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Backlinks Effectiveness Page Location

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 19, 2023 - 13 minute read

Backlinks Effectiveness Page Location Navigating the complex world of backlinks can be challenging, but understanding the effectiveness of page location can enhance your SEO strategy. You should […]

Backlinks Effectiveness Page Location

Navigating the complex world of backlinks can be challenging, but understanding the effectiveness of page location can enhance your SEO strategy. You should know about backlinks effectiveness page location and apply what you have learned to your link building strategy.

The SEO strategy that you will choose for your site’s search engine optimization is crucial for your brand awareness and other outreach campaigns. That is why you have to learn about the different backlink strategies, accompanied with outreach campaigns that will help you see positive SEO results.

Your SEO efforts must align with your content promotion and content marketing strategy. LinkGraph provides impeccable backlink generator services, including an analyzer tool, giving a significant advantage in link building.

Not only does LinkGraph keep its practices Google compliant, but it also meticulously gauges the placement and authority of the backlinks, maximizing their efficacy.

Ride along as we illuminate the significance of backlinks and how to scrutinize them.

Stay with us as we unravel insights into boosting your SEO performance using well-situated, quality backlinks through this ultimate guide and get ready to become an SEO expert!

Key Takeaways

  • Backlinks play a critical role in SEO and can greatly impact a website’s search engine rankings.
  • The quality and placement of backlinks on a page can significantly influence their effectiveness.
  • Domain authority and page authority are important factors to consider when evaluating the value of a backlink.
  • Relevance is key when building backlinks, as links from relevant sites or pages can have a greater impact on SEO performance.
  • Anchor texts should be concise, relevant, and avoid spammy language to optimize the effectiveness of backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

a web page with various backlinks positioned strategically throughout its content.

Backlinks, quite the buzzword, right? They’re critically important parts of any SEO strategy. They’re like the road signs that guide search engines to a web page.

Now, let’s chat about ‘backlinks effectiveness page location.’ That’s a fancy way of saying, ‘where do your backlinks exist on a page, and how does that impact their influence?’ Yes, not every backlink carries the same weight!

They’re like the popular kids in school. Some have high domain authority, and search engines pay more attention to them. These are your ‘quality backlinks.’

On the other hand, lesser-known folks (websites with lower domain authority) wield less clout.

No surprise then, that the ‘location’ of these quality backlinks on a page can really make a difference. Just like prime real estate, the value of a backlink can increase based on where it’s situated on a page.

So, backlink placement matters.

Why are Backlinks Important for SEO?

a person typing on a laptop with a search engine results page (serp) displayed, showing positive reviews and quality backlinks for a website.

Ever wonder about the relationship between backlinks and search engine results? Truth be told, backlinks and SEO go together like peas and carrots. SEO strategies often center heavily around link building, which includes fostering a strong backlink profile.

To truly understand why backlinks hold such importance, look at them as recommendations. Imagine looking for a good Italian restaurant on Google. You’re not going to click the link of the restaurant with bad reviews, right?

Backlinks act like those positive reviews. Search engines see backlinks as endorsements of the quality of the website’s content. The more quality backlinks a website has, the better its chances of appearing in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Let’s emphasize that word: ‘quality.’ Not all backlinks are created equal, and search engines are no fools. They’re like those picky e-readers who ignore fluff and zoom right into key points. Only backlinks from authority websites improve SEO performance.

Finally, we’re talking effectiveness page location here. Quality backlinks placed strategically in content give a signal to search engines that your site is a reliable source of information. But remember, don’t indulge in ‘spam-backlinking.’ It’s a huge turn-off for search engines.

Just like nobody likes that one person who’s constantly hyping themselves up, Google isn’t a fan of spammy link building.

How Can You Say If a Backlink is Valuable?

linkgraph's backlink analyzer tool sorting through a pile of backlinks, separating valuable gems from worthless rubbish.

