SEO results. Posting blog comments, using nofollow techniques, and adopting a skyscraper strategy affirm the SEO strategy.

2. PR

a person crafting a personalized outreach email message to engage influencers or site owners for backlink building.

Public Relations (PR) can play an instrumental role in strengthening link building techniques. With a strong PR strategy, businesses can make the most out of the backlink generator services provided by LinkGraph.

An effective PR campaign doesn’t just get your brand noticed; it convinces other online platforms to include your backlink. Generating valuable content is central to a successful PR-driven backlink strategy. Engaging content can attract the attention of influencers or bloggers in your industry who may share your post or blog comment, thus increasing visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Leveraging PR for SEO isn’t just about getting as many links as possible; it’s about obtaining high-quality, authoritative links. LinkGraph’s analyzer tool can aid in this purpose by allowing businesses to scrutinize their backlink profile and develop appropriate strategies.

In addition to that, PR can enhance link builder outreach campaigns. Crafting unique, personalized outreach email messages can powerfully engage influencers or site owners.

Consequently, PR could steer superior SEO results and improved page rank, by provoking high domain authority backlinks, rightfully putting your webpage on the SEO map.

3. Linkable Assets

a person sitting at a desk with a computer, creating an infographic on their screen.

Creating linkable assets forms an integral part of an efficient SEO strategy. For the uninitiated, linkable assets refer to high-value sections of a webpage that viewers can link back to. These might take many forms such as infographics, data visualizations, or informative blog posts.

When created with a keen understanding of the target audience, these assets become an attractive proposition for related websites to hyperlink to. LinkGraph’s backlink generator can efficiently manage these hyperlinks, driving quality inbound links.

Use of potent SEO tools like Yoast and SEMRush can make content creation more audience-centric and keyword-rich. These platforms can generate valuable keyword ideas making the articles more visible on the search engine results.

Lastly, the inclusion of a direct quote from a well-established expert in your field can make your asset more valuable, and hence link-attractive. So, if you haven’t considered linkable assets yet, start today and watch your website climb the search engine rankings ladder.

4. Content Marketing

a person sitting at a computer, typing content with keyword-rich phrases and strategically placed visuals.

Content marketing remains at the heart of a robust link building strategy. Quality, consistency, and creativity in content can directly impact how a webpage ranks in search engine results.

To masterfully combine content marketing with link building, LinkGraph offers advanced features which can enhance visibility. With an impactful combination of keyword-rich content along with strategic use of backlinks, your content can reach the right people and prompt them to link back to your material.

Characteristic features of effective content marketing involve informative and engaging write-ups, well-placed visuals, clever use of keywords, and tailoring the presentation based on the target audience.

By following these tactics, businesses can successfully drive search traffic towards their web page, increasing their domain authority.

Integrating tried and tested SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Yoast into your content marketing strategy can offer more value to the reader, boosting the chances of your content being linked to.

A well-executed content marketing plan is where SEO strategies truly pay off, cementing the importance of a comprehensive link building strategy.

5. Competitor Analysis

Understanding and analyzing competitors sit at the heart of an effective link building strategy. Regular competitor analysis can provide valuable insights into their link building techniques. With tools like LinkGraph’s backlink analyzer, businesses can better understand the competitive landscape.

Investigating competitor’s backlink profiles can expose new link building opportunities. This analysis can shed light on which backlinks are improving competitors’ search engine rankings. Capitalizing on these findings can dramatically enhance one’s SEO results.

Additionally, businesses can identify gaps in competitors’ strategies. For instance, discovering a high-ranking keyword that competitors are not leveraging can be a gold mine. Using the skyscraper technique, businesses can create superior content around such keyword ideas and attract backlinks.

In conclusion, competitor analysis is a strategic link building tactic that can yield high returns. Combining the power of LinkGraph with the insights from a competitor analysis, businesses can better position their web pages in search engine rankings.

Step 1: Competitor Backlink Profile Analysis

a person using a backlink analyzer tool on a computer to analyze competitor's backlink profiles.

Identifying high-performing backlinks in the competitor’s repertoire can reveal key insights for your business.

To begin, one needs to understand the current backlink profile of competing businesses. Tools like LinkGraph’s backlink analyzer makes this task straightforward, scanning the competitive landscape effectively.

This analysis doesn’t only reveal the quantity of backlinks; it also uncovers their quality. Some backlinks can hold more SEO value than others so, identifying these high-quality links can give your business an edge in search engine results.

To analyze competitor backlink profiles, one can follow a strategic process:

  1. Gather a comprehensive list of your key competitors in your industry
  2. Use a backlink analyzer tool like LinkGraph or Ahrefs to gain insights about competitors’ backlink strategies
  3. Identify the domain authority of the sites linking back to your competitors
  4. Discover the anchor text used in these high-quality backlinks

Once these steps are taken, businesses can spot underutilized opportunities where their own backlink strategy can be enhanced. Insights from competitor analysis, when combined with LinkGraph’s high-quality link building services, can strengthen your business’s web presence by improving search engine rankings.

Step 2: Research About Their Top Pages

Following competitor’s backlink profile analysis, businesses must delve into researching competitor’s top-ranking pages. Understanding which of your competitor’s pages are performing well in SERPs will shed light on effective practices, quality of on-page SEO, and powerful keywords that they might be utilizing.

