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B2B Link Building — An Expert’s Guide

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 19, 2023 - 21 minute read

B2B Link Building — An Expert’s Guide B2B companies are in a constant race to stay ahead in the search engine land. B2B link building is more […]

B2B Link Building — An Expert’s Guide

B2B companies are in a constant race to stay ahead in the search engine land. B2B link building is more than just joining a guest post, publishing a press release, or using the correct search operator. That is why this expert guide is here to educate you.

A critical way of accomplishing this is through link building, a potent SEO strategy that involves securing backlinks from high-quality websites. If you are a B2B company that would like to expand your presence in the B2B market, you must make sure to leverage all link opportunities available.

Link opportunities include posting on social media, publishing a press release, increasing your website traffic through partnering with a link building agency. Your content pieces and links must ensure that your pagerank increases by using each compatible search operator.

Among numerous link building agencies, LinkGraph distinguishes itself, offering link building and backlink analyzer tools that carefully adhere to Google compliant link building strategies.

Feel the thrill of improvement as you understand what B2B link building is all about and discover ten resourceful hacks.

Keep reading, as we take you through an enlightening tour of B2B link building!

Key Takeaways

  • B2B link building is essential for improving search engine visibility and driving organic traffic.
  • Adhering to Google’s link-building guidelines is crucial for successful B2B SEO.
  • Successful outreach in link building requires personalization and providing value to recipients.
  • Link reclamation is a valuable tactic for leveraging existing online presence to increase SEO.
  • Offering scholarships and creating icon packs can both generate high-quality backlinks.
  • Establishing links on Wikipedia and utilizing affiliate programs can boost domain authority.
  • Reciprocal linking and guest blogging are effective methods for securing backlinks.
  • Utilizing resources like HARO and sponsoring events can also result in high-quality backlinks.

What is B2B?


Transforming your online B2B business into a thriving entity is not a stroll in the park. Not when your competitors are hunting the same B2B market with an arsenal full of savvy marketing strategies.

That’s where b2b link building enters the spotlight, a strategy proven to give businesses a competitive edge.

For the uninitiated, b2b, standing for business-to-business, zooms in on transactions between businesses, distinguishing it from business-to-consumer (b2c) interactions. In essence, if you’re a SaaS company selling software to other companies, you’re operating in the b2b landscape.

Contrarily, companies pitching their wares directly to consumers fall into the b2c bracket.

With stiff competition in the digital marketplace, b2b companies must strive to maximize search engine visibility. It’s here that B2B SEO, including link building, morphs from a desirable option into a business essential.

Building high-quality backlinks can influence your search engine ranking, enhancing your web presence and driving organic traffic.

As a content marketer or a b2b SEO agency, it’s vital to adhere to Google’s link-building guidelines. LinkGraph, a web player in the b2b link building domain, is an expert at crafting Google compliant link building strategies.

This link building agency’s services span from building quality backlinks to analyzing backlink performance for continuous improvement.

What is B2B Link Building?

Let’s break it down. B2B link building is a bespoke SEO strategy where a B2B company seeks out backlinks from other businesses. It’s not just about cobbling together any backlinks though. These need to be relevant and high-quality, providing tangible benefits to both the linking and linked businesses.

Picture it like a referral in the real world. When a website of good repute hyperlinks to your site, it’s akin to that website vouching for your content, making it rich feed for the search engine land. As a result, search engines start recognizing the worth of your website, improving its position in the search results.

But it’s not just about the search engines. B2B link building also helps businesses broaden their brand awareness and accumulate referral traffic. It’s like a mini advertising campaign, subtly promoting the brand name in the eyes of the target audience.

And guess what? Companies like LinkGraph specialize in this arena. They know how to scout out link opportunities, how to harness guest blogs, and craft the perfect anchor text that ticks all the boxes for effective link building. They’re the matchmakers of the digital world, finding you the synergistic partners that can help you rise to the top of SERP.

Why is B2B Link Building Important in SEO?


B2B link building is vital in the SEO universe because, simply put, it helps you score higher in search rankings. That means when your target audience shoots a pertinent search query, your site is more likely to pop up in the search result.

And we all know what that means — more eyeballs on your brand, more potential leads, and ultimately, more business.

1. Expands Your Site’s Influence

Think of backlinks like recommendations. When search engines see top-notch sites linking to your site, they interpret it as a vote of confidence, a testimony to your content quality. After all, a good site wouldn’t direct its users to a bad one, right?

