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Broken Link Building: A Comprehensive Guide

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 20, 2023 - 10 minute read

Broken Link Building: A Comprehensive Guide Navigating the intricate sea of search engine optimization can be challenging for the average site owner. The concept of identifying dead […]

Broken Link Building: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the intricate sea of search engine optimization can be challenging for the average site owner.

The concept of identifying dead hyperlinks to enhance your web page visibility might sound daunting.

Yet, with the right tools and a keen grasp of broken link building, any webmaster can leverage this potent SEO strategy for valuable backlink opportunities.

With Linkgraph’s high-quality backlink generator and analyzer tool, your link building campaign will hit the ground running.

Keep reading to unlock the secrets of efficiently using this innovative method for significant search engine ranking improvements!

Key Takeaways

  • Broken Link Building (BLB) is a strategy that involves finding and replacing broken links on webpages with high-quality, relevant content.
  • BLB can benefit both the user experience and the SEO strategy of the website owner.
  • SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Linkminer can be used to identify broken links for BLB.
  • BLB is more than just a link building strategy; it is an ongoing digital clean-up campaign that benefits everyone involved.
  • BLB requires patience, timing, and well-crafted outreach emails to be successful.

What is a Broken Link?

a person using an seo tool to find broken links on a webpage.

A broken link, quite simply, happens when a hyperlink on a webpage fails to lead to the desired destination website. It’s similar to inviting a guest into your home only to find the door is jammed shut.

It not only results in a poor user experience but also impacts the website owner’s SEO strategy significantly. The term Broken Link Building (or BLB) is often heard amidst marketer chatter.

It refers to the practice of spotting and replacing broken links with a link to high-quality, relevant content on another site.

These broken links are often found by using SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Linkminer.

Link building strategies like BLB are a favorite among webmasters and site owners. These strategies require an individual to find a broken link, recreate the lost content (alternatively, one could use a resource similar to the ‘lost’ piece on their site) and then suggest to the web admin that they replace the broken link with their resource page.

The process not only benefits the user, resolving their issues with poor website pages, but can also significantly boost search engine rankings for the website owner. Emphasis is placed on the quality of content creation during the link building process.

It’s not a quick-fix or a sly way to slide a hyperlink into an unsuspecting blog post. Rather, it’s a legitimate method that requires thought, time, and lots of reaching out.

What is Broken Link Building?

a person using seo tools to identify broken links and find backlink opportunities on a computer screen.

Ever feel like a treasure hunter seeking out precious web gems? That’s the thrill professional link builders experience while on a Broken Link Building (or BLB) quest. BLB strategy is all about hunting down link opportunities which are, basically, hyperlinks that have gone inactive or broken on another webpage.

How does this help a website owner, you might wonder? With BLB, the marketer reframes the mishap into a win-win scenario. The web admin gets to clean up the rusty corners of their webpage, and the marketer scores a fresh new platform to promote their content.

It’s like turning an eyesore vacant lot into a bustling marketplace.

The Broken Link Building process involves tech-savvy SEO tools such as Ahrefs, LinkGraph, and SEMRush. These software tools identify broken links for a site owner, making the search for prospective backlink opportunities less tedious and more precise.

Just remember, like all good marketing strategies, the BLB approach requires patience, impeccable timing, and a well-drafted outreach email.

Convince the destination website that your content is a perfect fit to replace the broken link, and voila! It’s not just a link building campaign; it’s a rescue mission for websites in distress.

What Sets Broken Link Building Apart from Other Link Building Strategies?

a web page with a broken link surrounded by an intricate web of hyperlinks.

Imagine the internet as an intricate web woven out of billions of hyperlink threads. In this vast web, tactics like guest posting or email outreach might grab a portion of a thread, but what happens when you find a weak strand? That’s where Broken Link Building (BLB) shines.

BLB isn’t your run-of-the-mill link building service. While traditional link building practices usually involve crafting content and then seeking out a home for it, BLB flips the script.

Marketers first hunt down the “home” – an already existing broken link on a web page – and then tailor their content to fill in the void.

This reverse-engineering approach gives BLB a certain edge. As a part of the link building process, it’s not about blasting the webmaster with unsolicited link suggestions. Instead, it offers a real solution to a real problem, making site owners far more likely to entertain such recommendations.

