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5 Simple E-Commerce Link Building Tactics

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 20, 2023 - 9 minute read

5 Simple E-Commerce Link Building Tactics Unlocking the true potential of an ecommerce brand requires implementing strategic SEO, particularly link building services. From enhancing your anchor text […]

5 Simple E-Commerce Link Building Tactics

Unlocking the true potential of an ecommerce brand requires implementing strategic SEO, particularly link building services.

From enhancing your anchor text profile to elevating your outreach efforts, each tactic plays a crucial role in boosting your ecommerce traffic.

One crucial player in ensuring a seamless link building strategy is SearchAtlas by LinkGraph, renowned for its high-quality backlink generator and backlink analyzer tools.

Keep reading to discover actionable ecommerce coupon link building strategies to elevate your search traffic.

Key Takeaways

  • Encouraging user feedback can contribute to both user experience and link building campaigns for e-commerce sites.
  • Product page reviews from customers can serve as quality backlinks for e-commerce stores.
  • Utilizing guest posting and blogger outreach services can be beneficial for SEO and link building strategies.
  • E-commerce sites should take advantage of potential pages for link building, such as promotion pages or landing pages hosting discount codes.
  • Anchor text plays a crucial role in boosting discoverability and SEO performance for e-commerce sites, and using keyword-rich phrases can attract customers seeking deals or discounts.

Utilizing Product Feedback as a Link Building Technique


E-commerce site owners understand the importance of user feedback. The benefits of encouraging feedback extend beyond user experience and customer experience, they also contribute to the link building campaign.

One avenue to capitalize on is offering discounts or coupon codes in return for a review or feedback, which can simultaneously drive traffic to your promo code or coupon site and initiate ecommerce coupon link building.

Delving deeper into the link-building services, interestingly, the backlink profile of an e-commerce store can significantly enhance with product page reviews from customers.

Such feedback attached with a link to the product page can serve as a quality backlink for the site. Not forgetting to mention, SearchAtlas by LinkGraph shines in this area, providing high-quality backlink generator services.

On a side note, the use of guest posting is an essential tool. A guest post on a product review or customer experience blog, inclusive of a link to a specific product page or coupon code, can be a handy tool.

Proving advantageous for SEO services, it also has a positive effect on the link building strategy with potential benefits for both the blogger outreach service and the product page.

Adding to this, anchor text within these blog posts can help increase domain authority and improve search traffic. Throughout all these strategies, remember that engaging the services of a professional link builder such as SearchAtlas by LinkGraph can help navigate these techniques.

They not only provide a backlink analyzer tool but also ensure Google compliant link building strategies are followed.

Identifying Potential Pages for Your Link Building Campaign


E-commerce sites often overlook potential pages that could be thriving with opportunities for link building. For instance, a promotion page, which holds discounts or coupon codes, not only attracts customers, but can also be the launchpad for a successful ecommerce coupon link building campaign.

Along the journey of content marketing, effective keyword research can help identify specific pages that contribute to optimizing a website’s search traffic. Similarly, discoverability of landing pages must be a top priority.

For instance, a landing page designed for hosting a discount code or exclusive deal can become a high-value page in your link building strategy. Here, link swapping with other established sites can also lend a boost to the website owner’s visibility and domain authority.

Significant to note, the backlinks on those pages can enhance the rank of site owners in search engines. A backlink profile enriched with high-quality backlinks is crucial for every ecommerce site’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Utilizing backlink generator services, like the one provided by SearchAtlas by Linkgraph, can simplify the process and assure the quality of the backlinks. In an ecommerce store, every page bears potential for link building, from product pages to the customer review section.

Opting for guest posts or blogger outreach service provides the chance to boost your brand exposure while securing high-quality backlinks. Remember, each link obtained contributes to the store’s overall SEO strategy and online presence.

The Importance of Your Anchor Text Profile


In the realm of link building, anchor text is crucial for a website’s ranking in search results. It plays a significant role in eCommerce, boosting discoverability for coupon sites or product pages.

