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Questions to Ask When Vetting Link Building Agencies

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 19, 2023 - 16 minute read

Important Questions to Ask When Vetting Link Building Agencies Navigating the sea of link building services can be a daunting task for any business owner or marketer. […]

Important Questions to Ask When Vetting Link Building Agencies

Navigating the sea of link building services can be a daunting task for any business owner or marketer.

It’s essential to choose a link building agency that provides quality services, like LinkGraph, and adheres to a Google compliant link building strategy.

Knowing the right questions to ask when vetting these agencies will help in uncovering their true value and potential impact on your SEO efforts.

Keep reading to discover some key considerations and questions that can guide you in choosing the right link builder for your SEO campaign.

Key Takeaways

  • A high-quality link building agency can help enhance your SEO tactics by creating and implementing strategies to expand your backlink portfolio.
  • It’s important to choose a link building agency that follows Google-compliant link building strategies and emphasizes the quality and relevance of backlinks.
  • Outsourcing link building services to a specialized agency can save time, provide specialized expertise, and improve efficiency.
  • When vetting link building agencies, it’s important to ask probing questions about their methods, customization, past performance, and transparency.
  • The link building process should prioritize high-quality, contextually relevant backlinks and follow ethical, Google-compliant strategies.
  • A reputable agency will provide regular reporting and measurement of campaign progress, and will have a successful track record with proven results in improving search engine rankings, organic traffic, conversion rates, and domain authority.
  • Transparency is crucial in selecting a link building agency, and they should be open and honest about their tactics, sources of links, progress reports, and insights on competitor link profiles.
  • Asking the right questions and observing the agency’s confidence, transparency, and expertise can help determine if they are the right fit for your business.

What is a Link Building Agency?

a person sitting at a desk, talking on the phone and taking notes while researching link building agencies.

Looking to enhance your SEO tactics but unsure about the whole link building concept? A link building agency might be just what your business needs. Companies like these, including the high-quality option of LinkGraph, specialize in creating and implementing strategies to expand your backlink portfolio.

Don’t be fooled—it’s not just about the quantity of backlinks, but also their quality and relevance. LinkGraph stands out as they follow Google-compliant link building strategies. So, by securing a partnership with such an agency, you’re not only increasing your site’s search traffic but also ensuring it’s done the right way.

You might have heard the term ‘backlink’ knocked around by your marketer or SEO consultant. To put it simply, a backlink is when a webpage links to any other page. High-quality backlink generator services—like those provided by LinkGraph—can help you gain referral traffic, elevate the power of your brand mentions and even boost your search engine rankings.

But how does one choose the right link building agency? It starts with probing questions—key queries to help you identify the potential link builders from the fakes. So, why not prepare for your next sales call armed with the meaningful questions every business owner should ask when vetting link building agencies?

Now that we’ve delved deep into understanding what a link building agency is, let’s shift our focus to a thrilling new discussion! Buckle up as we unveil why exactly your business needs to seek out a professional link building agency!

Why Do You Need to Look for a Link Building Agency?

a person sitting at a desk surrounded by various seo tools and resources, with a computer screen displaying a robust backlink strategy.

Despite the allure of doing everything in-house, there’s a compelling case for outsourcing your link building services. Establishing a robust backlink strategy requires a blend of technical SEO knowledge, time commitment, and ongoing maintenance that many business owners simply can’t afford.

Some companies might have an SEO campaign manager on their team, but link building is a distinct aspect of SEO that warrants specialized expertise. SEO companies like LinkGraph come with a team of link building experts who have a deep understanding of the playfield, including keyword research, domain authority, and considerations for anchor text.

Leveraging external link building services can also aid efficiency. Rather than splitting your team’s focus, a dedicated link builder can concentrate solely on refining your backlink portfolio.

Just think about the workload you’d remove from your plate:

  • Identifying link building opportunities
  • Conducting guest post outreach
  • Maintaining a balance of diversified anchor text
  • Crafting a SEO strategy that aligns with search engines’ algorithms

Finally, an experienced link building provider leverages state-of-the-art tools like SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, and HubSpot in addition to in-house resources. This level of access to cutting-edge SEO tools is another perk of hiring a professional link building agency. They can monitor the effectiveness of your backlink strategy beyond what the typical business owner might achieve independently.

Having realized the significance of partnering with a Link Building agency, the table is now set for the next enlightening adventure. Brace yourself as we delve right into what to look out for when scouting for the ideal Link Building firm.

Things to Consider When Vetting for Link Building Agencies

an individual reviewing documents and graphs on a computer screen while taking notes.

