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Tiered Link Building — An Easy Guide

By The LinkGraph Team on Oct 19, 2023 - 24 minute read

Tiered Link Building — An Easy Guide Understanding the significance of link building in an SEO strategy can seem daunting. With that, you need to learn what […]

Tiered Link Building — An Easy Guide

Understanding the significance of link building in an SEO strategy can seem daunting. With that, you need to learn what tiered link building stands for.

Take a deep breath and shift your focus to LinkGraph, a high-quality link building service that has revolutionized the SEO arena with its backlink generator services.

Equipped with an advanced backlink analyzer tool to recognize potential link building opportunities, LinkGraph adheres to Google compliant link building strategies, delivering unrivaled results.

Think better domain authority, improved search engine visibility, and a robust backlink profile!

Now tap into the power of tiered link building as we guide you through its complexities and benefits.

Keep reading; your SEO strategy is about to get a serious upgrade.

What is Tiered Link Building?


You’ve probably heard the term ‘tiered link building’ tossed around the SEO realm. For the uninitiated, it’s a robust strategy for SEO where backlinks are built not only to a site owner’s main website but also to other pages that already link to it.

Consider it as a network of interdependent web pages, sharply orchestrated to maximize link juice.

In essence, LinkGraph’s services make tiered link building more streamlined. Their backlink generator service creates high-quality, Google compliant backlinks to bolster your domain authority with search engines. Trust ’em, it’s a link building strategy that’s been time-tested by many a webmaster.

LinkGraph not only generates backlinks, but also provides a nifty backlink analyzer tool. This tool proves quite insightful for evaluating your current backlink profile and even identifying novel link building opportunities. Talk about SEO-tactics honed to perfection.

Of course, LinkGraph doesn’t push it all on automation alone. Their link builders are pros at crafting guest posts, harnessing PBNs and even exploring less travelled paths like GSA and Scrapebox.

They also have a knack for building directory links and profile links — generally amplifying your link equity. Probably why LinkGraph stands tall in the search engine platform.

Tier 1 Links: Defined

Are you ready for a walk down Tier 1 lane? Right, these are your top-shelf backlinks that point directly to your site.

Directly Points Links to Your Site

Imagine them as the fine china of link building that search engines pay much attention to. Now, to make juice of these backlinks, they need to come from high authority websites. Yes, the kinds that have a reputation for being reliable, credible sources of web content.

If the source is of high domain authority, that makes them even more important to your SEO strategy. It’s not for no reason LinkGraph allots a fair chunk of its resources to guest posts.

Hungry for more tiered links? The guest post service is a tried and true way of securing Tier 1 links, and not to mention, spreading the ‘link love’ to other websites.

So, with LinkGraph, you’re unlocking heaps of top-tier backlinks, curated from authority websites.

Can only mean great things for your SEO, right? You bet!

Tier 2 Links: Explained


Alright, let’s hit the sequel – Tier 2 links. These are the step-siblings of the aforementioned Tier 1 links, they don’t link directly to your site but to the Tier 1 links.

If Tier 1 is the fine china, think of Tier 2 as the classic silverware complementing it on the dining table of your strategy for SEO.

These links serve a core purpose – to bolster the authority of Tier 1 links. To visualize this:

  • Tier 1 links linked directly to your website.
  • Tier 2 links attached to Tier 1 links.
  • This chain strengthens the authority of Tier 1 links.

Seems fascinating, doesn’t it? LinkGraph makes tiered link building seem like a breeze, injecting your strategy for SEO with various link building services, including Tier 2 links.

By leveraging a cornucopia of resources in its repository (read: GSA, Scrapebox etc.), LinkGraph crafts and deploys Tier 2 backlinks to nudge up the link equity of your Tier 1 backlinks, thereby improving your overall backlink profile.

Moreover, this process gives your site that much-needed traction among search engine land, driving it towards premium SEO.

1. Press Release Links

When talking about tiers and link equity, press release links score a prominent mention. These are like the top-notch sushi rolls in the grand feast of your backlink profile. They serve to convey newsworthy events about your site to a wider target audience. Believe it or not, these babies can tout some serious domain authority.