This reasoning influences your website rank on the search engine result page (SERP).

2. Improves Referral Traffic

Not to mention, B2B link building doesn’t just give a surge to your search engine ranking. It has the potential to direct referral traffic straight into your lap. Think about it — when a reader appreciates an insightful blog article, they might naturally be interested to explore the source, i.e., the linked site.

3. Increases Brand Awareness

Lastly, B2B link building aids in brand awareness. Every backlink is a brand mention, spreading the word about your brand across the vast realms of the internet. Tools like LinkGraph’s Backlink Analyzer can help optimize your backlink profile and turn it into a tool for enhancing brand recognition.

10 Best B2B Link Building Hacks


B2B link building might seem like an uphill battle, but with the right strategy and a few clever hacks up your sleeve, your B2B business will be mastering SEO in no time.

Sure, securing natural backlinks is a game of patience and persistence, but with a few smart tactics, you can kick-start the process and gain early results. Ready to dip your toes into the B2B link building water? Well, here are ten tried and tested link building hacks to help you swim through the digital sea:

Pretty neat, right? The key to a successful link building campaign is to maintain a balance between your SEO goals and providing value to your audience. If you’re always cooking up interesting content pieces, your readers will stay engaged and are more likely to share your stuff.

Remember, B2B link building isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. The real results come from consistent efforts, meaningful relationships, and a sprinkle of creativity. But for businesses who don’t feel like running this race alone, link building agencies like LinkGraph can prove to be valuable team members.

This SEO agency will put their skills and tools to work for you, transforming your B2B link building strategy into a potent ranking factor.

1. Outreach

If there’s one area where your communication skills can truly shine, it’s outreach. Essentially, outreach means getting in touch with other businesses, influencers, and website owners, requesting them to link to your valuable content. But this isn’t just a game of cold emailing and hoping for the best.

There’s a method to the outreach madness. To increase the odds of scoring a quality backlink, a b2b link builder needs to follow a few golden rules. Here’s a distilled list of do’s and don’ts for outreach:

Do personalize: A one-size-fits-all email won’t cut it. Tailor your request to each recipient for better response rates.

Don’t pester: Overly persistent follow-ups can annoy the recipient and burn bridges.

Do provide value: If your content can benefit the recipient’s audience, highlight that in your initial outreach.

Don’t neglect building relationships: Genuine engagement and relationship building often lead to fruitful collaborations.

So, you’ve got the blueprint for successful outreach. Now it’s time to put these best practices into action.

Remember, successful outreach is a mix of art and science, requiring finesse and strategy. It’s about building genuine connections and offering value, not just hounding for hyperlinks.

With a solid outreach strategy in place, a b2b company is well on its way to boosting its domain authority and climbing the search engine rankings.

2. Practice Link Reclamation


Link reclamation is a nifty part of a solid b2b link building strategy. Picture it as a tidy-up mission, where you hunt for mentions of your b2b business on other websites that haven’t linked back to you.

Yep, you’re reclaiming your potential backlinks and leveraging your existing online presence to increase your SEO juice.

The first step on this mission is finding these so-called ‘unclaimed’ backlinks. Regular web monitoring or a savvy search operator can help a marketer on this journey. Once found, all it takes is a polite, friendly nudge to the site owners to turn the mention into a clickable hyperlink.

To simplify, here’s a two-step guide to effective link reclamation:

  • Step 1: Monitor brand mentions using SEO tools or manual web searches.
  • Step 2: Contact the website owners or bloggers and politely ask them to update the mention to a backlink.

That’s the crunch of it — the art of link reclamation. Sure, this hack requires some time and effort. But trust us, the benefits of reeled-in backlinks are well worth it.

From driving additional referral traffic to enhancing your domain authority, search engine optimization is a smoother sail with link reclamation on board. And as always, savvy SEO tools like those offered by LinkGraph can give your reclamation efforts a turbo boost.

3. Provide Scholarships

Offering scholarships is a brilliant way to earn high-quality backlinks and do some good in the process. It’s like a win-win! By providing scholarships to deserving students, you’re not only contributing to a happier, more educated world, but also creating excellent link building opportunities for your brand.

Here’s some good news for your SEO strategy: educational institutions possess websites with killer domain authority. So if your scholarship information page is linked on these high domain authority web schooling sites, it’s a definite boost to your SEO.

While a scholarship might cost resources upfront, the pay-off for your site’s online visibility can be enormous. Running a scholarship program may initially seem like a mammoth task to some businesses. But once you break it down, the process becomes manageable.