As you embark on this vetting journey, it’s essential to keep openness and transparency at the forefront. If the link building company is reluctant to disclose its methods, that’s a red flag.

Choose the link building agency that not just talks a good game but also feels like a good fit.

Armed with this invaluable insight on the essentials of vetting link-building agencies, it’s time to plunge into our first major consideration. Brace yourself as we dissect the quality of the link building process in detail.

1. Quality of the Link Building Process

a person analyzing a report on their computer screen showing diverse anchor text distribution, high domain authority sites, and contextual relevance of backlinks.

When discussing the quality of the link building process, a few critical aspects come to mind. First, the link building agency should prioritize high-quality, contextually relevant backlinks.

A potential partner who advocates for a ‘more-the-merrier’ approach without addressing the quality of your backlinks makes questionable decisions. Remember, it’s not a numbers game; Google’s algorithms reward quality over quantity.

Then again, your prospective link building provider should follow ethical, Google-compliant link building strategies. Black-hat methods could lead to penalties and lower search engine rankings.

Key attributes of a quality link building process include:

  • Strategic keyword research and planning
  • Diversified anchor text distribution
  • Use of high domain authority sites
  • Contextual relevance of the backlink

Lastly, consider the reporting and measurement mechanism. Without tangible metrics and clear reporting, it’s nearly impossible to track the effectiveness of the link building efforts.

A good provider will always be ready to provide regular updates and valuable insights about the campaign’s progress. This transparency can strengthen your relationship and provide confidence about their effectiveness in creating a strong backlink strategy.

Bearing in mind the impact of quality in link building, let’s dive into unprecedented territory. Brace yourself as we unravel the compelling evidence in “2. Proven Results”.

2. Proven Results

the photo shows a graph displaying consistent improvement in search engine rankings over time.

You wouldn’t buy a car without checking its previous performance, right? The same logic applies when choosing a link building agency. Having a successful track record is a definitive sign of an agency’s competence and skill level.

Reputable agencies like LinkGraph will proudly share case studies of their past clients. These summaries deliver concrete examples of their SEO impact. If a firm is hesitant to provide case studies, it triggers suspicions about their capability.

Proven results might include factors like significant improvement in search engine rankings, increase in footfall to the website from organic search, an upturn in conversion rates, enhanced domain authority, and elevated number of brand mentions.

After all, the entire point of investing in link building services is to drive spontaneous, organic traffic to your website. To ensure your investment pays off, validating past performance is critical.

Remember, numbers don’t lie. If an SEO company consistently delivers positive results for clients in varied industries, chances are, they can do the same for you. With demonstrated performance on their side, you can be confident of your choice.

Propelled by our proven results, the journey doesn’t stop there. Let’s peel back the curtain and dive into our next crucial principle – Transparency.

3. Transparency

a laptop screen displaying a graph showing the performance of backlinks, with a person sitting beside it, looking at the screen with a focused expression.

Transparency—with this one word, the weight is colossal when selecting a link building agency. It all starts with understanding their approach to link building and whether or not they follow Google’s guidelines. A reputable agency will be open and honest about their tactics, not hiding anything in secrecy.

Furthermore, transparency also means disclosing their sources of links, providing progress reports regularly, and having methods in place to measure the performance of backlinks. They should also be willing to share their insights on competitor link profiles.

In addition, a transparent agency will be open to making a performance-based agreement. While SEO results cannot be guaranteed, setting SMART goals and monitoring KPIs can provide a safety net in an unpredictable landscape.

It’s important to remember that a high-quality agency values client relations and understands the importance of being open and clear. Transparency is the foundation for trust, so choose a partner who is not just a business associate, but a reliable mate in your journey.

Securing the power of transparency, we shift our focus towards an equally crucial element: selecting a link-building agency. Get ready to be empowered with “40 Questions to Ask When Vetting for Link Building Agencies” to ensure you make a savvy choice.

40 Questions to Ask When Vetting for Link Building Agencies

a person sitting at a desk, asking questions to a group of people representing a link building agency.

Arming yourself with the right questions before a meeting can be a game-changer. Your future link building company should be ready to answer your concerns with clarity and assurance. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know what to ask, which leaves them vulnerable to underperforming agencies.