Think of these links as your brand ambassadors that create a landscape for service or product awareness by simply:

  • Announcing the launch of your new product or service.
  • Garnering attention to special events or promotions.
  • Sharing any other exciting update about your business.

LinkGraph acknowledges the might of these press release links and the SEO tactic dragon they can tame. Experts at LinkGraph generate press release backlinks that sit pretty on your media pages. They strive to create press releases that pull in audiences like a moth to a flame.

The result? Better link juice flowing through quality backlinks, straight from the authority websites to you.

Prepare to see your SEO scale new heights with each well-crafted press release link in your arsenal. Get this right, and there’s no search engine land where your website doesn’t reign supreme.

2. PBN Links


Time to delve into the nitty-gritty of Private Blog Networks, a.k.a., PBN links.
Now, these are the secret weapon of many webmasters when it comes to link building strategy.

These networks of high-authority websites are basically under your control, so you can create links to your main website as and when required.

Imagine them as stealthy ninjas in your SEO army, quietly filling your website with link juice sourced from authoritative domains. In fact, LinkGraph’s link building services encompass PBN links as well.

The professionals at LinkGraph create PBN backlinks that not only contribute significantly to your site’s domain authority but also provide link equity to the existing link profile.

As a result, your website gets to sip on the finest SEO cocktail made with the right mix of backlink generator and analyzer services.

By partnering with LinkGraph, you’re stepping up your SEO strategy game with an impressive collection of PBN links harvested from high domain authority websites.

Armed and ready, your site is now primed to conquer the vast search engine land.

3. Directory Links

For longtime SEO players, directory links need no introduction. They’re the classical Rawls in the link building opera – consistent, solid, and always in tune.

These links come from directories, which are basically websites that hold a massive list of other sites, neatly compartmentalized under appropriate categories. Fun fact – some categories are quite niche, which can work wonders for your search engine optimization.

LinkGraph services don’t shy away from these traditional giants in the link building realm. Their link building services extend to creating directory links, contributing to an array of rich backlinks in profiles. It adds to the diversity of your backlink profile, making it more appealing to search engines.

By placing your trust in LinkGraph, you’re initiating your trip to stellar domain authority, accredited by directory links.

Let’s just say that this is your ticket to ranking higher in search engine land. Ready for the journey?

4. Personal Blog Links

Let’s talk about the Cinderella of the link kingdom – personal blog links. These might seem demure, but have plenty of power to boot. They are backlinks embedded within blog posts, earning them a spot in our tiered link building guide.

These links often come from external sites that allow guest posts. Published posts where you as a site owner have pitched and successfully placed a link.

LinkGraph plays a crucial role in this narrative. Their builders of links use guest posting wizardry to secure personal blog links from both external and your own blogs. Each link is carefully woven into the fabric of the post, ensuring it adds meaningful context.

The end result? A rich, deluxe link profile that’s both intricate and meaningful. In terms of SEO strategy, personal blog links when done right, can inject your campaign with an adrenaline rush, sending your site racing on the search engine land. Buckle in, it’s about to be a fun ride!

Tier 3 Links: An Overview


Whoa, hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause we’re breezing into Tier 3 links!

Now, these are the links that don’t connect to your website directly or even to your Tier 1 links. No, these are a step further removed, linking instead to the Tier 2 links.

LinkGraph plays its part brilliantly here, extending its diversified link building services to include Tier 3 links in the mix. This intricate net of links aims to optimize the authority of Tier 2 links, which in turn prop up the authority of your Tier 1 links.

Picture it as a cascading waterfall where the link juice trickles down from Tier 3, through Tier 2, and onto Tier 1 links, ultimately nourishing your website.

With LinkGraph’s seasoned link builders operating the stage, these Tier 3 backlinks are carefully woven from authority websites. This guarantees that the vital flow of link equity is maintained from top to bottom, keeping an SEO strategy firmly in the fast lane on search engine land.

1. Forum Links

Forums are a mecca for discussion around a given topic or interest. They are the hotspots for activity, well-engraved in the social, online universe.

