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Alternative Link Building Tactics — A Guide

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 19, 2023 - 11 minute read

Alternative Link Building Tactics — A Guide As someone that wants to increase their website’s link building benefits, you must add alternative link building tactics to your […]

Alternative Link Building Tactics — A Guide

As someone that wants to increase their website’s link building benefits, you must add alternative link building tactics to your SEO checklist. Search engine optimization is not just all about one pr tactic only. Your content strategy must mix all available options up.

Your pr tactic must earn you authority links. That is why you must not foucs on just one white hat link building strategy such as social media marketing to gain authority links.

Harnessing the power of link building services like LinkGraph can turbocharge your SEO strategy. By leveraging their high-quality backlink generator and analyzer tools, brand awareness and search engine ranking can improve exponentially.

Yet, exploring alternative link building tactics could land you even more referral traffic and boost your SEO efforts.

Keep reading to navigate the labyrinth of fresh link building techniques, and learn how to fortify your backlink profile effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • White hat link building, guest blogging, and the HARO method are effective tactics for acquiring backlinks.
  • Building relationships through outreach emails and offering valuable content can lead to successful guest blogging opportunities.
  • The broken link strategy and link reclamation can help acquire backlinks by identifying and replacing broken or unlinked mentions.
  • Creating infographics, conducting interviews, and developing useful tools are alternative link building strategies that can attract backlinks.
  • Topic takeover involves creating comprehensive content around a specific topic to become a go-to resource, boosting traffic and backlinks.

What are the 3 Typical Link Building Tactics?


Let’s break down the mystery of link building. It’s a key part of any SEO strategy to help boost search engine ranking. It involves securing a backlink from another web page to your own.

But you’ll need to choose your tactics wisely.

1. Guest Posts

Guest posting takes center stage in many link building strategies. When a blog post is written on another’s site, it typically features a backlink that will drive traffic back to the authors’ page. Hence, guest blogging is deeply rooted in the art of content marketing and seeks to provide valuable information while simultaneously obtaining that much-desired backlink.

But it’s more than just penning down blog pieces. Website owners must have an outreach email template ready to roll. An impressive, personalized email could entice webmasters to host a blog post on their site. A little bit of charm can go a long way in scoring a backlink.

Pulling off guest blogging requires a depth of understanding about the blog’s audience. Know their interests, know their questions, heck, even know their favorite brand of coffee if you can!

Depth of the site’s audience helps generate content that resonates, and high-quality content has a high success rate for boosting search engine ranking.

Lastly, managing the guest blogging process takes time and a strategic approach. But remember, folks, it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Keep your eye on the SEO efforts prize and keep on keeping on until you reach your desired level of brand awareness. No pain, no traffic gain.

2. Broken Link Strategy

The broken link strategy is a classic move in the SEO playbook. As part of this strategy, resourceful webmasters search for broken links on other websites, proposing their own link as a suitable replacement.

The advantage? It adds value to the page whilst also proving to be a nifty way to acquire backlinks. The first step is to find a website in related verticals, using tools like Moz’s Content Explorer or LinkGraph’s backlink analyzer.

Second, use a broken link checker to identify any faulty links on the page. The third step, reach out to the website owner with a friendly email notifying them of the issue.

While this method, like any worthwhile SEO strategy, requires effort and patience, it can result in profitable backlinks. The trick is to ensure your alternative link is not only functioning but also high quality and relevant.

With the right link reclamation, lost opportunities can transform into big wins. Uphold diligence in your link building campaign, and you’ll see results in your backlink profile, referral traffic, and search engine rankings.

3. Outreach


Outreach strategy is another crucial element in the pantheon of link building techniques. In essence, it’s the digital equivalent of knocking on doors and asking folks if they can spare a backlink.

This method usually involves finding relevant websites that could benefit from your content and sending them an outreach email proposal.

Now, the secret sauce in the outreach strategy is all about sending personal and relevant messages. Generic blast emails won’t cut the mustard. But tailor messages that show empathy and understanding for the website owner’s pain points?

That’s more likely to yield the big “Yes” SEO hopes for.

Once a website shows interest, there’s usually an exchange of content. Perhaps a guest post, or a link to a high-quality blog post on your site? Regardless, remember to keep it relevant and high-quality. Also, ensure that the content supports their SEO efforts rather than overshadowing them.

The outreach strategy is no easy game; it can take time to build these bridges. But when it does pay off, it’s a solid boost to your backlink profile, search engine ranking, and overall brand awareness. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

Why Should You Have Link Building Tactics?