Ever looked at a backlink and wondered, ‘Are you worth it?’ To determine the quality of a backlink is more than just a shot in the dark. It involves a careful and attentive evaluation.

LinkGraph gives a shot to simplify things with their backlink analyzer tool. Like the best thrift shop curator, it helps sort the gems from the rubbish. Trust LinkGraph to assist you in building a solid backlink profile.

A substantial determinant of a backlink’s value lies in the website’s domain authority. Inch closer to the domain, if it’s popular and stacked with informative content, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Another factor that makes a backlink valuable is the relevance of the content. The best backlinks come from pages that share similar content or cater to the same target audience as your web page. Remember, coherence is key!

1. Location

an image showing a web page with backlinks arranged attractively at the top half of the page, while the footer is left empty.

It might surprise you to learn that the physical location of a backlink on a web page might significantly impact its effectiveness. It’s all about real estate! The first half, often the top page, is prime property. Backlinks placed here are more likely to be seen and clicked.

Search engines, much like us, love organized and easily navigable content. When backlinks are scattered haphazardly throughout the text, it can potentially dilute their power and effectiveness. So, like a well-thought-out dessert presentation, arrange your backlinks attractively!

The footer, often seen as the ‘low-income housing’ of website real estate, isn’t where you want your backlinks hanging out. Backlinks down there might not get as much attention as they deserve.

Last but not least, ensure your anchor texts, the visible, clickable words in a hyperlink, are clear and relevant. After all, nobody likes to walk into a door marked ‘Pull’ expecting to see the ‘Enter’ sign. It’s the same with backlinks; misleading anchor texts can leave your audience feeling duped.

2.Link Quantity on Page

a computer screen showing a webpage with a balanced amount of backlinks.

There’s a thin line between too many and too few.

Just as oatmeal is best served with the right amount of sweetness, the ‘right’ quantity of backlinks on a page can affect its effectiveness.

Toss all notions that more is always merrier out the window.

Google hates spammy link building…remember that! If you cram a page full of backlinks, it can disturb the flow of the content. Plus, Google might see it as a spam site. You don’t want that.

Ensure there’s a balance. The number of backlinks on your page should be proportional to the length of your content.

Think Goldilocks: not too few, not too many, just right!

A blog post of 1000 words? Around 5-10 backlinks should cut it.

A more comprehensive guide of up to 5000 words? About 10-20 backlinks could be considered.

Hope you’re still with us! Remember, quality outweighs quantity every time.

It’s always better to have a handful of high-quality backlinks instead of numerous low-quality ones.

Lesson for the day: Don’t play the numbers game when it comes to backlinks!

3. Dofollow

a close-up of a golden dust-like substance symbolizing the valuable and influential nature of dofollow backlinks in the seo world.

Dofollow backlinks are the crème de la crème of backlinks. They pass along “link juice” and vouch for the credibility of another website.

By default, all backlinks are dofollow, but they can be modified to behave like regular backlinks.

Dofollow backlinks are like gold dust in the SEO world. They are juicy, credible, and can improve search engine rankings when used correctly.


a person analyzing a website's backlinks, with a focus on distinguishing between dofollow and nofollow links.

Nofollow backlinks, while initially designed to combat spammy link building, have come a long way. Google no longer completely ignores them. In fact, these can be useful to your SEO strategy for a few reasons.

First off, nofollow links might not pass SEO “juice,” but they do attract referral traffic. Increases in your site’s traffic can improve your site’s trust and recognition.

Here are a few situations where a nofollow might be your friend:

  • Linking to an unverified source
  • Links created by users in comments or on forums
  • Sponsored links or any paid promotions

All the more reason to keep an eye on your website’s backlinks, whether they’re dofollow or nofollow. Remember, online reputation is everything when it comes to SEO! Don’t forget that nofollow links also contribute to a more natural-looking link profile. Back to the rule of thumb: Keep it balanced!

5. Domain Authority

a group of people at a party, with one person in the center surrounded by others listening attentively.