The anchor text profile of a website is made up of all the anchor texts in its backlinks. These texts provide context to search engines about the linked page’s content, allowing manipulation for improved SEO performance and increased search traffic.

An effective backlink profile for an eCommerce site would use keyword-rich phrases such as “discount code for X product” or “exclusive coupon code” to attract customers seeking deals or discounts.

SearchAtlas by LinkGraph offers high-quality backlink generator services that follow Google compliant link building strategies. They also provide an advanced backlink analyzer tool for insights into your site’s anchor text profile, enhancing your link building efforts.

Prospecting Effective Sites for Content Placement


When strategizing for ecommerce coupon link building, identifying suitable websites for content placement or guest posts is a fundamental step. The effectiveness of a link building service depends on the relevance and quality of the host website. Careful prospecting helps to improve domain authority and search engine optimization standing.

Website owners should focus on sites that share a common audience. These sites tend to have users interested in landing pages with promo codes or exclusive offers. It makes it a strategic move to place content on such engaging forums.

Moreover, ecommerce store owners could utilize a white-label link building service to handle this prospecting. For instance, SearchAtlas by LinkGraph delivers tailored link building strategies that encompass identifying and securing lucrative placements.

Finally, site owners should consider sites running affiliate programs. By becoming an affiliate marketer, they can place a coupon code alongside their links, driving more traffic towards their ecommerce site. This interaction blends seamlessly into the site’s contents link, thus enhancing user experience.

Enhancing Outreach Efforts with Persuasive Pitches


An essential component of link building is outreach. Email marketing, a commonly used outreach strategy, can be enhanced with persuasive, high-quality pitches that encourage businesses or blogs to become part of one’s backlink profile.

The success of soliciting guest posts or collaborations for ecommerce coupon link building often rests on the quality of the initial contact. Therefore, it’s crucial to draft email pitches that succinctly deliver the request and its benefits to the recipient.

For instance, offering a unique coupon code or exclusive discount can incentivize partnership and link swapping. In all aspects, communication should be brief yet compelling. The objective is to create a win-win scenario where the link-building service, as well as the recipient’s audience, gain value from the union.

In this arena of strategic email marketing, SearchAtlas by LinkGraph can play a significant role in providing structures that assist in highlighting the advantages of partnerships effectively. Given its superior tools like the backlink analyzer and the high-quality backlink generator services, it remarkably streamlines the link building process.

Harnessing the Potential of Coupon Codes for Building Links


Coupon codes serve as a potent tool for ecommerce coupon link building. An online retailer offering discount codes or promo codes can boost traffic to their site while simultaneously building high-quality backlinks.

For instance, a dedicated promotion page containing various coupon codes could be marketed through guest posts or listicles on blogging platforms. Users hunting for discount codes land on the ecommerce site, creating a productive cycle of increased traffic and quality backlinks.

Moreover, coupon codes shared on social media platforms, email marketing campaigns or affiliate programs can lead interested users right to the product page. Each shared coupon code holds potential for building a new link and fortifying the ecommerce site’s backlink profile.

In this mix, utilizing professional link building services like SearchAtlas by LinkGraph can be a smart move. With the right strategies and tools, such as the backlink analyzer and generator services, retailers can build a robust web presence while adhering to Google compliant link building standards.


E-Commerce link building, when executed strategically, can significantly boost an online store’s visibility and drive valuable traffic.

Tactics such as creating a robust anchor text profile, utilizing coupon codes effectively, and prospecting suitable sites for content placement play pivotal roles in forming a solid link building campaign.

Additionally, deploying persuasive outreach tactics can bolster partnerships and collaborations, driving the creation of high-quality backlinks.

Leveraging professional services like SearchAtlas by LinkGraph can further streamline these processes, ensuring adherence to Google compliant link building standards.

Ultimately, these five simple e-commerce link building tactics offer e-commerce businesses the potential to improve their SEO standing and grow their online presence.

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