Having nifty link building tactics is a bit like having the secret recipe to your grandmother’s famous spaghetti sauce. It can significantly lift your search engine ranking, putting your website in the limelight for the world to see.

Yet, it’s not just about climbing the search engine ladder. Link building also comes with other advantages.

For instance, a well-placed link can zoom a good load of referral traffic straight onto your landing page. Talk about a turbo boost!

It gets better. Link building boosts brand awareness too. Having links plastered all across the web increases visibility, making sure your brand name burrows its way into the minds of potential customers.

Now every new visit isn’t just a visit; it’s a bot of brand awareness growth.

Plus, having a collection of different link building tactics ensures you can adapt to changing circumstances. With a toolkit full of guest posting, outreach, and other maneuvers, you’re ready to face whatever the ever-evolving digital landscape throws your way.

Flexibility is key, pals!

What are the 3 Alternative Link Building Tactics?


Alternative link building tactics can inject novelty and edge into your SEO efforts. These fresh and innovative strategies can help you build links in distinct yet effective ways, untapped by most.

The first in line is creating infographics. This visually engaging content form can earn you backlinks like bees to honey. The more unique and captivating the graphic, the more it will be shared around the web, thus, generating more backlinks.

With these exciting alternatives, you can spice up your link building campaign and rise through the search engine rankings. The trick is to keep experimenting and diversifying! New is always exciting. Mix it up, folks!

1. Conversion of Homepage Mentions to Landing Page Links

One unique alternative link building tactic is converting homepage mentions into crucial landing page links. “How?”, you ask.

Well, it’s simpler than it sounds.

Here’s the scoop. A simple move would be to check if your site is mentioned on other websites without any link to it. It’s not an uncommon occurrence, really. SEO tools can help you find these unlinked mentions with relative ease.

Once found, a swift outreach email to the website owner asking for a link back to your site can do wonders. Propose a specific landing page link instead of a generic homepage link.

That’s because landing page links can be more SEO focussed and conversion-optimized compared to the homepage.

As easy as a link building strategy as this might seem, success largely relies on the message you send out to get that link. Keep it courteous, keep it compelling, and climb that SEO ladder. The backlink profile will thank you.

2. Link Reclamation


Link reclamation, rightly put, is a digital treasure hunt for lost or broken backlinks. This brilliant strategy involves rediscovering and mending the broken links tied to your site. These could be ones that previously led to your site and are now lost or now lead to a 404 page.

Well, call it an SEO maintenance job of sorts. But its effect on your backlink profile is sizeable and robust. And it’s not just about patching up old links; this tactic can also involve converting unlinked mentions of your brand into actual links. Quite the treasure, ain’t it?

Now, although it might sound like a spring cleaning chore, the results can be phenomenal. Patched links means decreasing the list of lost opportunities, which directly negotiates with search engine rankings, leading to SEO gold!

However, this strategy does require detective skill and patience. But when it does pay off, it’s a solid boost to your backlink profile, search engine ranking, and overall brand awareness. It’s a dub they won’t see coming. Might as well put on the detective hat and start sleuthing!

3. Topic Takeover

Channel your inner Klingon and engage in Topic Takeover. This strategy is about pinpointing a central theme or topic that your target audience is keenly interested in and then creating a swarm of content around that topic.

So, what’s the aim? Well, it’s about turning your site into the definitive go-to resource on that specific topic. No more, no less.

Once you’ve swept up all the relevant keywords, created a ton of quality content, it’s then about strategically placing backlinks within that content. But bear in mind folks, it’s not just about the quantity; the quality here is vital too.

After all, Google is smarter than before and can pick out spammy techniques faster than a cat can swat a dangling string.

Essentially, the Topic Takeover technique is a win-win for both SEO and your audience. Users will get comprehensive, well-rounded information on a juicy topic.

And you? Well, you’ll potentially get a dynamic boost in traffic, backlinks, and enhanced brand reputation. So charge up those content cannons and prepare for the ‘Topic Takeover’!


In the dynamic world of SEO, standing still is not an option.

That’s why diversifying and refreshing your approach with Alternative Link Building Tactics can give you the cutting edge.

Whether it’s out-of-the-box strategies like Topic Takeover or traditional methods with a twist like Link Reclamation, each tactic dons the power to elevate your backlink profile and search engine rankings.

Not to mention, it keeps things interesting.

So put on your SEO game face, reel in those juicy backlinks, up that brand awareness, and watch your site surge to the top.

Unleash the power of alternative link building!

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