Analyzing these top-ranking pages can help businesses identify effective keywords, useful content formats, and the intricate details appealing to the target audience. Often, these pages tend to have a high share of organic search traffic, which is the result of effective strategic planning, content creation, and SEO implementation.

To research about competitor’s top-ranking pages, businesses can follow these steps:

  • Use an SEO tool to identify the competitor’s top pages
  • Examine the type and quality of content on these pages
  • Identify the keywords used and their frequency
  • Look at the length of the content and the kind of visuals used

Armed with these insights, businesses can refine their own content marketing and link building strategy. By using industry-leading SEO tools, businesses can optimize their own pages and capture a larger share of the search traffic, consequently improving their SERPs rankings.

6. Conduct Unique Research and Publish Data

a person sitting at a computer, analyzing market trends and consumer behavior data.

Carrying out unique research and publishing data can tremendously enhance a link building strategy. At its core, link building is all about offering value. When a web page provides unique, insightful data, other websites are likely to link back to it.

Research-driven content generally holds high credibility among readers. Using industry-focused research tools, businesses can generate unique insights, which not only cater to their target audience but also boost page rank in search engine results.

The goal of the research could range from analyzing market trends to identifying consumer behavior. By publishing valuable data, businesses also position themselves as industry leaders. Readers and other website owners, who find this material beneficial, might link back to it.

As a result, this tactic helps in building links, improving domain authority, and eventually boosting search engine rankings.

In summary, conducting unique research and sharing data has a dual benefit. It aids in improving SEO results and also establishing your business as an industry thought leader.

7. Purchase Old Blogs

a person sitting at a desk, reviewing a laptop screen displaying various old blog domains and backlink profiles.

Investing in old blogs is a seldom-explored yet effective route to improving backlink strategies. If utilized judiciously, purchasing an old blog with a strong backlink profile can yield prolific results. Alongside, using a tool such as LinkGraph can further streamline the link building process.

When buying old blogs, it’s essential to review the domain authority, consistency of content quality, and relevance with one’s own industry. These parameters hold significant weight in the eyes of search engines, thereby impacting search engine rankings.

Additionally, the acquired blog’s backlink profile should also be meticulously examined. A careful perusal of the hyperlinks can provide potent insights on the quality, diversity, and quantity of backlinks, along with the anchor text used.

To conclude, buying old blogs can be a quick means to access a strong and diversified backlink profile, thereby escalating the website’s SERPs position. Leveraging this link building tactic effectively can assist in radical improvements on the SEO front.

8. Link Reclamation

Link reclamation can be an invaluable tactic in your link building strategy repertoire. Essentially, link reclamation involves finding places online where your content or business gets a mention but isn’t linked back to your webpage.

Once these unclaimed opportunities are identified, businesses can reach out to the respective site owner requesting they convert the mentioned content into an active hyperlink.

The use of a professional outreach email, tailored to approach the site owner, can significantly increase the chances of reclaiming these backlinks.

LinkGraph’s backlink analyzer tool can be instrumental in finding these ‘unlinked mentions’ of your business. The tool can filter out potential reclamation opportunities, thus helping you build a stronger backlink profile.

Promoting this process not only adds to the number of backlinks but also corrects any inaccuracies in mentions across the web. In conclusion, link reclamation is an easily accessible and cost-effective link building tactic that can enhance your website’s search engine results.

9. Provide Testimonials

a website displaying a testimonial with a link to the contributor's website.

Offering testimonials can serve as a subtle yet effective method of link building. This strategy involves providing a testimonial to a product or service your business has used and benefited from. In return, many businesses link back to the contributor’s website from the testimonial.

By featuring your testimonial, the site you’re complimenting not only earns credibility but also creates an opportunity for link building. It’s a win-win for both parties as businesses get an endorsement and you secure a potential backlink.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the testimonials are genuine. Providing testimonials to respected businesses having high domain authority can result in high-quality backlinks.

In summation, offering testimonials presents an efficient strategy in building links. This simple act of appreciation could end up increasing the online visibility of your website on search engine results.

Thus, testimonials, when done right, can yield surprisingly good results for your link building and SEO strategy.

10. Broken Link Building

someone using an seo tool on a computer screen to identify broken links on websites.

Broken link building is an effective approach to garnering quality backlinks. This strategic method involves identifying broken or dead links on other websites and suggesting your content as a replacement.

By bridging this gap, you can aid in enhancing the user experience on the linking site while earning a backlink for your own.

It’s essential to consider the relevance of your content to the broken link. Providing content that is in line with the user’s expectations can yield better success in gaining the backlink. When handled correctly, broken link building can reflect positively in SERPs.

LinkGraph, with its sophisticated SEO tools, can aid in identifying these opportunity-laden broken links. Once these are recognized, crafting a professional outreach email to the respective site owner can lead to gaining a backlink.

To wrap it up, broken link building is an ingenious way to build links that not only improves your backlink profile but also assists in better user experience for others. It’s a symbiotic relationship that, when implemented right, can lead to improved search engine rankings.


Adopting efficient link building tactics is crucial for improving a website’s SEO results.

These tactics, from guest writing and content marketing to broken link building and providing testimonials, when deployed correctly, promise an increased reach of your website.

LinkGraph’s high-quality backlink generator and backlink analyzer tool, coupled with these tactics, can yield an enhanced digital presence.

Constantly reviewing and refining link building strategies paves the way towards better SERPs rankings and a stronger online authority, inevitably leading to business growth.

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