In terms of SEO, creating relevant backlinks on these active communities can work in your favor. To paint you a picture: Forum users discuss topics. You contribute with intelligent, helpful responses. Alongside, you subtly embed backlinks to your site. This directly leads to a higher flow of traffic to your site.

LinkGraph truly understands the immense potential of forum links in boosting web page traffic. Experts at LinkGraph effortlessly surf through various forums, dropping anchor texts, the heroes of your SEO strategy, into relevant discussions.

This ensures that your site not only gets increased visibility with more click-through rates but also garners relevant visitors stemming from these forums. With LinkGraph’s services at your behest, the forum links can help your website rise and shine outstandingly on search engine land!

2. Profile Links

On to the section where we understand the powerhouse of link building and SEO – Profile links. They’re those sleek black dresses that provide an effortless edge to your backlink profile.

Profile links come from user profiles created on various websites, stuffed with useful information about your business and a specific backlink to your website.

LinkGraph’s link building services bring in these empire line dresses of backlinks, crafted in accordance with Google standards and can be a strong pillar to your link building strategy.

In the world of SEO, with LinkGraph by your side and a solid backlink profile embellished with profile links, you’re all set to host your grand show on the red carpet of search engine land. Curtain’s up!

3. Social Media Links

Welcome to the sparkly, energetic world of social media links. In the crowded room that is the Internet, social media links have that aura of charismatic charm.

While they may not directly impact your site’s domain authority, these backlinks from social media platforms can significantly improve your site’s visibility and reach.

LinkGraph services recognize the sheer charisma of social media links, incorporating them smartly into their link building strategy. Through posts, comments, and page descriptions, they weave in your website backlinks, making the most of the audience’s interactions on these platforms.

With LinkGraph and a dash of the charisma of social media links, your website will soon be the star of the show on search engine land. Prepare for all eyes on you.

4. Blog Comment Links


Let’s twirl around the dance floor with our next partner, blog comment links. Not as showy as others in the ballroom of backlinks, but they’ve got a certain quiet charm.

They rest in the comment sections of blogs, casually woven in a conversation, a slight nod of acknowledgment to your website.

LinkGraph’s team expertly Identifies the right blogs on authority websites, dropping well-crafted comments with backlinks that lead hopscotch right up to your website.

Although these links might not offer a major boost to your search engine rankings, they are an extra sprinkle of sparkle, ensuring the overall link profile is more diverse and natural-looking.

Slow and steady, blog comment links help your site do a perfect waltz on search engine land. Dance along?

Tier 4 Links: Going Further

In our tour through the tiers, we’ve arrived at Tier 4 links. Although not common, they are still part of the backlink constellation.

These are the links that add to the strength of your Tier 3 Links.

Just like:

  • Tier 4 links are linked to Tier 3 links.
  • Tier 3 links are then linked to Tier 2 links.
  • And Tier 2 links are finally linked to Tier 1 links.

LinkGraph hasn’t shied away from exploring these faraway stars. Their process and understanding of these debated Tier 4 links allows them to make your SEO strategy more effective.

LinkGraph’s meticulous process ensures the backlink profile is balanced, eliminating any risk of appearing spammy to search engines.

With LinkGraph’s tiered link building system, you’re not just reaching for the stars, but going beyond.

This is your cruise aboard the search engine optimization spaceship, ready to conquer the universe of search engine land. Gear up for the adventure!

1. URL Shorteners

The big reveal – URL shorteners. What seemed miniscule had an enormous role to play!

These little champions take your long, detailed URLs and morph them into compact, neat versions. This could be instrumental in tiered link building.

LinkGraph’s link building services revere the importance of these tools. Once your long URL enters the URL shortener, it exits as a shorter link, consisting of the URL shortener website’s domain and a unique combination of letters and numbers.

The result is a neat, short URL that can be shared, tweeted, or posted easily without eating up much space.

Let’s visualize:

  • Long URL enters the URL shortener.
  • It transforms into a shorter link.
  • This new link can now be utilized in various platforms without occupying much space.

With LinkGraph at the helm, these shortened URLs are featured in other websites as backlinks, guiding the traffic back to your original website or webpage.