Set up the criteria, create a dedicated page on your website, and market your scholarships to the right academic institutions. Remember, the end goal isn’t just the backlink. By providing scholarships, B2B companies are establishing a positive brand image, undertaking social responsibility, and making a profound impact on someone’s life.

So, while this link building tactic ticks the box for SEO, it also enriches your brand’s relationship with the community.

4. Consider Icon Packs


Did you know that something as simple as icon packs can boost your link building game? Yep! Turns out, countless bloggers, websites, and developers are always searching for visually appealing, high-quality icons to embed in their content.

And that’s where creating and offering your own icon packs can level up your linkage! By crafting unique icon packs and offering them for free (with conditions, of course), you can score backlinks from users who take advantage of the resource.

The deal is simple and tempting: users can use and enjoy the icon pack provided they link back to your website. From helpful to downright creative, these icon packs stand as proof that link building isn’t all about guest posts, press releases, or expensive marketing campaigns.

Sometimes, the simplest and most overlooked resources can turn into SEO gold. Wrap it up and it’s clear: in the realm of b2b link building, creativity shines.

Whether it’s an icon pack or quirky content aligning with your brand, the key to successful link building lies in offering something different, something useful and worth linking to.

Itching for curated icon packs but lost on how to create your own? Fear not, SEO agencies like LinkGraph can step in to help you harbor those backlinks in innovative ways.

5. Connect Links to Wikipedia


When it comes to an authoritative site, Wikipedia takes the cake. The free encyclopedia easily tops the list for domain authority. Getting your links on its pages can be a significant SEO achievement.

It might sound like shooting for the moon, but with the right approach, it’s not an unattainable dream. Yes, Wikipedia links are “nofollow.” That means they don’t pass on the SEO benefits like a do follow link would. But there’s a bright side — they’re perfect for direct traffic and credibility. Locking a spot on Wikipedia can boost your trustworthiness in the eyes of internet users.

Adding links to Wikipedia involves treading a careful and calculated path. It’s not about forcing in a link that doesn’t benefit the platform. Instead, it’s about contributing valuable content that enhances the Wikipedia page, which can link back to your b2b site for further information.

So, when venturing into the Wikipedia link building world, maintain a genuine goal of contribution. Provide accurate, valuable information and back it up with credible sources, and you’ll end up with a backlink snack from the authority beast that is Wikipedia.

And, you guessed it, skilled agencies like LinkGraph can help your b2b business nail this tricky process.

6. Master Affiliate Link Building

Apart from their potential earnings, affiliate programs have enormous link building benefits. Essentially, affiliate link building is about partnering with other businesses, influencers, or bloggers who promote your product and link to your site. This strategy not only secures backlinks but they also drive organic traffic and boost sales.

So how can you master this? It might sound complicated, but affiliate link building follows a clear path.

First, identify potential partners, then establish appealing affiliate programs, and finally, provide your affiliates with pre-made links and banners for easy promotion.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

1. Find Partners: Look for websites, influencers, or bloggers that align with your niche and have a sizeable audience.

2. Set Up Programs: Launch an affiliate program offering commissions on the sales made through their referral links.

3. Provide Links: Make it easy for affiliates by providing ready-to-use links and banners they can place on their site or social media platforms.

There you have it. Turning your b2b business into an affiliate rockstar is as simple as one, two, three. Remember, the power of affiliate link building lies in its dual role. It setups up backlinks while propelling your sales through referral traffic.

As the cherry on top, SEO agencies like LinkGraph know this song and dance pretty well, aiding in a smooth link-building groove.

7. Exchange-Based Backlinks


Link exchanges, also known as reciprocal linking, can seem like a straightforward and tempting way to increase backlinks. It’s pretty basic. I’ll scratch your back (link to your site) if you scratch mine (link to my site).

But before you dive headfirst, remember, Google isn’t a fan of ‘unnatural’ links and would rather support links that add real value.

It’s not to say that reciprocal linking is a strict no. If managed right, it can be a beneficial tangent to your B2B link building strategy.

Follow this simple checklist to steer clear of Google’s penalties while reaping reciprocal link benefits:

1. Choose Relevant Partners: Make sure the other website is related to your field. Random links might raise a red flag for Google.

2. Provide Value: The reciprocal link must offer value to each site’s audience. Useless links can harm more than help.

3. Practice Moderation: Excessive reciprocal links might seem suspicious to Google and could result in penalties.

Follow these best practices and link exchange can be a useful tool in spreading brand awareness while securing valuable backlinks.