Also, let’s face it – there are always broken links out there. BLB is more than just a link building strategy; it’s an ongoing digital clean-up campaign that benefits everyone.

The user experience gets enhanced, site owners boost their website pages’ health, and your content finds a home. A marvellous win-win, isn’t it?

What are Some Examples of Broken Link Building?

a marketer sending a persuasive outreach email to a site owner about a broken link situation.

Broken Link Building, or BLB, is like the recycling of link building strategies. By finding those discarded ‘bottle caps’ of broken links, marketers can replace them with fresh, shiny, useful resources.

For example, suppose a site has an old resource page about an SEO checklist. The original content has been removed, and the hyperlinks pointing to it are now broken. Enter BLB. A marketer finds this broken link and decides to recreate the content in a better, updated version.

But, the process doesn’t stop there. Here it comes:

  • After creating content that matches or tops the quality of the original SEO checklist page, they reach out to the site owner who has the broken link.
  • Using a polite yet convincing outreach email template, they inform the webmaster about the broken link situation on their website pages.
  • Then they suggest their own link as a replacement, emphasizing the similarity and high quality of the content in comparison to the lost resource!

Remember, BLB goes beyond just replacing a broken link. It adds value to the user experience, offers a fix to the site owner, and creates an avenue for your excellent content to gain more exposure and improve your search traffic. It’s all about spotting the right opportunity, crafting quality content, and making a mutually beneficial proposal.+

Benefits of Broken Link Building

a person scrolling on a laptop screen with a broken link error message displayed.

Picture this: you’re scrolling through a web page, click on a hyperlink to learn more about a catchy term, and…Oops! Dead end. As a user, broken links are annoying, but hey, as a marketer, they can be your pathway to victories.

The benefits and blessings of Broken Link Building (BLB) are both far-reaching and noteworthy, with numerous players getting a slice of the win.

So, whether you’re a webmaster seeking to improve your web page, or a marketer on the lookout for opportunities to showcase your content, Broken Link Building serves as a brilliant move in your playbook. Roll up your sleeves, search for broken links, and start building bridges today!

How to Gain Broken Links?

a person using a computer to analyze broken links on web pages using seo tools.

When it comes to gaining broken links, the process is similar to prospecting for gold. It requires patience, the right tools, and a knack for spotting opportunities where others see nothing but rubble. The aim is to find broken links that would be a great fit for your own website content.

How you might ask? One method is using SEO tools like Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker, LinkGraph’s Backlink Analyzer, or SEMRush’s Backlink Audit. These link-mining tools make scanning web pages for broken links quicker and way more accurate than manual operation. They go through tons of web pages at once, giving you the broken link opportunities on a silver platter.

But there are more traditional (one could say, ‘manual’) ways to find broken links:

1. Start by looking into relevant blogs, industry news sites, and forums, which often have broken links in older posts.

2. Don’t overlook government websites or educational institutions. They have a ton of resources and are often plagued by broken links due to the sheer size of their sites.

3. Even Wikipedia, with its massive amount of links, has regular broken link issues. And yes, you can suggest a page from your own website as a replacement.

Once a suitable broken link is found, it’s time to reach out to the site owner with an effective and professional outreach email. Always remember, you’re not just proposing a link swap; you’re offering a valuable service to improve the website’s and the users’ experience.

Approach it with the right attitude, and you’ll find the Broken Link Building process to be a highly effective way to improve your site’s SEO ranking and increase your search traffic.


In a digital universe sprawling with countless dangling strands of broken links, a smart marketer sees fruitful opportunities.

‘Broken Link Building: A Comprehensive Guide’ is more than just a shortcut to link building, it’s a connection setter between users, site owners, and marketers.

Whether it’s enhancing your website’s search engine ranking, sprucing up the user experience, or simply giving your content the visibility it deserves, Broken Link Building is an invaluable tool in every webmaster’s kit.

Forge links, connect worlds, and build bridges with the right outreach strategy at hand.

Celebrate the beneficial cycle of fixing, replacing, and improving that the Broken Link Building strategy inspires.

Yes, it takes effort and persistence, but the end result?

Worth every digital ounce of energy!

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