Picture backlinks as chatty friends at a party. Some are more influential than others. When a big shot talks about you, others listen. That’s the basic logic behind domain authority, and it’s a key element when it comes to the effectiveness of a backlink.

Domain authority is a score that predicts how likely a website is to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). So the higher the domain authority, the more likely a site will be seen.

Backlinks from authority websites can influence your website’s domain authority. It’s equivalent to getting an endorsement from a celebrity!

So, if you’re looking to build effective backlinks, aim for those high-authority sites. They’ll do wonders for your SEO efforts!

6. Page Authority

a person eating a popular mocha-flavored gelato while other less popular flavors sit on display.

If Domain Authority is the overall reputation of a website, then Page Authority is like the credibility of a page within that website.

But let’s keep things simple, your favorite ice-cream shop is known for its quality (Domain Authority), but do all flavors get the same love (Page Authority)?

Just like that mocha-flavored gelato might have more fans than the tutti-frutti, some pages on a website might have a higher authority than others. When a backlink comes from such a page, it’s more likely to help the page it’s linking to rank better.

After all, it’s like getting a nod from the most popular kid in school. It can make you stand out in search engine’s eyes.

Therefore, while building backlinks, you might want to consider not just the Domain Authority of the website but also the Page Authority of the specific page you’re linking to.

7. Relevant Sites and Pages

a vegan blogger endorsing a vegetarian restaurant.

Ever heard of the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”? This old adage rings true when it comes to quality backlink building.

What’s the key? Relevance! Backlinks from sites or pages that relate closely to your content boost your link profile and SEO performance. It’s like a vegan blogger endorsing a vegetarian restaurant. Fits, right?

A backlink from an unrelated site might confuse your readers or worse, make Google raise an eyebrow. Can you imagine a gym rat endorsing a donut shop? Sounds a bit sketchy, ain’t it?

So, try to procure backlinks from websites that align with your niche. It makes your site more meaningful and more importantly, can improve your search engine rankings.

8. Anchor Text

a road sign pointing towards a specific direction, guiding readers and search engines to the content.

Time to talk anchor texts! Anchor texts, the clickable text portion of the backlink, are road signs for search engines and readers. They guide both towards the content where the link is positioned.

Quality anchor texts are relevant and concise. They give a brief preview of where the reader is being directed. Think of them as tiny salespeople nudging your audience to dig deeper into your content.

But beware! Just like restaurant customers are easily irked by pushy waitstaff, search engine algorithms get ticked off by spammy and keyword-stuffed anchor texts.

Here are three tips to writing prime anchor text:

  • Make it Relevant: Write the text that offers some information about the linked content.
  • Keep it Concise: Nobody likes wordy passages. Keep your anchor texts short and sweet.
  • Avoid Spammy Language: Click-bait language or keyword stuffing raises flags for search engines and may harm your SEO. Let’s not upset Google!

There you have it! Quality backlink comes with a lot of considerations and anchor text is one of those major elements. So next time you use a backlink, remember about the ‘road signs.’ They’ll point the right way!


Backlinks are the secret sauce to SEO strategies. Just as street signs guide on a journey, so do backlinks guide traffic and search engines to your page. But it’s not just about quantity; it’s also about quality and location.

The right backlinks, from high-domain-authority websites, placed effectively on the page can help your site rank better on SERPs. That is why it is a good reminder to improve your content promotion efforts for search engine optimization.

This may include your link building strategy, outreach strategy, social media strategy, and guest post tactics to increase your brand awareness. The key to these is producing quality content, regardless if it is for personal or guest blogging. Doing these, will improve your ranking on search results.

Additionally, choosing the right page location and balancing the backlink types (dofollow and nofollow) in your strategy can make a significant impact. Also, in your outreach efforts, you can partner with an influencer, avoid partnering with a spam site, or write good content through a guest post.

So remember, when you’re creating or pursuing backlinks, consider every angle from anchor text to relevance.

Take help from tools provided by LinkGraph, they’re real lifesavers!

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