The bottom line? Keep it honest, keep it relevant, and keep it beneficial. As always, teams like LinkGraph can guide your exchange-based backlinks in the right direction, ensuring it’s a win-win for everyone.

8. Produce Guest Blogs

Guest blogging is a classic, surefire method to amplify your SEO. It involves writing compelling content for another business’s website or blog. In return, you get those coveted backlinks from an authoritative, relevant site.

The double-whammy effect of this method is that, aside from the SEO benefit, guest blogging also puts your brand in front of a new audience. Say hello to increased brand visibility and referral traffic.

But, as always, quality matters. Here are some essentials to consider when embarking on your guest blogging journey:

Write for Relevant Blogs: Your target should be on-brand for you and have an audience that could genuinely be interested in your content.

Deliver High-Quality, Unique Content: Provide a fresh perspective, insightful information, or useful advice. Rehashed or subpar content won’t do you any good.

Not only does guest blogging infuse your B2B link building strategy with high-quality backlinks, but it also positions you as an expert in your field.

Providing informative content adds weight to your brand, opening doors to lasting relationships with your target audience that extend beyond mere website traffic.

If it sounds like a lot of work, B2B link building services like LinkGraph provide professional guest blog services to get those backlinks rolling in.

9. Help A Reporter Out (HARO)


A clever but often overlooked tool in the B2B link building artillery is HARO, short for Help A Reporter Out. This platform bridges the gap between journalists and sources. In return for providing valuable information or quotes, B2B companies can get a mention or backlink in a future article.

Being a resource for reporters not only generates juicy backlinks but also elevates your brand authority. Imagine the credibility boost when potential clients see your brand quoted by respected media outlets!

Here’s a quick guide on how to efficiently navigate the HARO landscape:

1. Sign Up: Register on HARO as a source.

2. Respond: You’ll receive daily emails with reporter requests. Scan through, and if you find a relevant query, write a compelling pitch in response.

3. Reap the Benefits: If your pitch gets selected, you’ll be cited in the forthcoming publication, often with a backlink to your site.

So, the next time you scout for link-building opportunities, consider giving HARO a shot. Besides the backlink perk, HARO offers a platform for brands to establish authority in their field, fostering trust among existing clients and enticing potential ones.

The cherry on top? Link building companies like LinkGraph can assist your business in nailing this tactic, truly helping reporters out while bagging backlinks for your B2B site!

10.Handle Sponsorship Events

Sponsoring events can be a two-birds-with-one-stone situation. You can support something you believe in and score high-quality backlinks in the process. Events, whether online or offline, usually have a dedicated webpage with a list of sponsors.

By sponsoring a worthwhile event, you’ll likely get a link back from their high-quality, authoritative web page led by their marketing agency.

The authority transferred from the event’s website to yours can give your SEO a healthy boost. Additionally, sponsoring an event that matches your target audience’s interest can lead to significant exposure for your brand and potentially drive conversions.

However, sponsoring isn’t as simple as throwing money at events. It’s important to be smart about it. Follow this step-by-step plan to make your sponsorship investment worth every penny.

First, find worthwhile events. Only sponsor those related to your brand or ones that your target audience likely attends. Next, evaluate the event site. Check its domain authority to ensure it’s a quality site. Lastly, make sure the sponsorship deal includes a backlink from their site to yours.

When used wisely, sponsorship is an effective strategy for gaining powerful backlinks and boosting brand visibility. Thankfully, high-quality link building service providers like LinkGraph can help you decide which sponsorship opportunities will muster the most backlink juice.

They can maximize your SEO plan and foster domains with the potential to skyrocket your search engine rankings.


Navigating the complexities of B2B link building proves to be a paramount aspect in the world of digital marketing.

From its significant role in driving up SEO rankings and enhancing brand visibility to creating meaningful experiences with the target audience, mastering the art of link building becomes a vital cog in every successful marketing strategy.

Be it outreach, affiliate link building, guest blogging, or aiding journalists through HARO every step contributes to the holistic growth of B2B businesses.

In the often overwhelming landscape of SEO, tools and strategies offered by professional agencies like LinkGraph serve as a guiding compass, ensuring every move bolsters your online presence and solidifies your brand’s standing in the digital marketplace.

Ultimately, effective B2B link building happens with a mix of creativity, strategy, patience, and a dash of the unexpected, fueling your business’s path to the top.

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