These are your small but significant soldiers, leading your website towards dominating the search engine land. It’s not size, but strategy that matters, right?

2. Bookmarking Site Links


Enter the repertoire of bookmarking site links. Ah yes, they’re the understudies that are always ready to step in and do their part.

Bookmarking site links come from social bookmarking websites that allow users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web pages. It’s like having your own little library of favorite webpages that you can share with the world.

So, where does LinkGraph come in? LinkGraph takes full advantage of the features of bookmarking sites. Their link builders add your webpage to a public bookmarking site, creating a backlink.

This leads to an expanded audience scope as these bookmarks can be viewed and used by others.

The series of events unfolds like this:

  • Your webpage is added to a bookmarking site by LinkGraph.
  • A bookmark is created, hence a backlink.

This bookmark would now be seen and used by others, increasing visibility.

With LinkGraph navigating, these bookmarking site links add to the tide of your backlink profile, making it more robust and helping you sail smoothly on the vast sea of search engine land. What a voyage it is!

3. Index Submission Site Links

Stand back and let us introduce index submission site links. One might argue they’re the invisible gears that keep the link building strategy running smoothly.

They are generated from index submission sites – websites that hold a massive directory of other sites like yours. Submit your website to these indexes, and voila, you have yourself some fresh backlinks.

The beauty is, these directories are often scanned by search engines, so your chances of visibility skyrocket.

And guess what? LinkGraph knows how to crack this code! Experts at LinkGraph will submit your website to relevant indexing sites, thus generating a backlink right there.

Think of it in simple steps:

  • LinkGraph submits your website to an index submission site.
  • A backlink is generated as your site is now listed.

The resulting backlink contributes to your overall link equity, bolstering your website’s standings on search engine land.

All thanks to LinkGraph’s link building service, turning gears into a powerhouse of momentum.

3 Benefits of Tiered Link Building

Tiered link building, hinged with LinkGraph’s services, is like the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of SEO. Here’s why it’s the fabled golden goose for your online presence.

Tiered link building provides a wonderful little SEO ripple effect. Each link passes on a measure of link equity, simultaneously boosting your authority while upping the ante for search engine favorability.

The benefits of this strategy stretch far and wide, but for now, let’s cast the spotlight on three:

  • Boosting organic traffic with improved SERP rankings.
  • Enhancing your website authority with quality backlinks.
  • Building a diverse yet natural-looking link profile.

With these enhancements, your website will be sailing the serene waters of SEO, guided by the dependable hands of LinkGraph’s link building services.

Feeling the ripples? They’re propelling your website through search engine land, and it’s certainly a wave worth catching.

1. Enhances Your Backlink Profile


The strength of your backlink profile is akin to the spine of your strategy for SEO. And with tiered link building? It’s more like adding steel to it.

When you employ tiered link building in your SEO strategy, you end up with a backlink profile that’s not only diverse but also purveys domain authority.

LinkGraph’s services make sure of it. With the integration of multiple tiered links, they enhance the complexity while keeping the profile looking natural.

The process would look something like this:

  • High authority backlinks directly pointing to your site.
  • Tier 2 links targeting the strength of Tier 1 links.
  • Tier 3 further supporting Tier 2.

And so on…

With LinkGraph playing puppeteer, watch as your backlink profile metamorphoses from an entangled mess to an orchestrated symphony.

This spatially organized structure has a higher chance of fetching you that coveted spot on the search engine land. Prepare for the applause!

2. Protects You From Risk Exposure

Before you recklessly throw darts in the dark, know that tiered link building can act as a safety harness, protecting you from risk exposure in the SEO world.Let’s look at it with simple logic. You don’t want lower quality links sprouting straight to your main website, do you? Of course not.

This is where tiered link building comes to your rescue. With a service like LinkGraph, you’ve got a well-oiled machine that runs on Google-approved tactics, not risky-business. Each tier absorbs some of the risk, leaving your main website out of harm’s way.

In fact, take a look at the layers of defense rules:

  • Higher risk, lower quality links point towards lower tiers.
  • Mid-level quality links towards Tier 2.
  • Only high-quality, top tier links point straight to your website.