Remember, SEO and link building is a long-term investment, and you have all the right to ensure you’re making a wise decision. Don’t hold back—ask questions about their team members, their processes, their reporting and communication policies, and how they stay updated with Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

Let’s consider some key questions:

1. Can you provide references from past clients who have used your link building services?

2. What is your approach to link building, and can you provide a detailed outline of your strategy?

3. How do you identify high-quality websites for link placement?

4. What types of links do you specialize in (e.g., guest posts, resource page links, editorial links, etc.)?

5. How do you ensure that the links you build are relevant to my industry or niche?

6. Do you have experience with local SEO and building local citations?

7. Can you explain your process for conducting competitor link analysis?

8. How do you stay up-to-date with Google’s algorithm updates and link building best practices?

9. What tools and software do you use for link building and analysis?

10. Can you provide examples of successful link building campaigns you’ve executed in the past?

11. How do you handle outreach to website owners and bloggers for link placement?

12. What is your link acquisition success rate, on average?

13. Do you guarantee specific quantities of links within a certain timeframe?

14. How do you ensure that the links you build are of high quality and from authoritative websites?

15. Do you follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and avoid black-hat SEO techniques?

16. Can you provide a breakdown of your pricing structure and any additional fees I should be aware of?

17. What is your policy on transparency and reporting?

18. How frequently will you provide progress reports and updates on link building activities?

19. Can you provide examples of the types of content you create for link building purposes?

20. Do you have experience in content marketing and creating shareable assets for link acquisition?

21. What steps do you take to ensure that the links you build are permanent and not subject to removal?

22. How do you handle link removal requests from website owners or Google penalties?

23. What measures do you take to ensure that the links you acquire are diverse and not over-optimized with anchor text?

24. Can you explain your approach to anchor text optimization for links?

25. How do you handle link outreach in a way that complies with GDPR and other privacy regulations?

26. What are your criteria for selecting websites for link placement, and how do you ensure their authority and trustworthiness?

27. Can you share your process for tracking the impact of link building on SEO rankings and traffic?

28. How do you adapt your link building strategy to changing trends in SEO and digital marketing?

29. What is your policy on link building for websites in potentially risky or sensitive industries?

30. Can you provide a timeline for when I can expect to see the effects of your link building efforts?

31. What is your approach to anchor text diversity and avoiding over-optimization?

32. How do you handle link placement on websites that use the “nofollow” attribute?

33. How do you handle link building for websites with multiple languages or regions?

34. Can you share examples of your link building team’s qualifications and expertise?

35. How do you ensure that links are placed within relevant and high-quality content?

36. What is your policy on link building for websites with limited budgets?

37. How do you handle link building for eCommerce websites or other specific types of websites?

38. What is your process for handling negative SEO attacks or disavowing harmful backlinks?

39. Can you provide a case study or success story that demonstrates the effectiveness of your link building services?

40. What is your cancellation policy and the process for terminating our partnership if necessary?

Bear in mind, it’s not just about getting answers, but it’s also observing how confident they are while answering and if they’re transparent or not. Persisting details and asking more questions can reveal a lot about their expertise and trustworthiness.

In the end, the right link building partner will be all worth the grilling and will ensure to meet your expectations, if not exceed them.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is link building in seo?

Link building is an essential aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) that focuses on acquiring inbound links from other websites to improve the visibility and authority of a website. In simple terms, it involves the process of getting other websites to link back to your site.

These links, also known as backlinks, act as votes of confidence for search engines like Google, indicating that your website is reputable and trustworthy.

Link building plays a crucial role in SEO because search engines use these links as a primary factor to determine the credibility and importance of a website. When a website has a considerable number of high-quality backlinks, it indicates to search engines that the website is valuable and provides helpful content to users.

It is important to note that not all backlinks are created equal. Search engines prioritize links from authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy websites.

There are various strategies involved in link building, including outreach, content creation, and link acquisition. Outreach involves reaching out to other website owners or bloggers to request a backlink or guest post opportunity. Content creation involves producing high-quality and engaging content that naturally attracts links from other websites.

This can include blog posts, infographics, videos, and other forms of content that are valuable and shareable. Link acquisition involves actively seeking and securing backlinks through directories, social bookmarking sites, and other channels.

Effective link building requires a strategic and systematic approach. It is important to focus on quality over quantity, ensuring that the backlinks come from reputable and relevant sources. Moreover, the anchor text (the clickable text in a hyperlink) should also be optimized with relevant keywords to provide context to search engines.


In a landscape as complex as SEO, selecting the right link building agency is both critical and challenging.

An effective partner like LinkGraph not only generates high-quality backlinks but also aligns with Google’s compliance, maintains transparency, and delivers proven results.

But remember, the secret to choosing wisely lies in the questions you ask.

From understanding their link building strategies to assessing their past performance, smart queries can separate the experts from the rookies.

So, go ahead—grill them, and ensure you’re partnering with an agency that can truly elevate your brand in the digital world.

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