With LinkGraph’s insight, you’re slicing through the SEO universe with the precision of a Jedi Knight. Quick, safe, and protected from the search engine land villains. Ready to join the force?

3. Capitalizes Multiple Levels of Link Equity

Now, if we look at the champion’s trophy of tiered link building, it’s more than visible – it’s the large-font title: Capitalizing Multiple Levels of Link Equity.

Seriously, it’s like playing Jenga but in reverse. Each piece you add strengthens the whole structure, pushing your website higher on search engine land.

Why, you ask? The dynamics are simple.

Each quality backlink you have passes on a little sprinkle of its link equity to your website, a bit like passing the baton in a relay race.

LinkGraph understands this perfectly well. Their high-quality link building services ensure all your links are designed to pass on their fair share of link equity onto the next, with your main site as the final destination.

With their service, just imagine the link equity towering up, shooting your site sky-high in its SERP ranking. They say the view’s great up there.

3 Downsides of Tiered Link Building


Just like the old saying, not all that glitters is gold, even tiered link building has its lows ridged in its terrain. The rungs on the tier ladder might sometimes lead you into a bit of a tumble.

An advantage for some can feel like a painstakingly long task to others since tiered link building involves multiple levels, and managing all those can get a bit hairy.

On top of that, the potential risk of non-compliance with webmaster guidelines can be a hiccup when straying onto the wrong side of the SEO-town.

Let’s flashback to the archives:

  • Managing multiple tiers can be taxing.
  • Risk of non-compliance with webmaster guidelines.
  • Slow progression and results.

But no worries, with LinkGraph at your side these are merely pebbles on your path to greatness. They keep you cruising through safely in the otherwise bumpy journey of search engine optimization. Feel safer already?

1. Long Period of Execution

Patience, as they say, is a virtue. For tiered link building, it’s more like a requirement. The process of building, connecting, and refining these multilevel links can take a good chunk of time.

It’s like baking a tiered cake from scratch.

You gotta:

  • Mix ingredients for each layer separately.
  • Bake them.
  • Let them cool.
  • Layer them with perfection.
  • Finally, embellish it for the final reveal.

In the link building landscape, LinkGraph plays your expert baker. Though the process may be time-consuming, they make sure it’s worth your while.

The sweet return on your patience? A robust link profile that’s ready to rock the rankings on search engine land.

Grab a slice and savor it!

2. Google Penalties

Imagine you’re treading on a thin wire above a shark-infested pool. That’s how it feels when you wonder if your tiered link building strategy might trigger a dreaded Google penalty.

The risk runs higher as you go down the tier levels, especially if some of those lower level backlinks are low-quality.

If Google catches a whiff of anything seeming ‘spammy,’ it doesn’t hesitate to swing the penalty hammer. This can lead to significant loses, like a sudden drop in your SERP rankings or worse, your website getting removed entirely from Google’s index.

But wait, LinkGraph is here to pull you back from the edge. With its Google compliant link building practices, relax as you watch your strategy for seo unfurl seamlessly, without stirring any penalty alarms.

So climb down from that dangerous wire, LinkGraph’s got the reins. You’ll be gliding through search engine land sans the fear of a tumble.

3. Requires A Significant Amount of Resources

Finally, let’s talk resources. Tiered link building isn’t a jigsaw puzzle you can solve in one go. It’s a multifaceted beast that demands time, expertise, and valuable resources.

You see, the intricate workings of linking multiple levels need to be designed with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. Furthermore, monitoring and tweaking require a keen eye and unshakeable SEO knowledge.

This prima ballerina performance of link building involves not just the mainstage performance, but also curtain calls and after-parties in the form of tracks, tweaks, and constant adjustments.

But hey, do you really want to do all that heavy lifting, when LinkGraph can flex its digital muscles for you?

Their team of experts, armed with an arsenal of knowledge and a battery of backlink analyzer tools, go to great lengths to make your tiered link building a roaring success.

So put your feet up and let LinkGraph do the dancing. Rest assured, your site’s performance will bring the house down on search engine land.

Curtain raise, folks!

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